Friday, November 21, 2008

Monkey Business

Man, this is some truly dumb shit right here, great material for Ignorance Inc. Jus check it out, you won't be sorry.

Thirsty Monkey - video powered by Metacafe

Akon Defends Michael Jackson

In a recent interview, Akon said people should be ashamed of themselves for talkin bad about Michael Jackson. Uhmmmm.....why nigga? I dont give a fuck about what Akon thinks about Micheal Jackson, that nigga desrves to be talked about. The nigga has chiseled his nose away and bleached his skin in a lame ass attempt to become white, and he sleeps with 10 year old boys. Maybe Akon forgot about that shit. Maybe these two niggas are friends, but of course Ignorance Inc could give less than a fuck about what type of relationship they have. On top of that if Akon keeps defendin this ghostly lookin faggot, we gonna start trashin his ugly ass too. Watch the company you keep, convict music.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Katt Williams Goes Berzerk

Uhmmmm....I know this fool has been having major problems as of late, but the one thing I heard in this video was "I make 20 million dollars per year and you are vouching for me?" Yeah, Katt, you need some muthafuckin help. At no point in this nigga's career has he made anywhere close to 20 million dollars in a year, I would be surprised if the nigga is even worth that much altogether. Take your daydreamin ass to the hospital bruh, your career is about to come to a grinding halt.

"Lose Your Life"

Yo, the song is decent but I'm feelin the originality on the video tip. More niggas should use their brains when makin videos, it aint all about hoes shakin their asses and niggas spillin drinks on them. Its ok to be original and keep it straight hip hop. Very well done.

Who Would You Fuck First?

Man, this is a tough one, but Im gonna have to go with Sanaa Lathan over Gabrielle Union. Honestly tho if I had to flip a coin I wouldnt give a fuck, whichever side it lands on would be good with me. These are pound for pound two of the finest sistahs out there. Natural beauty, class, manners, no ass implants and 3 foot tall weaves. Real women right here. All you tittie dancin ass tricks, check up.

Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Man, this is real, real fucked up. Ms Jocelyn Wildenstein ,what the fuck can I say? The bitch looks like a fuckin lion, for real! This is the result of a lot of unnecessary hammering, chiseling, nailing and cutting. It probably took longer to make this hideous bitch look like this than it does to build a house from scratch. Fuckin disgusting!

Brandy "Long Distance"

Yo, Ive been a lil tied up lately, nah mean? Be back to work real soon tho. I dont know bout yall, but I think Brandy is lookin good enuf to eat in this pic. Ray J, this is the star of the family, not your punk ass. Send ya muthafuckin sis over here nigga so I can show her some love, Ignorance Incstyle, ya know?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dogg Pound Featuring Turf Talk

Yo, I used to love dogg pound, but that was way back when they still fucked with Dre. This joint is average at best, and I know Daz and Kurupt can do better than this. The other dude, Turf Talk, isnt much to write home about. Thumbs down on this one fellas, real talk. Yall boys need to call the good doctor and let him save ya careers.

Notorious Big Movie

Yo, heres a few clips from the new Biggie Smalls movie. I aint too big on hood movies, but Im gonna check this one out anyway. Hopefully the movie does the homie some justice. R.I.P. Big.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sticky Pages

Nice piece of ass right here, very nice.

Ludacris, Jay Z, Nas " I do it for Hip Hop"

Yo, this is a nice banger fa ya ass, no doubt. Nas and Ludacris did their thing, Jay was ok.

Lil Goonie "Girls Gone Wild"

Yeah, I dont know why I posted this one either. You know I dont fuck wit niggas wit "lil" in front of their name. I guess this nigga is tryin to piggyback his way to fame by incorporating girls gone wild in this video. The shit is totally wack, but fuck it, there are a couple of sno-flakes in the video I wouldnt mind stickin it to. Enjoy the sno-flake ass cheeks, but try to tune out the music.

Kanye at it Again

Kanye was in jail early this morning. Can you guess why? Yep, he assaulted another....cameraman. Wow, this nigga is really tough. Why is it that the only muthafuckas this fag nigga will confront are cameramen? Dont get pissed Kan-gay, cuz they keep catching you lookin like a faggot, thats their job. The solution is for you to stop lookin like a fag. The cameramen should catch up with this nigga and whip that ass, that would be the shit.

Dame Dash Broke?

Yep, karma is a muthafucka aint it? All the big baller talk, the cocky ass snotty ass attitiude, and feelin like he's above and beyond the next man has this nigga headed to the poor house. I guess its better than the booty house tho. I guess Mr Potato head was right when he said "its over for you dames." Last year in an interview with Bossip (the great dame dash takin time for a bossip interview?) Dash denied rumors that he was close to being broke. Well, Mr Dash this is a new year, I wonder what lie he will make up at this point. A bank is foreclosing on his Tribeca condos, his Tahoe is being seized by the city, and lawyer Jason Gabbard got in that ass to the tune of $150,000 for unpaid fees to a fashion firm. Gabbard also went on to say that the media and general public have always been under the assumption that many celebrities are wealthy, when in fact they are broke as fuck. I have always questioned Jay Z's allegiance with this nigga, I always felt like he was dead weight, and I was right. Dash has always overstated and overestimated his worth as a business man. Its obvious why Rocafella was successful, and it damn sure didnt have much to do with this nigga. This nigga was waaaaay too cocky, and now he cant even make a 700 dollar car payment. Mr Dash, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kanye's Pissed Off

A British pop group reported that Kanye's gay ass pissed on the floor of the dressing room that he and the group shared at the MTV Awards in Europe. Kanye is like the big mouthed whiny ass kid back in the day that you just hated. Its all good though, he's gonna run up on an ass whippin real soon, I promise you. Pissin on the floor? I wish it would have been my dressin room. There wouldnt be any public appearances from Kan-Gay for quite a while. Nigga would have had matching broken jaws.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Suge Suing Kanye West

Man, this hoe nigga never quits. Suge Knight is suing Kanye West as a result of being shot at a VMA party hosted by Kanye West in 2005 (yes 2005). He claims Kanye failed to provide adequate protection during the event. It is speculated that suge may have shot himself in order to sue. Big fella must be broke, and hes always been a hoe type nigga. I aint the biggest Kanye fan, but I hope he doesnt have to pay this bitch nigga shit.


Here goes ya boy plies again, lookin like a muthafuckin monkey. Not only does he sound ignorant as fuck, he also looks the part. And Vibe magazine featured this clown on the cover and called him the future of hip hop. The vibe editors must be smokin some real good rocks now a days. Great picture, fuckin ugly ass nigga.

Bedtime Story

There once was a dumb ass white dude named george. He protected the rich and stole from the poor. See george was a fuck up all of his life, but he still ended up in a big house that was white. George loved to party at the Bohemian Grove, with devilish white men with no clothes and no hoes. There was a big flood and george didnt react, people died in packs but fuck them, they were black. George started wars for no reason at all, we all knew he himself made the towers fall. He sent soldiers to Iraq in search of nuclear guns, how many did he find? Not even one. He went to Iraq in search of oil, terrorizing defenseless people on their own soil. George threatened everyone, including the chinese, but they werent buying it as they said "nigga please." George made gas expensive, a gallon was 5 bucks, but george was rich so he didnt give a fuck. George wasnt going to war, he just sent others, creating more and more childless mothers. He bailed out banks while keeping consumers poor, he fucked up til the day he walked out of the white house door. See george knew that he really wasnt shit, he was only in the game cuz his family was rich. Even georges dad knew he would fail, his son snorted coke and drank too much ale. Mommy knew also her son wasnt shit, he was a complete failure ever since he came out of her slit. People voted for george, what the fuck were they thinking? Maybe before they voted, they had been drinking. Many people suffered, many asked why. Cuz george was a dumb ass white dude who like to get high. In January 2009, the people let out a sigh, the time had come to tell this bitch goodbye. Goodnight.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

N.O.R.E. - How to get Fat

Nigga gimme three double muthafuckin burgers wit cheese and heavy mayo, yo also let me get two orders of chili fries wit cheese, make dat three chili fries wit cheese and hot sauce, uh yeah let me get a side order (yes, a side order) of ranch dressing, oh yeah and put some fuckin bacon on dem thamichez fa me, and uh let me get a fried chicken flavored milkshake too nigga, hurry up. Oh yeah put me a fried egg and some chili on dem burgers too my nigga. Oh, did you want somethin too nigga?" Repeat the process daily until you reach 400 pounds.

What the Fuck?

I dont know who this ugly ass nigga is, but (yes I call white people niggas too) I'm thinkin it's some racist white dude watchin the election results. All this nigga needs is a tear runnin down his face and this shit would be worth framing. Ignorance Inc, baby, fucks wit us.

Faggot Alert

I know Ive been shittin on Wayne's punk ass pretty hard today (rightfully so), but fuck it, one more time for the home team. Check out Bow Wow here. This is the same nigga who is supposed to come out with an album called new jack city 2. Uhmmm.... I dont recall any faggots in the original movie. Does this fuckin purse carrying ass faggot look like a gangster to you? This is a great picture, one drugged out faggot lookin at another faggot. And check out the other pic of Bow wow, hes lookin at Omarion like he wishes the mic hes holding was Omarion's penis. Two niggas with their pants halfway down their asses, gazing into each others eyes, definitely faggot alert material. Jus for the record, if you are caught carrying a purse at any time besides holdin your girl's purse at the supermarket while she's tying her shoes, you are on faggot alert. We already know about Wayne's fag type activities, so no need to beat a dead horse here.

Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Freeway Spoof

Man this nigga affion had me so fucked up off the lil wayne and juelz spoof, I had to give the nigga one more run for the day. This shit is so muthafuckin funny it should be against the law, straight up. The Jay Z impersonation is priceless, also.

Wayne and Juelz Spoof

This may be kinda old, but God Damn this shit is fuckin hilarious! I couldnt have done it better myself, fa real. Homie Affion got these two cockhead niggas down to a tee, especially Juelz sayin the same fuckin lines and actin like it counts as a rhyme. This nigga mocked lil wayne and said "If a nigga rap like lil wayne, get rid of him, If I am the best alive, no one's livin then." Then at the end, the shot of wayne pissin his pants? This shit is classic, a must see for everyone. Helluva job, Affion.

"Real" Gangsters Speak

Yo, personally I think niggas in gangs are weak. If you need 200 niggas to get your point across, you aint really shit in my book. A real gangster is one who stands on his own two feet, handles his biz on his own. On the other hand, you know whats even weaker than that? A nigga who got money and "pays" his way into a gang. Thats weaker than the punch that ko'd Kimbo Slice. Anyway here are some bloods speakin on lil wayne and Jim nuthugger jones. The old nigga wit braids in the red suit is T Rogers, O.G. Blood leader. Watch his reaction when he is asked if lil wayne is a real blood. Also check out what he says about Jim nuthugger jones not being able to walk the streets of Harlem, his own city, without gettin beat up. Your 15 minutes are officially up Jimmy.


Man, what the fuck is up with these niggas? And Africans are quick to call American niggas dumb. First we had Birdgang (terdgang), then skullgang (dullgang), now we've got....African Bootyscratcher gang. Fuck outta here.

Game vs. Jay Z?

Yo hip hop beefs are usually very entertaining, when and if they happen. Game has been trying to bait Jay for a while now, but I dont think Mr Potato head is gonna take the bait. Game aint quite on Potato head's level as far as lyrics, but it would be an interesting battle to say the least. On another note, I posted this picture just to ask y'all a question. Doesnt this niggas nose look like an old ass boxing glove?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Detroit Hip Hop - Stryfe da Phantom

Yo, I want to take a second to show some love to one of the homies I fucks wit in the D, Stryfe Da Phantom. My most vivid memory of this cat (he aint dead or nothin)is being in downtown Detroit, Hart Plaza. There was a lil open mic competition sponsored by Black Planet, and Stryfe was matched up against one of those watered down niggas from the Cardi Boyz or something. You know, niggas who rap about rims, cars, glasses, clothes, and all types of irrelevant bullshit. My manz here shitted on the nigga, diarrhea style, the crowd went wild. His final punchline was some shit about breakin the niggas glasses while he slappin his face or some shit. Hilarious shit. You had to be there to understand. Shit, come to think of it, I aint heard shit from none of them wack ass niggas since stryfe deaded homeboy. Anyway, this is real Detroit hip hop. Stryfe da Phantom. Peace.

Diddy Acts Like a Bitch Again

Whas good, homies? My favorite bitch ass nigga has showed his true colors again. He paid a designer to decorate a New York mansion for his birthday celebration. As always, Diddy's bitch ass wanted the designer to bend over backwards (or frontwards) for him because it was a joint celebration of Baracks presidential win, and diddys birthday. Of course the work wasnt to this faggot nigga's liking, so he told his assistant to get the money back from the designer, and tore the fabric off of the walls. That doesnt sound like a nigga worth 300 million, that sounds like a spoiled ass bitch to me. The designer supposedly gave back 2 grand of the money diddy gave him. Man, I would have spit on this nigga and proceeded to whip his muthafuckin ass jus because. Niggas kill me actin like they can treat another person any way they feel like it because they are rich. I would love to catch this nigga by himself, shit would be real ugly, straight up.

Phony Yayo Speaks

Yo, one of the fakest dicksuckin niggas in the game has spoken again. This time Yayo is shittin on Young Buck, sayin hes fake, he owes 50 3 more albums, and his career is over. Im sorry, but this niggas credibility is and has always been bullshit. I cant fuck wit a nigga who sucks another niggas dick like yayo does 50. Regardless of his financial situation, I respect Buck for not being this nigga 50's bitch, like Phony Yayo. Phony Yayo and Down syndrome Lloyd have become very comfortable in their respective roles. Beyond that, a nigga this wack should never release a rap album, ever. He also accuses Buck of eating pussy on tour. Im thinking hes talkin about Olivia. Ok, that aint a good look but suckin a niggas dick for a paycheck is something only faggot ass niggas do. I dont give a fuck how much he's payin this garbage ass nigga. Phony also says that if he runs into game or buck on the streets its gonna be a problem. Nigga shut the fuck up, jus cuz you slap a 15 year old kid doesnt mean anyone is worried bout you. Honestly I just cannot stand 50 cent or his G unit faggot buddies. These niggas whole swag is based around their money. Then he goes on to say how he doesnt talk shit on videos and blogs about other niggas, but here his punk ass is doing exactly that. Man, please disappear Yayo, you are straight doo doo nigga.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trick Trick "Hold On" (Produced by Dr Dre)

Uhmmmm.....Dr Dre supposedly did this beat, supposedly. I hope trick trick didnt pay much for this one, cuz its obviously an "ok nigga quit bothering me" beat. Dre, next time just tell the nigga you aint home, you aint interested, or both. This is runny boo boo with peanuts in it, considering all the dope shit Dre has made. Man, young berg may even be laughing at this one. On second thought, no he aint.

Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Remember old girl Tara Reid from the American Pie movies? Just a few years ago she was a cute chick, but somewhere along the line she started fuckin with plastic surgery. Man whoever did this shit to her should have their license revoked immediately. Hell, I could have done this shit to her ass and belly for a cool 25 grand! I would have gotten her some morphine, got my muthafuckin ginsu kitchen knife and went to fuckin work! The woman's ass is melting for God's sake! She's not even 40 fuckin years old and has the ass of an 80 year old woman! I didnt know there were people who would pay good money to become crackhead look a likes. Real fucked up, Tara.

Plastic Surgery Nightmare

For those of you who dont know, this is fashion icon Donatella Versace. I had a versace suit and some sunglasses a few years back, but Im glad I dont wear that shit anymore. Why? Because its associated with this hideously deformed old bitch right here. What in the fuck would make a muthafucka do this shit to their face? She used to be a decent lookin woman, but now she looks like an old drunk ass, marlboro smokin, harley davidson biker club bitch with some fucked up lip injections. People, be happy with what God gave you, cuz when you start fuckin with the plastic surgeons, disaster can happen.

JD & Bow Wow - New Jack City 2

Man, I'm still having a hard time grasping the fact that Janet Jackson let this weasel lookin nigga get some of that ass! Calling Bow Wow's album New Jack City 2? Fuck outta here! Bow Wow isnt gangster, and JD isnt either, so what if Janet gave him some ass. You know how weird the Jacksons are, aint no tellin why she fucked JD. But, at any rate, he referred to Bow Wow as G money. I agree with the bow wow g money comparison, but nigga you aint nowhere near Nino Brown. Go open a bottle with them raggedy ass teeth or something.

Roy Jones Loses

Damn, Roy I think its time to hang it up bruh. You were the best by far at one time, but that time has come and gone. This is what happens when a natural 170 pounder starts fighting natural 200 pounders. It takes a toll, they are bigger, stronger, and at this point in Roy's career, they are faster. Ignorance Inc loves you Roy, but we dont wana see you embarrass yourself after being the shit for so many years. I have never seen Roy with a cut like this on his face. All good things must come to an end. Fuck it, at least he has the nuts to fight the best when its late in his career. Thats more than I can say about Floyd Fairweather. All good things must come to an end. You gave us a lot of great memories, Roy. Now you can retire and spend some of that bread you made, relax with your family, and raise your kids bruh. Peace.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

D.N.O.Y. Award - Katt Williams

We may have another nominee for the Dumb nigga of the year Award. Kitty Katt Williams recently arrived an hour late for a recent show, because he was arrested. Mr Williams vehicle didnt have any plates on it, and he had 3 guns in the car in plain sight. When Kitty Katt was called to the car, he admitted the car was his and was arrested. First the BET Awards tantrum, now this. This lil ass nigga needs to start treading very lightly. Hes a mediocre comedian at best, wears a fucking perm, and has an attitude. That is a recipe for "falling the fuck off" crumbcake. This lil unfunny ass nigga gets his hair done like a woman at a fuckin beauty salon, cracks a few bullshit ass jokes, and thinks he's a megastar. Nigga please. Homie has like one or two more fuck ups and his lil ass is outta here. In the words of the great Nino Brown, I never liked you anyway, pretty muthafucka.

What the Fuck?

Ok people, this one here has nothing to do with hip hop or entertainment. You may find it entertaining but to me it's complete bullshit. Complete ignorance. Ever heard of the make a wish foundation? Well, they're about to file for bankruptcy because of one little sick, selfish ass kid. This one is going to blow your fucking mind. Trust me. I know the Make a Wish foundation wishes this little bald headed fucker would hurry up and die!

Young Jeezy - NIGGA FUCK YOU

Wow, its funny how niggas switch sides. This dumb nigga right here said earlier this year that he supports John McCain, because he greeted him like a g. Now, he says he supports Barack Obama. NIGGA FUCK YOU. How the fuck can you support a nigga who fucks with george bush? Just for the record, we didnt need your vote anyway, FUCK YOU NIGGA.

Jesse Jackson - NIGGA FUCK YOU

Nigga what the fuck you cryin for? I thought you wanted to cut Barack's nuts off? NIGGA FUCK YOU. Go and make up a new word you speech impediment havin ass nigga. Them old ass plantation politics you used when you ran for pres didnt fuckin work at all. How many votes did you get, 10? The brotha barack is smarter than you jesse, thats why he won. Nigga we should come find you and cut your old ass saggy nuts off! NIGGA FUCK YOU. How dare this nigga say some shit like that when he claims hes for the black people? I really question this nigga at this point. What fuckin team are you really on, nigga? NIGGA FUCK YOU!

Bob Johnson - NIGGA FUCK YOU

Ok, first this uncle tom ass nigga who created "black" entertainment television (BET) campaigned for Hillary Clinton, now the nigga says if Barack was white he would have lost. He says Bill and Hillary Clinton have been involved in Black issues since Barack was doing something in the neighborhood, implying drug usage. So i guess the picture of bill clinton holding a black baby makes him a fuckin saint. BET has helped push these coked out rappers on the black community for years, but barack smoked weed when he was 18 so thats a fuckin problem. I guess its ok for this nigga to get rich off of videos that glorify niggas who use drugs. Two words for Mr Bob Johnson - NIGGA FUCK YOU. Ok thats 3 words, fuck it. I guess we should think bob has never used drugs because hes a billionaire. NIGGA FUCK YOU AGAIN. If you really think the clintons give a fuck about blacks any more than anyone else, you are a dumb nigger, bob. The BET channel you created did nothing but idolize bullshit ass commercial music and now you wana shit on Barack. One more time for the home team - NIGGA FUCK YOU. This nigga has to be as old as john mccain, rich as fuck, and wants to downplay the first black president. This 80 year old nigga is a god damn lie if he says he never used drugs. And bob, if you think bill or hillary give a fuck about you, you are a stupid old ass nigga. FUCK YOU BOB!

Friday, November 7, 2008

How Can She Slap?

Yo, Thrash here, Ignorance Inc. I had to re post this one for those of you who havent seen it. I was looking around on You Tube for a minute and came across some funny ass shit. The video is called "how can she slap." Homie had to deal with the Captain Save a Hoe Crew after he did it, but the bitch's face had to be on fire after this one! Lets those tough ass bitches know they can't just be going around slapping men, expecting nothing to happen. Priceless shit right here.

Kelis Sex Tape?

Nas, will you please learn how to handle your hoes, please? This type of shit is what leads to your credibility being fucked up bruh. First it was your baby mama who fucked Jay Z, and told the whole world his dick was bigger than yours. And Jay Z aired you out again on "The Takeover." Now, some unknown rapper named infared is claiming that he has a sex tape with Kelis. Wendy Williams big mouth ass was just hinting around last month about a rapper who's wife made a recent sex tape. On top of that, dude is supposedly on the tape saying "handle your muthafuckin business. I got your bitch here, she's getting naked." If that shit aint grounds for divorce I dont know what is. Homie Nas is starting to get a bad rep for fuckin with bullshit hoes and gettin aired out. Man, the nigga definitely needs to make wiser decisions. And as for infared, no nigga we aint buyin your album even if you did fuck this hoe, who gives a fuck. We might buy the sextape tho!

BMF Hummer Limo Surprise

A Hummer limo owned by BMF was auctioned off 4 years ago and sold 3 more times after that. Yeah, 5 bucks a gallon will make a nigga get rid of this gas abusing vehicle. What does it get, like a half a mile per gallon? Anyway, this past August the feds debriefed several members of BMF and found out there was $875,000 dollars hidden in the Hummer. The feds promptly tracked down the car, and recovered the money. I know whoever had ownership of this ride during that time is kicking their own ass for not looking. Nigga, if I bought a fuckin Hummer limo seized from BMF, I would have searched that muthafucka as soon as I got to the corner. The four owners of this truck are surely sick as hell if they heard about this. $875,000 dollars under your fuckin nose, and all you had to do was search the car after you bought it. Fuck this, Im goin to find out if they have any other cars that were seized!


Yo, there is a significant difference between niggas and niggers. Niggas are what u call your homies. Niggers are......

What the Fuck?

I almost earled after seein this disgustin shit. Its one thing to be fat, but its a whole different problem when muthafuckas start glamorizing the shit. This bitch makes a rap song about big bitches, and then shows the world her disgusting body. Come on Black people, this type of shit is highly unacceptable in any way shape or form. Thats that foolish pride for you. She cant possibly think that garbage hangin off her body is attractive. Ever seen those pictures of a half human and half horse? Well, this is more like half human, half water buffalo! Girl, get your fuckin disgustin ass on a treadmill for like 4 months straight, 24 hours per day, then you can take a 20 minute break, and hit it again for 4 more months. Stop makin muthafuckas throw up showing off that bullshit. And stop makin songs glamorizing obesity.

Sticky Pages

Yo, here's a nice piece of Brazilian cake for the homies out there. Her name is suelyn medieros. Somethin bout those Brazilian women, damn! Hope to see more, or less of her (clothes) in the future.

Scarface "High Powered"

Yo, Brad is back again. And he damn sure doesnt like snitches. I feel you Brad, niggas get in trouble over some shit they chose to do and then wana tell on another dude. Fuck a snitch. Hard banger right here, like only Face can do it.

Phony Yayo and Max B

Man, are you fuckin serious? Another Dipset nigga fuckin with G Unit? Wow, Cam had some real bitch niggas around him. I like Max B, got some nice hooks and decent flow, but now hes fuckin with one of the shittiest niggas ever invented, Phony Yayo. Good job Max, way to fuckin play yourself. First, you got beat up by Jimmy Jones, now this shit. Keep fuckin with these bums and a few more ass whippings will be on the way. By the way, how do you get beat up by a nigga with ass tight jeans on? You may wana stop flashin what little bread you have left, before Jimmy runs up on you, takes your money and tries to stuff it in his tight ass jeans. Oh yeah, you may wana put away the kiddies for this one, got a few trickbitches doin what they do best. Peace.

Jay Electronica "Exhibit A"

Hell muthafuckin yeah nigga, hip hop is far from dead, straight up. You gotta listen to this shit, and he's from New Orleans, I would have never guessed by the way homie spits! Shit, hes already the best from N.O., fuck lil wayne, after hearin this shit it aint even fair to put wayne in the same sentence with this cat. Its great to see we still got cats out there spittin fire, keepin it street, keepin it real. This dude right here may just be the future of hip hop. He sounds hungry, unlike many other bullshit artists today. Ima keep an eye on bruh right here. Music like this is the reason I love hip hop. And niggas wana listen to muthafuckin soulja boy and lil wayne with dope shit like this floatin around? Nelly, this is the type of music that Ice T was referring to as hip hop, not that bitch ass shit you and soulja fag make. Get ya minds right niggas, this is muthafuckin hip hop. Theres a new Jay on the block, Jay Electronica, thats whassup.

Daniel Coward

For all of you who dont know, this is a picture of the dumb ass fag racist that plotted to kill Obama and several other black people. Dumb white muthafucka got caught before he even took a shot at one single person. This dumb bitch obviously thought we werent gonna be ready for some hoe shit? Its all good though. Now this faggot can look forward to prison for a long time. Good job coward, now you might as well get that asshole ready. The brothas who are locked down are gonna be ready for some new white meat, and this hoe ass muthafucka better be ready for some black meat, if you know what I mean. That little tat on his right shoulder is sure to get some attention from some horny black inmates with 12 inch dicks. This aint the time to make a threat against anyone black, especially the President you dumb bitch. I got four words for this young ass would be assassin. Dont drop the soap.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jay Z "History" did I know this nigga was going to do something like this? Im happy for Obama just as we all are, but I definitely could have done without this one. I understand the message, but could this nigga have picked a shittier beat? Jesus Christ, Obama wins the election and this is what the fuck the self proclaimed best rapper alive came up with? This type of shit is the reason I dont really care for this dude half of the time. This song fucking sucks dicks with herpes on the tip. He has way more skills than this, but he's just one of these arrogant niggas who thinks they can rap over a horseshit beat and we will still listen just because its him. Fuck that, not at Ignorance Inc. Im not accepting this boo boo from Jay. Go back and make a better song for the first Black President. Barack said change nigga. And Jay should have changed his mind about releasing this garbage. If all the money has made you this lazy, just fuckin retire again then. And dont fuckin come back until you are ready to go to work nigga.

Bathin Apes

Is it just me or does it just seem enormously wack to wear some shit called Bathin Apes? Kanye just did a recent photo shoot for this wack lookin shit, but hey, we all know Kanye always looks wack. I mean what the fuck is bathin ape supposed to mean? Sounds like some racist type shit to me. Racists have been calling black people apes for a long time, and I guess the "bathin" part implies that you are clean when you wear this shit. Sorry people but this is one of the wackest clothing lines to ever hit the streets. The shit is just too candy ass for me. The shit just seems like a line of costume clothing to me, not fashionable gear. But hey, maybe it's just me on some Ignorance Inc type shit. But just look at these niggas in this picture. Shit just doesnt rub me right at all. You be the judge. Peace.

Lil Cease Trains Havoc

Yo, check this shit out right here. Lil Cease, hip hop's human punching bag, is training Havoc of Mobb Deep in the gym. Why does this just not sound right? Basically because Lil Cease is notorious for either getting his ass whipped, or running from a nigga thats about to whip his ass. Havoc, arent you the least bit embarrassed about being trained by a former member of the Junior Whopper Click? On top of that, niggas out here act like muscles make you a better fighter or something. If you cant fight without muscles then your ass aint gonna be able to fight with them. Hopefully Havoc is jus doin it for the looks, cuz this glass joe ass nigga Cease couldnt pay me to train me. Last time I even heard his name he was runnin from some nigga named Maino after he got punched in his shit. Nigga better spend some time in the boxing ring instead of beefin up so much, cuz we all know it looks real fucked up when a muscle headed nigga gets his ass beat, ala Kimbo Slice.

Nelly Disses Ice T

Yo, check out this video of superfag Nelly, shittin on Ice T, defending Soulja Boy. Bitches of a feather flock together, nah mean?

Ice T needs to look in the mirror? No you bitch ass nigga, you need to look in the mirror. You helped start all this wack ass shit that invades the hip hop world today. You helped inspire other wack ass niggas like soulja boy to do what they do. Nelly and Soulja fag make dance music for women, not hip hop. The reason Nelly is defending soulja bitch is because when he first hit the hip hop scene, Nelly was soulja bitch. Niggas swear up and down when they start lifting weights they are hard all of the sudden. Any nigga who can make pussy music like this faggot is nowhere near hard and should keep his mouth shut. Nelly defending soulja boy is like Rupaul defending Richard Simmons. Fuck Nelly, I dont give a fuck if he is fuckin Ashanti. That hoe is played out just like Nelly. He has the nerve to call his album brass knuckles. He should really call it "I'm a bitch ass nigga." Fuck Nelly and Soulja boy. There aint no place for hoe niggas like this in hip hop, real talk. Peace.

Prodigy Calls Out Jay Z

In a recent interview from jail, P accused Jay Z of siding with the evil illuminati. Prodigy says his eyes were opened years ago when he read a book by Dr. Malachi Z entitled Leviathan 666. The book basically exposes the government and I.R.S. as total scams. He says in his interview that Jay Z is aware of these secret societies but chooses to side with them to gain corporate acceptance and fame. Jay Z has refused to respond to P's accusations, so P has vowed to go at Jay Z relentlessly, hoping to expose him and other sellout artists. Personally, Hov aint my favorite person, he just doesnt seem authentic or trustworthy even though he has some skills on the mic. I dont know if it's gonna happen today ,tomorrow, or next year but I think Jay is gonna get exposed very soon. P may be the cat to do it. For all of you out there who think the illuminati is not real, you need to wake the fuck up. That shit exists, its in your face every day, just start paying attention. Peace.

A New Day

Whas up my people, I know youre still hyped by the Big homie's victory last night. I wana start off this great day by asking y'all to listen up, and take heed to the message by Obama. Change your thinking. Anything is possible. Instead of trying to find a job workin for another muthafucka, get your own hustle, work for yourself. Stop idolizing punk ass rappers and hoes on magazine covers with their asses out. Dont let anyone tell you what you cannot do, fuck them whoever they may be. I dont know if you all realize what happened last night, but it was the single biggest triumph in any of our lives, and we must use that as inspiration to better ourselves. I would like to thank all you Black brothas and sistas, as well as the brothas and sistas of other nationalities that helped make it possible. Maybe now we can look at each other as equals, like we are on the same team. Speak your mind my niggas, the time for change is here. For all the racists who voted for McCain for all the wrong reasons, my message to you is very simple. We are here, we have been here, and we aint goin no muthafuckin where, so get used to it. This is the last post about Barack for a while, but I had to show this brotha some love for a minute, it's the least I can do. Helluva job Barack, real talk.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mr. President

Thats what the fuck im talkin about, a Black President of the United States of America. Barack Obama wiped the floor with John McOld just like I figured. Its a new day, people. Anything can be accomplished if you put your mind to it. Congratulations to the man of the century, Mr Barack Obama. Mr President. Peace.

Today is the Day

Today is the day, people. Today is the day we stop being victims of old racists and bigots in the White House. Today is the day we have a chance to have a Black President. Today is the day all the racists efforts will be in vain. Today is the day we no longer have to look forward to a stupid muthafucka runnin the country in the ground. Today is the day I will vote for the first time in my entire life. Today is the day my vote makes a difference. Today we stand together for change. Today is the day we say goodbye to Bush's bitch ass, thank God. Today is the day that we put aside our petty arguments and bullshit and come together as one. Today is the day we will watch John McCain's old rusty ass lose to Barack Obama. Today is the day we will vote in the first Black President of the United States. Today is the day for change, real talk. Peace.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pharoah Monch - Welcome to the Terrordome

Check this video out by Pharoah Monch. A fitting video for the times we are in, real shit. You can also check out this recent one by Freeway, powerful music also. Obama '08.

Welcome To The Terrordome from W.A.R. Media on Vimeo.

Eddie Murphy - Kill the White People

To all the racists out there who are thinkin about killing Barack Obama, think twice, cuz there are some brothas out there who have been listening to this song, and wating for you to fuck up!

D.N.O.Y Award

Unfortunately, we have another strong nominee for the dumb nigga award. We already have Adam namcap Jones, OJ Simpleton Simpson, and Young Jeezy as the favorites. I now nominate Larry Johnson, running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. Homeboy had the one great season, which wasnt even a full season. Now, he rushes for 50 yards per game, spits on people, threatens women's boyfriends, and mushes women in the face who dont wana holla at him. Spitting on people? Thats some of the worst shit you can do to another person. Fuck this dumb ass nigga. Nigga rush for more than the average second-string tailback before you start actin like a stupid ass athlete. Somebody should spit on this nigga, straight up. Dumb bitch ass nigga.

Q Tip - "Go New York"

Uhhhhmmmmm......what the fuck is the purpose of this one, Tip? I got much respect for you bruh, but this shit is wack and pointless. If this is an attempt to bolster some confidence in the New York Knicks, it aint gonna happen. If millions of dollars per year doesnt motivate those bums to play some real ball, this watered down bullshit isnt gonna do the trick. Sorry, Tip, thumbs down on this one bruh.

Sticky Pages

My niggas out there, what could you do with this right here? The hips are off the muthafuckin chain, straight up!

Angela Bassett - Still Lookin Good

Man she's one of those females that would get fucked hard until she's 65 years old. This is definitely some 50 year old pussy I would like to fuck, straight up. She could be my sugar mama any day of the week. Hell, what am I talkin bout, she could be my wife with her old fine ass!

What the Fuck?

Check out these two pics of Foxy Browns washed up ass almost showing off some nipple. Wow, some hoes just dont know how to act when they stop getting all the attention. Her and Lil Kim need to start up a washed up womens organization or something. Apparently she wasnt gettin much love here at her birthday party, so she basically has her tittie hangin out. Good job, Rick Ross. You got a fuckin slut for a woman.

Lil Wayne Explains Lip Piercing

Yo, here's the high school kids favorite fag rapper, Lil Wayne, talking about why he got his lip pierced. It looks like whoever is interviewing him interrupted his little heroin party. On top of that, this coked out nigga said people are gonna start getting lip rings because of him. News Flash - Wayne, fags have been wearing this type of shit for a long time. You are just a faggot rapper who has joined a very long list of faggots who wear lip rings. Did your daddy say it was ok to get that done? Or even worse, did he encourage you to get it done? Somebody needs to send this nigga to detox immediately. He says here that it doesnt mean anything, people think everything is supposed to mean something. When you snort up 5 pounds of coke every fuckin day, a lot of other shit doesnt mean anything, like your music, mumblin ass fag nigga.

Freeway - "Change"

Yo Freeway was never anywhere close to my favorite, but I can appreciate this joint, real talk. Obama in this bitch tomorrow, niggas. Peace.

Remember This?

Yo let me get a chicken pita with extra chicken, some chili fries wit cheese.....oh shit where in the fuck am I? I thought we was at coney island nigga! Classic shit right here. I know its old, but Im gonna get this one framed.

Pistons get A.I.

Uh oh, Boston. I think this was a great trade for Detroit. The D needs a bonafide superstar like Allen Iverson. He gives Detroit the one thing they never had, a go to guy. Im seeing Detroit and Boston in the East for sure. In the West I'm seeing Houston, as long as there are no major injuries or suspensions. But that triangle headed nigga Ron Artest can fuck it all up by himself if he wants to. Anyway, welcome to the D, A.I.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sticky Pages

Jus a lil eye candy for the homies out there. Damn she looks like she tastes good!

What the Fuck?

Uhmmmm....where in the fuck does this bitch think she's going with that triflin ass shit on? Is this bitch serious? See, this is the type of shit we have to cut out, Black people, God Damn!


Suge Knight is getting what he deserves as of late. First homie from the barber shop split his shit open and knocked him out, now the courts are selling off the little bit of shit he still has. What goes around comes around, punk ass nigga. Im still waitin on P Diddy to get his payback. Peace.

Like Father, Like Son

One of the least talented niggas ever to hit the scene, Birdman, has revealed plans to release a new movie entitled "Like Father, Like Son", starring himself, of course, and lil wayne. It is rumored to be a gay incest porno. Need I say more?

BMF Members Sentenced

Bleu Davinci and other Black Mafia Family members were given prison time on Wednesday, October 29. Davinci got a litlle over 5 years and some members got over 15 years. As you may know, Demetrius Flenory and Terry Flenory, the notorious brothas from Detroit who started BMF, got slapped over the head with 30 year sentences. Kinda makes you wonder what niggas be thinkin about sometimes. Sorry, but even hundreds of millions aint worth 30 years of my life. Peace.

Def Jam Exec Commits Suicide

Shakir Stewart, Def Jam executive vice president and successor to Jay Z, committed suicide Saturday, November 1st. Straight up? I know I'm just a nigga on the outside lookin in, but what the fuck would make a nigga in a position of power like that kill himself? Only God knows. Peace.

Jadakiss "Al Qaeda Jada"

Yo, check out homie Jadakiss clips from his new original web series. The John McCain talk at the end is priceless! Nigga said he need some oil on him!

What the Fuck?

Yo, watch this video by some dumb ass pastor. Not all of us are for Obama, apparently. This nigga is a prime example of slave mentality. Notice how quiet the congregation was during his tirade? They aint feelin you nigga, and I'm definitely not feelin you. Not all pastors are real pastors, which is evident here. Just for the record, dumb ass, Bill Clinton didnt give a fuck about you either. So what if white women want to wear Barack Obama's name across their titties. Fuck this nigga, do ya thing Barack.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jessica Alba

Yo, I had to take a minute out to acknowledge another favorite chick of mine, Jessica Alba. Take note all you fradulent tittie dancin hoes, real beauty.

Prodigy - H.N.I.C. Pt 2

Yo, we got some real hip hop on the way November 4th from Prodigy, so go cop it. H.N.I.C. Pt 2 is three discs, which include extensive behind the scenes footage and videos. Still kinda fucked up he's doin time for some stupid shit. Keep ya head up homie. Here's the snippets from the upcoming album. P got some hard shit on here for sure, he can get a few bucks from Ignorance Inc. Peace.

Faggot Alert

In a recent interview, comedian Tracy Morgan said he had a 5 second gay fantasy about Prince. Apparently Morgan and a friend attended a pre Grammy award party the last time Prince got a grammy. These are his exact words when asked about his wilder days. "When I was wilding? I got kicked out of Prince's house. The last time he won a Grammy, we went to the pre-Grammy party. Free booze all night," Morgan shared. “Prince had his band in the living room. Everybody left the house except for me and my boy. It was 6 o'clock, 7 o'clock in the morning, the sun was coming up, and we were still drinking. And Prince and his wife were at the door in their pajamas and said, 'Come on, Tracy, you've got to go.' And I was gay for about five seconds because he's a pretty muthaf**ker. If Prince was a woman, I would go down on him. All the way down. Swell his vagina lips up.” Uhmmm....nigga....uhmmm, that was powerfully gay. You dont make comments like that about another man, period. Tracy Morgan, you are officially on faggot alert. Peace.

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