Friday, November 7, 2008

Jay Electronica "Exhibit A"

Hell muthafuckin yeah nigga, hip hop is far from dead, straight up. You gotta listen to this shit, and he's from New Orleans, I would have never guessed by the way homie spits! Shit, hes already the best from N.O., fuck lil wayne, after hearin this shit it aint even fair to put wayne in the same sentence with this cat. Its great to see we still got cats out there spittin fire, keepin it street, keepin it real. This dude right here may just be the future of hip hop. He sounds hungry, unlike many other bullshit artists today. Ima keep an eye on bruh right here. Music like this is the reason I love hip hop. And niggas wana listen to muthafuckin soulja boy and lil wayne with dope shit like this floatin around? Nelly, this is the type of music that Ice T was referring to as hip hop, not that bitch ass shit you and soulja fag make. Get ya minds right niggas, this is muthafuckin hip hop. Theres a new Jay on the block, Jay Electronica, thats whassup.


gamalam said...

You deserve a severe late pass on Jay Electronica. He used to be in the D for a minute too. He's done a few songs with Mr. Porter.
He's supposed to be dropping on Erykah Badu's label imprint. We'll see, but dude is basically an army brat from what I understand, which is why he doesn't have a strong accent. Homey has been all over the world!

Ignorance Inc said...

I had been hearing of this cat for a while but never took time to listen because I thought he was on some techno type shit. I made a severe mistake. Please send my late pass to......

Krys said...

yeah dude, the song is ridiculously hard. If you tried to throw a cd wit this song on it out of your window while driving, you'd make a pothole dude. He went in on this

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