Friday, November 14, 2008

Dame Dash Broke?

Yep, karma is a muthafucka aint it? All the big baller talk, the cocky ass snotty ass attitiude, and feelin like he's above and beyond the next man has this nigga headed to the poor house. I guess its better than the booty house tho. I guess Mr Potato head was right when he said "its over for you dames." Last year in an interview with Bossip (the great dame dash takin time for a bossip interview?) Dash denied rumors that he was close to being broke. Well, Mr Dash this is a new year, I wonder what lie he will make up at this point. A bank is foreclosing on his Tribeca condos, his Tahoe is being seized by the city, and lawyer Jason Gabbard got in that ass to the tune of $150,000 for unpaid fees to a fashion firm. Gabbard also went on to say that the media and general public have always been under the assumption that many celebrities are wealthy, when in fact they are broke as fuck. I have always questioned Jay Z's allegiance with this nigga, I always felt like he was dead weight, and I was right. Dash has always overstated and overestimated his worth as a business man. Its obvious why Rocafella was successful, and it damn sure didnt have much to do with this nigga. This nigga was waaaaay too cocky, and now he cant even make a 700 dollar car payment. Mr Dash, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.


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