Friday, October 31, 2008

Samuel Jackson to Play "Sho Nuff"

Yo, I know y'all remember the shogun of harlem from the movie "the Last Dragon." Well, homie Samuel Jackson is set to do a remake of the hit movie, and he will play the football padded martial arts thug from harlem. Personally, I cant wait for this one. "Am I the meanest?" "Am I the Prettiest?" "Am I the baddest mo fo lo down around this town?" Classic shit right there!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enough is Enough

Anyone who has been following Ignorance Inc probably knows I said some shit in an article last month about Beyonce making a bad choice to be with Jay Z because he's ugly. As you know, I keep it 100 so I wanna let you all know I was wrong for saying that, real talk. I've changed my viewpoint on them. The reason for the change of heart? Well, I've been on a few other blogs and the general consensus from a lot of women is that she is too pretty for Jay Z. I beg to differ. Since when is any woman on this planet too pretty for a nigga worth 350 million dollars? The real question is, what woman on this planet is worthy of marrying a nigga worth that much? Ok, beyonce is rich, but compared to Jay Z she's not. Jay is the prize here, not beyonce. Shit, he could find a woman way better than beyonce with no problem. However, beyonce would be hard pressed to find a nigga who's that rich and willing to marry her. Hell, if I was worth anywhere near that much, an over rated bitch like her would have to set an appointment just to suck my dick, straight up. She wouldnt look good enough for me, I dont give a fuck how ugly I was! I gotta respect a nigga who handles his business and earns like he does, even tho I dont particularly care for him that much. These hoes out here got the game all fucked up. I know homie aint easy to look at, but we need to start holdin these dumb hoes accountable for the shit they say. Fuck a dumb bitch, Jay can do better than fuckin marryin a bitch who's basically an overpaid tittie dancer. Too pretty my ass. She needs to be makin sure when he comes home she's on her knees waitin to suck the skin off his dick! Hows that for too pretty, stupid ass bitches. Peace.

Sambo Time

Yo, Thrash here with some more coonery type shit fa ya. Just look at these fuckin sambo ass niggas right here. And tomorrow is halloween, but dont get it twisted, this is how these bitch ass niggas normally dress. I dont know which one looks worse. In an interview in the ATL earlier this week, Soulja bitch was asked what historical figure he hated the most. His response was typical of a dumb nigga. The nigga said "shout out to the slave masters, without them we would still be in Africa, we wouldnt be here to get this ice and tattoos." That is the definition of an ignorant bitch ass nigga. And T Pain looks like the fuckin court jester with his cockwatchin ass. If these two niggas dont have a slave mentality I dont know who does. T Pain looks like he was paid by some rich white racist to entertain on a plantation, and Soulja boy has his pants on backwards because he is a backwards ass, young bitch nigga. Fuck outta here. Peace.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halle Berry

Esquire Mag has just voted Halle Berry the sexiest woman alive. Man, lookin at her here, I cant argue with that choice. Look at the way she's posing here. I would write about what comes to mind when I see her like this, but shit I think Ill just keep that to myself. But I will say this pic makes me wana put my tongue and manhood to very good use. Fuck it, Im gona go out on a limb and say I would still fuck her when she turn 50. I bet that is some of the best pussy a man could ever experience! As a matter of fact I'm gona go watch Monster's ball right fuckin now! Peace.

GZA - Pro Tools

Yo, all the real hip hoppers out there, I know you out there in the world somewhere wit ya stomach hurtin from all the bubble gum bitch ass niggas floodin the airwaves, this is jus a lil treat from one of the illest niggas ever to grab a mic, The GZA. Couple joints for you to nod til ya neck break, nah mean? Of course I included the 50 cent diss track to let y'all fake ass niggas know how real hip hop sounds. Then again, if youre a soulja boy or 50 cent or lil wayne fan, dont waste ya time listenin, your knucklehead ass cant follow this type of shit, go download some hoe ass shit from your favorite bitch nigga. Pro Tools nigga, real hip hop, real lyrics, no voice machine singin shit, no bubble gum high school hoe nigga shit. Feel me? Peace.

Mayweather to Fight Again?

Yo, whats good? Im a huge boxing fan so I wanted to shed some light on a subject many boxing fans want to know. Even tho Floyd Mayweather had retired recently, there are some pretty reputable sources that say he's considering coming back to fight De La Hoya again. The payday is gonna be ridiculous of course. De La Hoya is adding fuel to the fire by saying Floyd has money problems. Good move by Oscar. The way to get homie back in the ring is to insult him, about money. Floyd has bread, but all the talkin shit aside, he doesnt have Oscar De La Hoya type bread. On another note, Floyd is a great fighter at 135 to 140 pounds. Any weight class above that, he is a runner, and a very good one. Two or three jabs and runnin from a nigga for two minutes doesnt make you a great fighter, it makes you a runner. He obviously dodges the cats that are aggressive hard punchers with hand speed, like Shane Mosley. Like Miguel Cotto, and Antonio Margarito. Fuck, Zab had the nigga beat before he started bullshittin. I like Floyd, but I dont like him that much, he has way too much lip, and then when he gets in the ring instead of tryin to knock out his opponent, he jabs them to death and runs for his life. Hopefully Oscar can bait him into a rematch and bring homie down to Earth, because I for one am tired of this lil nigga runnin his mouth and duckin the niggas who can bust that mouth open.

Serena - Would You Hit This?

Man, everyone has their opinion, and I do respect the opinion of others whether I agree or not. I have to be brutally honest every time, thats how I am. I respect Serena Williams talents, she's a great athlete, but man this shit looks scary to me. Maybe this aint her best photo, but man the young chia pet hairdo and the ray lewis physique are fuckin with me. A lot of Black men say, man I would love to fuck Serena Williams or she has a bangin body or whatever. I disagree, this woman is highly unattractive to me, she damn near doesnt pass for a woman! Even tho Venus is uglier, I would rather fuck her, sorry.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jim "Nuthugger" Jones

Mr nuthugger himself recently said he draws inspiration from "the vagina monologues." Im starting to put the puzzle together now. He's sensitive, wears nuthuggers, and says goony goo goo on the regular. Jimmy has a vagina! How else can you explain a nigga wearin jeans so fuckin tight that his balls have to jockey for position? Terdgang, Nigga!

This is Ludacrith!

Mike Tythin may be in thum trouble. He thed he fears for his life because of the enemies he's made over the years. This is fuckin ludacrith Mike! We all love Mike Tythin! It is alleged that Mike paid $50,000 to put a hit on a dude that killed his former bodyguard. The man he put the hit on is thuppothedly Lil Kim's exth boyfriend. Man, that shit is ludacrith. Mike used to be a knockout specialith, now he's a murderith? Thay it aint tho Mike! I think they're lying on Mike. Just let me know where these niggas are at Mike, and I will go eat their kids for brefith. They hatin on Mike cuz he was the most powerfulleth boxer on the planet at one time, and he went on a bad streak. Y'all niggas better leave Mike Tythin alone before I come buth y'all niggas ath! Fuckin ludacrith ath niggas. Peath.

Basehead Alert - Lauryn Hill

Yo I know we all have our bad days, but God Damn! Lauryn hill looks like a muthafuckin basehead fa real! I mean, she was one of a very few female mc's that i would even listen to, but it looks like that shit aint on her mind anymore. I never really got into any female rappers cuz the shit just aint for women, its not feminine to be a rapper, but she got a pass cuz she had skills. From the looks of this picture, she looks like the only thing shes been doin is smokin crack. The fucked up fro aint helpin either. She has 5 kids, looks burned out, and hasnt been doing any music. Sorry Lauryn, but you are on baser alert until further notice. Peace.

Juelz Santana - Skullgang (Bumgang)

Whats good, people? I just found this video, even tho its probably over a month old. The first thing I noticed is that the interview was posted on 50 cent's website "this is 50." Great, more support for the man that shitted on the man who made Juelz wack ass. The second thing I noticed is how frail Juelz is. Man, niggas like him are lucky guns even exist. Can you imagine this 95 pound nigga sayin some hoe shit to you on the streets without bodyguards or a gun? Yeah, I know, it wouldnt happen. As far as this Skullgang (Bumgang) "movement" goes, its totally wack. Totally. Why is this skinny nigga callin this shit a "movement?" I hate when dumb niggas learn a word and try to use the shit repeatedly. Man the only "movement" this shit is similar to is a bowel movement. As a dipset member, Juelz was ok at best. Now, this nigga is complete and utter garbage. What size shirt is that, a fuckin extra small? And he's a gangsta? I for one am not buying it. And where in the fuck did he find these ultra wack niggas? I guess if he wants to be a boss, he has to find niggas that are more wack than him, so it makes sense from that standpoint. If you are considering purchasing any Skullgang projects, take the advice of a real hip hop head. Do not buy this shit, please. You will be very very angry even if you buy it on bootleg. And this nigga wack Santana actually had the nerve to say he's the biggest artist in New York right now. Since when nigga? This nigga has never been and will never be anywhere close to being the top artist in any major city. Maybe he should move to Nebraska, maybe he'll be the biggest artist there. Actually tho, there are probably some niggas in nebraska that would give homie the business. Juelz santana has about as much mass appeal as a fuckin sardine sandwich with cheese. Homie needs to quit this dumb shit he's on, along with Jimmy Jones dirty ass. Peace.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gabrielle Union

Not much to say about this one either. Buffie the body, Deelishis take note. Real beauty, no fake booty. Gabrielle Union on y'all trick hoes!

Sanaa Lathan

Yo, I dont have much to say but "Damn, thats what real beauty is." Sanaa Lathan doesnt have to be ass naked bending over a table to be appreciated. Deelishis, Superhead, and the rest of you bitches take note. It doesnt matter how big your ass is or how many bullshit magazines you appear in, you cannot fuck with this right here.

T Pain "Blogging is not Gangsta"

Yo, Thrash here, Ignorance Inc, ya know what it is. The first video of T Pain is pretty long so I wouldnt suggest watching the whole thing, but in the first 2 minutes he basically says blogging and making comments on videos is not gangsta. OK, and? Who the fuck said blogging is gangsta? I guess he's been reading some of the blogs that aint feelin him, so thats his response. Blogging isnt meant to be gangsta, lets get that straight first. Its a way of expressing your opinion and reporting interesting news, like T Pain talking about Ray J's penis size (second video), and all the beautiful women he wouldnt fuck. What nigga on earth wouldnt fuck alicia keys? A gay one, thats who. Im sure she aint tryin to fuck this monkey ass nigga anyway. True, you can find shit to do thats more gangsta than blogging, but talkin about another niggas dick size is not one of them, Mr Pain. I guess he thought because he said "no homo" he's excused. No nigga, you were looking at the niggas dick bro, no homo. I've seen quite a few porno movies in my life, but I've never been compelled to comment on the size of the niggas dicks in the movie, ever. Singing isnt exactly gangsta either, so what the fuck is this ugly nigga's point? He said someone commented on a blog about him and lil wayne being gay. Well, that is a valid argument considering the fact that he was watching the Kim Kardashian Ray J sex tape and paid attention to the size of Ray J's dick, and commented on it. He didnt say anything about Kim Kardashian's big juicy ass ( oh, in the second video he said he wouldnt fuck her either), he said "Ray J got big meat, he got a foot on him." That is a fag like comment, Mr Pain. Given this fact, if I ever run into this package watcher in a public restroom, I will not piss next to him. That is also a valid argument for lil wayne, kissing niggas on their lips and wearing lip rings. The bottom line is, niggas dont call you a fag if you dont engage in faggot-like activity. A real man will never, ever comment on another niggas dick size, and a real man will never kiss another man's lips, straight up. He's right, blogging isnt gangsta. But guess what, if I had to compare blogging to cockwatching and kissing men, blogging is definitely more gangsta as long as you're not blogging about niggas penises and kissing men. Its a necessary evil and someone has to do it. I mean, how else would you find out that T Pain is interested in the size of Ray J's dick? That type of info isnt gonna be in the daily newspaper, but you can find it here, feel me? Im sure Mr Pain wouldnt have a problem if all the bloggers were complimenting him. Sorry, bruh, thats not how it works. Do some fag shit, Ignorance Inc will exploit you, simple and plain. My suggestion to Mr Pain would be to stop hangin out with niggas who kiss other niggas, stop commenting on the penis sizes of other men, and stop mentioning all the fine ass bitches he wouldnt fuck, and no one will call him a fag. Oooops! Too late! Once a faggot, always a faggot. Keep it gangsta. Peace.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flavor Flav

Uhhhhh....I would like to start this week off by saying I am totally embarrassed that Flavor Flav is a Black man. I mean, this fuckin coon ass nigga is the worst. Its obvious to me that these Televison and media companies search for the most niggerish, ugliest, unintelligent Black people to put on TV. Since when do you get a Tv show after being a fuckin basehead? And as far as the prostitute bitches who let this nigga fuck just so they can appear naked on a magazine cover (Deelishis, Hoops, etc), they are less than human. Maybe I could understand a bitch golddiggin if she was at least attracted to a nigga, but this is some bullshit on a whole different level. If fuckin a crackhead gets these hoes in the spotlight, they are ready and willing. This nigga and the Black women that have had sex with him really make us look bad, straight up. Peace.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wayne Gets the Business

Man, its hard being a wack ass nigga from what I can see here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Southern Bullshit

Yo, nothing against southern cats, but these types of niggas are the reason I really dont respect too many Southern rappers. Like Ive said before, these cats are just slow. Fuck Mobb Deep? No, fuck this broke ass cow milking, syrup drinkin, no english talkin ass bum nigga! I mean, does this chitterling sandwich eatin nigga think this shit is hot? Just for the record, I usually dont put local niggas videos on this blog, it just aint worth the time. But I made an exception this time just to show you the type of shit these southern dudes are on. I love the south, the scenery, the hospitality, the people. But then again there are niggas like this who immediately fuck up the vibe. Fuck it, let me give this broke ass nigga some publicity. His name is 1 Gator City G, you can check out his terrible ass videos on you tube. Go ahead and show the dumb nigga some love cuz his shit only gets like 500 views a year. Did you see that old ass gun this nigga has? Man, homie better invest in some new equipment instead of smokin crack, eatin pigs feet and makin wack ass you tube videos. Like I said, I got love for the south but niggas like garbage city g are makin y'all look real bad, ya heard me? Peace.

"Kitty" Katt Williams

I guess some niggas just don't know how to handle being a celebrity. According to BET this nigga arrived 3 hours late to the awards show, and then started talking shit to one of the production managers or something. So basically he shitted on somebody and wanted an apology from them. Quick question: Who in the fuck does this nigga think he is? Let's be honest, he's highly over rated as a comedian, and the wack ass perms and shit are not a good look. Perms are for women, diva ass nigga. This nigga's new name is Kitty Kat. I mean, fuck it, he wana look sexy like a bitch so lets keep it real. Real men dont wear perms and gay ass outfits like he has on in this video, straight up. Fuck it, I call it like I see it. Ignorance Inc, you gotta love it. Peace.

What the Fuck?

Uhmmmm...... who in the fuck is this transvestite lookin broad with Neyo? This is not a good look at all. I mean the muthafucka looks like a man, straight up. If this is Neyo's way of proving he's not gay, it's not working here. Personally I dont think homeboy is gay, but man he needs to make sure pictures like this dont fuckin show up on the net or anywhere else!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Birdman and Lil Wayne

Now thats some funny shit! Why you slap me daadeeeeee! I luh raisins dahy, raisin tase good, dahay who dem cookie fa dahy?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lil Wayne has a Child

Ok, before I get ta shittin on this funny lookin nigga, I would like to say congrats because the kid is healthy from what I understand. Back to business. Hopefully the child will not grow up to be anything like his high ass, heroin addicted, Ny Quil drinkin ass daddy. You see, the most dangerous combination in the world is a nigga on drugs with a lot of money to blow. Some bitch is gonna get pregnant, and theres a problem. I wonder who his baby mama is? I heard a rumor that he was fuckin with superhead. Man, I could be broke as fuck and desperate, and I still couldn't bring myself to fuck with a bitch who calls herself superhead. But, hey, thats what high ass young niggas like him and Bow Wow do. Yeah bow wow was fuckin that hoe too, and the bitch was sayin he wanted to marry her. You know what runs the world for dumb niggas? Pussy. Not money. The money is just something they have to have so they can buy pussy. Man, if superhead is this niggas baby mama.....Peace.

Lyfe Jennings Fucks Up Again

Yo, homeboy Lyfe Jennings is in trouble. Police responded to shots fired, came to the scene and caught Jennings bustin up in his corvette. A high speed chase took place and the nigga crashed. And he was high as fuck. And he still had the fuckin gun on him. If you didnt know, homie already had a felony from arson in 1992. He did ten years for that one. Uhmmm.....another dumb nigga who blows his opportunities on dumb shit. Great fuckin job dummy. So, in summary we have a repeat felon with a gun firing shots, eluding police, and refusing to take the sobriety test. What is the first half of Mr Jennings stage name? Peace.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

50 Cent "The Money and the Power"

How many more bitch ass niggas are going to get a TV show? Did you hear what this nigga said? "One hand full of shit does not equal a fist full of dollars." See, these niggas get out here and get money by a stroke of luck, and then they want to act smart. That shit he said means absolutely nothing at all. Of course shit doesnt equal money, smart ass dumb muthafucka. You know whats worse than a stupid nigga like him with a TV show? The stupid ass people who appear on the show. For $100,000 they are basically going to be his bitches. Did you see Phony Yayo tellin someone they are gonna be a loser for life? Yayo callin someone a loser? Last time I checked, suckin a nigga's dick for 6 0r 7 years doesnt exactly make you a winner. Slappin 14 year old children doesnt make you a winner either, it makes you a bitch and a coward Yayo. I wish I could run into either one of these niggas by themselves, but we know that shit aint about to happen. Did you see him try to intimidate the black chick by getting in her face? Thats what bitch ass niggas do, they fuck with people they can intimidate. I wont be watchin this shit at all, its gonna be just like watchin P diddy's gay ass act tough on "Makin the Band." The announcer called this nigga a hip hop legend! What the fuck has he done that was so legendary? Snitch on niggas and start beefs with better rappers? He's a legend alright, he's the biggest scam hip hop has ever seen. A piece of shit in a nice suit. Curtis can suck a dick. I'm eagerly waiting on the day this nigga comes up missing. Peace.

Kanye West - 808's and Heartbreak

You know what, I'm fuckin sick of this gay ass dressing, attitude havin, soft ass nigga. Man, what type of nigga dresses like this, seriously. Oh yeah, his new album isnt gonna have any rap on it. Thats all I need to know. Im officially not fuckin with this nigga ever again. If this nigga aint a fag, I dont know who is. As a man, I could not dress like this...period. I know you have to have style and originality, but that doesnt mean dressing like a faggot. Kanye has talent, but he hasnt been showing it lately. What he has been showing is support for gays and lesbians, and dressing the part. Dont act surprised when this nigga comes out of the closet with his gay ass. Im straight on this feminine ass nigga, fuck the music he makes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chess - Kings, Queens, and Pawns

Yo, it may be over for Dipset as we know it. And it aint because of 50 cent. Its because of disloyal bitch ass niggas who don't know how to play their position. Sometimes the pawn niggas want to be the Kings and Queens, but when they get out on the battlefield they are quickly eaten up by more powerful players. There can only be one boss for Dipset, and that's Cam. Jimmy's faggot ass started the shit by appearing with 50 cent on stage, along with Juelz. Pawn move. Now if you know your nigga got beef with someone, why the fuck would you appear on stage or anywhere else with that nigga? 50 cent paid Jimmy and Juelz to appear with him, just to make it look like he could shut dipset down. Queen move. The pawns accepted. Thats how Curtis operates, like a fuckin snake. Jimmy showed his true colors, and he is now considered a bitch nigga. And on top of that, nobody is buying his new clothing line "Nostic." You see, before you try to do your own thing you have to make sure you have a following. Jimmy's following is not nearly big enough to sell his own clothing line, and the only reason he has even a small following is Camron. Now Hell Rell is leaving too. Pawn move. And what the fuck is up with Rell saying "at the end of the day" all the fuckin time? Nigga, at the end of the day Cam put Hell Rell on. At the end of the day, Hell Rell needs Cam. At the end of the day Hell Rell will be back to sellin crack on the corner if Hell Rell doesn't get his mind right. At the end of the day, Hell Rell is a pawn that will quickly be moved off of the entire chess board. I like Rell's flow, but lets face it, he's just not headliner material. He aint gonna make it without Cam, neither is Jimmy, or Juelz. Cam put these niggas on, not themselves. Jimmy was a fuckin backup dancer for McGruff for God's sake. He has one hit to his name, and it was under Dipset. Where's Curtis now, Jimmy? Nigga probably aint spoke to you since that gay ass stunt on stage. 50 played you like a pawn just to make it look like he shut down dipset, and you and Juelz pawn asses fell for it. Cam sold Juelz to Def Jam for two million. King move. Fuck it Cam, get what you can off of these foot soldier ass niggas. They will soon learn that loyalty is everything. How do you think Phony Yayo and Down Syndrome Lloyd survive in the rap game? They are loyal to their boss. Jimmy, Juelz, and Rell should realize that. Cam may not have the best rhymes, but he's the best hustler out of all the dipset niggas by far. They're pissed because he has more bread than all of them combined, he's on another level, a level that Jimmy, Rell, and Juelz will never reach. The employee does not make more than the boss, simple and plain. The pawns cannot move like the Kings and Queens move. The pawns move forward one block at a time. The Queens and Kings can attack from different directions. What happens to the pawns like Jimmy, Rell and Juelz when they are left alone on the battlefield? They quickly disappear. The Queens (50 cent) and Kings (Cam)attack them from a different angle and push them off the board. Somebody has to play the boss, and somebody has to play the employee, flat out. At the end of the day, its cool to do your own thing, but dont fuck up your resources. Dont bite the hand that fed you. Do your thing Cam, I can respect a real hustler. Let the 2nd rate niggas fall by the wayside. My gut feeling? Check Mate. The Queen (50 cent) put a lil bread in Jimmy and Juelz pockets, and cut off their long term bread at the same time. By the way, the new Cam joint up top sounds hard, lets see what the ex-dipset pawns will come up with. Anybody up for a game of chess? Peace.

O.J. "Simpleton" Simpson - Guilty

Damn, O.J. Homie went from being a legend to being a nominee for the Dumb Nigga of The Year Award. The nigga beat a murder case and even though he was found not guilty in that case, they came up with a "new nigga rule", and charged him with some other shit directly related to the murder case. Did this clown ever think about the fact that they were dedicated to putting him in prison one way or another? He was fuckin free, but chose to keep fuckin up. Why would you try to rob and kidnap a nigga because he had your fucking trophies? He acquired those items legally, asshole. But big bad O.J. is a football legend, fuck that. He wasnt gonna just sit there and let a nigga sell his memorabilia, that was his shit. Now he's gonna just sit there in a fuckin cell and think about the tremendously dumb shit he did. I'm convinced that some niggas just want to go to jail, and he is one of them. Dog, if i beat a murder case Im not doing anything whatsoever to get into more bullshit. I mean, what nigga on this planet can boast of killing a white woman, and beating the case? They sent Mike Vick to jail for dogfighting, some shit that has been going on for hundreds of years. Down south, there are people that engage in chicken fighting, and they dont have to worry about jail. Some of us just don't know how to take advantage of our blessings. Simpleton should know by now that any black athlete or celebrity has to operate under a different set of rules. If you're black and famous, you are being monitored more so than a famous white person. He had to know that, and he already had a major strike against him. They were waiting on your dumb ass, O.J., and they got you. You beat a murder case, then got caught up trying to rob a nigga for some shit that wasn't yours anymore. Oh well, you can't possibly feel sorry for a nigga of that little intelligence, straight up. Peace.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eminem - Relapse

Yo, I know by now you've heard the buzz about Marshall's upcoming album. Honestly Eminem has some skills and lyrics, but if this is any type of indication of his new album, I'm straight. This is bullshit, Ill have to hear some better shit from Marshall if Im gonna buy his album, even if its a bootleg. So far, he's 0 for 1. I know he's supposedly from near my hometown, but that doesnt mean shit. Wack is wack, I could give a fuck where a nigga is from or what he's done in the past, how many albums he's sold or how much money he makes. And some people say he's the best rapper alive! Of course, the people who say that stupid shit are mostly white suburbanites. He has skills, but I never thought that he was the best, and I never will. This one sucks dick Marshall, straight up. Peace.

NY OIL - Food For Thought

Like I said before, every bullshit, wack, gay looking, no talent havin rapper should be forced to watch the first video for at least 72 hours straight. Wayne, soulja boy, nelly, shawty lo, plies? All the trickin ass video wannabe hoes watch the second one (buffie the body, karrine "superhead" steffans). Oh yeah, Reggie bush should watch too, dumb nigga. Notice has been served, wack ass niggas. Peace.

Ja Rule Disses Curtis Again

Even tho Ja was a singin ass nigga, I trust his word more than Curtis. The nigga's face has snitch written all over it. Just for the record, the Feds shut down Murda Inc, not Curtis. Curtis helped tho, tellin on everybody who got close to him. Definition of a true bitch ass nigga = Curtis "50 cent" Jackson. Peace.

Broke Ass Pimp

Pimpin is still alive, but this nigga is not the correct example of how to do it. What prostitute in her right mind would suck dick and get fucked for money, then turn around and give the profits to this mutant ninja pimp leprechaun lookin nigga? Then again, what prostitute even uses her brain? Fuck it, if they like it I love it. This nigga is a true embarrassment to every nigga who has ever tried to pimp. I couldnt approach any bitch or anyone else for that matter if I dressed like this fool. If you are considering pimpin, thats cool, but please do not take any fashion notes from this muthafuckin clown. The whole outfit looks like it costed about $150, including the bullshit jewelry.

Sticky Pages - Coco

Ice T's wifey Coco may be synthetic, but God Damn! Thats some white meat I would love to stick my dick, I mean fork into! Check the ass and the pussy print, Jesus Christ. Take some lessons, Soulja boy. This is how the real O.G's do it. Man, if she was mine, there would be a lot of hard fuckin at the crib and damn near anywhere else! Peace.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bedtime Story

Yo, I promised the readers a dumb ass bedtime story last week. Right now it's about 10:30 AM, but fuck it, just to make good on my word here it is. Ready, boys and girls?

There once was a lil' nigga who's name was Ray. Thought he was a pimp but acted quite gay. Ray fucked prostitutes on tape, and bitches who smoked crack. Was all over the TV claiming to be a mack. Ranting and raving about the dick he gave a hoe, she quickly dumped him for captain save a hoe. Compared to Ray, the Captain had more bread. But he saw his bitch on tape givin Ray that head. Instead of tellin the hoe to "get ta steppin", Captain save a hoe got on one knee and asked the bitch a question. "Will you marry me", he asked with a tear runnin down his cheek. She replied " Of course dumb nigger, we can do it next week." Captain save a hoe was overjoyed with his new trick wife. Even threatened to kill Ray with a knife. The Cap'n had money, but he still was sick, about the thought of his hoe on tape suckin another nigga's dick. Now the hoe was just fine, she thought she was a star, suckin dick on camera had gotten her this far! She bragged to her friends about her cake ass man, though he was the most over rated player in the land. She had her daddy's money to pay her own bills, but she still made the cap'n run through his own scrill. Wherever they would go, all the niggas just laughed. They had all seen the tape with Ray's dick in her ass. The cap'n didnt care, he thought he had a real friend. Next week she left him, never to see him again. Goodnight.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Faggot Alert

Yo, Thrash at it again, The Ignorance Inc Show, you know. As I have promised the readers out there, here it is - the monthly Faggot Alert. Personally, I dont know any of this to be true, but rumors are floating like a muthafucka! On top of that, niggas don't label you as a fag unless you've done some faggot type shit, so fuck it, here goes. Here is the list of tough ass niggas and bitches who are now being questioned about their sexual preference.
LL Cool J - Nigga licks his lips too much for me, I think he's a bisexual.
Busta Rhymes - Deelishis said she dated him and he's a faggot. The picture doesnt help, hope it aint true
P Diddy - Definitely a fag. Straight up.
Usher - Any nigga who's this emotional is a fag.
Loon - Ever heard him talk? Nuff said.
Redman - Say it aint so, Reggie.
Method Man - Say it aint so, Meth.
Queen Latifah - Fuck it, niggas dont want her anyway.
Missy Elliot - Fuck it, niggas dont want her either
Da Brat - Tough ass gay bitch for sure
MC Lyte - Another masculine ass bitch

Well, there it is. If anyone else gets caught servicing or being serviced by a member of the same sex, we will get on that ass for sure. Be safe, enjoy yourselves this weekend. Peace.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plies - Are You Fuckin Serious?

Man, all I can say is GOD DAMN! Besides having absolutely no talent, this is one ugly ass, monkey ass lookin nigga! Wow, I never thought I would see the day when it would be considered cool to look like this! I couldn't make a face like that if I drank some fuckin motor oil! Just look at the nigga's nostrils and lips dog! God shitted on this nigga real hard, straight up. The nigga looks like he's been takin haymakers from Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali for 15 rounds, but this is how he normally looks! On top of being naturally ugly, look at all the bullshit he has on his neck and in his mouth! You ever heard of NY Oil? If you haven't, check him out in the you tube video box on the right. This Plies nigga is the type of muthafucka he's shittin on. I thought Jay Z was the true pinnacle of ugliness, but homie right here is on his ass like the police on Pacman Jones! Man, Im callin this nigga's momma on him for lookin like that. On another note, tune in tomorrow, Ignorance Inc is doing something new, the monthly Faggot Alert. You'll be surprised to find out which so called ballers and tough guys like penises in their ass. Fuck Plies. Peace.

Busta Rhymes - Arab Money

Please tell me you've heard this new shit by Bussa Bus called Arab Money. This is some classic funny shit if you ask me. Since the song has come out, Bussa has received negative press, mainly from Arab Americans. So muthafuckin what, Arabs have been mocking Black people for God knows how long, so if they're angry, fuck 'em. You see, every fuckin thing is funny when it's directed at Black People. But, when a muthafucka shits on some other race of people, then there's a problem. The shit is funny to me, even though it ain't the best sounding song. Whoever is singing the hook did a great job imitating Arabic music, a great fuckin job! Its about time someone rode on another race besides Blacks. We shit on each other every day continuously, and nobody gives a fuck. But now, a rapper has insulted Arab Americans and they don't like it. Well guess what, welcome to the fuckin club niggas! Arabs should be glad a nigga even made a song referring to their money. At least he didnt make a song about blowing up some shit, did he. I'm feelin you on this one, Busta. Ignorance Inc is feelin you. Hip hoppers are feelin you. Arab teenagers mock Blacks every day, listening to Tupac, wearing big jewelry, hip hop clothing, and callin each other niggas. Fuck that, if they can mock us, we can mock them too. Nigga, we want some muthafuckin Arab money, habibi! We want some gas stations and coney islands too, habibi. To my Arab homies, I know you ain't trippin because right is right, fuck that. We have made enough songs shittin on Blacks, so fuck it, niggas should start makin songs shittin on other races. We are all equal right? Hell yeah we are, so we should all be talked about equally. Feel me? I know you do. Peace.

Neyo Shits on Young Berg

Whas good, peoples? I saw a recent interview with Neyo and the host asked him if he could slap 1 person in the game right now, who would he slap. He quickly responded "Young Berg." Basically Neyo said young terd is a bitin ass nigga who's basically copying T Pain and Lil Wayne with the voice machine. Young Berg has since responded with some questionable pictures of Neyo lookin kinda queer. The video Berg has on You Tube is funny, even though he's still a punk ass bitch ass lil nigga. Funny how he didn't respond on video after Maino slapped his hoe ass. I guess he feels he has a better chance against Neyo. This is one lightweight fight I would pay a couple hundred to see. The fucked up thing is, I think Neyo would fuck Berg up! What's this nigga's record so far 0 - 3? Berg must be one of those niggas that can't fight but keeps talkin shit. You know, the nigga you have to beat down severely for him to get the fuckin point. My prediction? Neyo runs into Berg while they're both on tour, and slaps the shit out of Berg. Berg makes a You Tube video about how it didn't happen, still talkin shit. Young Berg, will you please shut the fuck up, niggas are wearing out their knuckles on your pretty ass face dog. Either that or step up your security team bro. Peace.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adam "Namcap" Jones

Man, this nigga is definitely going to be nominated for the Ignorance Inc D.N.O.Y. (Dumb Nigga of the Year) Award. The reason I've spelled Pacman backwards at the top of this article is because this is one truly backwards, ignorant, dumb nigga. I mean, how many chances should this fuckin clown get? First it was the nightclub altercation back in 2005, and since then this muthafucka has been acting like a god damn retard. Getting caught with weed, shootings at gas stations, public intoxication, assault, spitting on people (yes, spitting on people), and a host of other shit. Now he's suspended again for some more stupid shit. This nigga needs to learn a really hard lesson - like getting his ass whipped. He's obviously one of these young dumb ass athletes who think they can do whatever the fuck they want with no consequences. This nigga is the type to go in the club, fire up some blunts, throw $80,000 in the air, and find out the next morning he is unemployed. He's the crackhead who fires up a rock in front of the police station and gets pissed when he ends up in jail. We've all played the pac man video game at one time in our lives. Well, the dots that this "pacman" nigga is eating up are his opportunities. Homeboy needs to fuckin act like he gives a fuck because he isn't the most intelligent nigga, and will surely be unable to stay out of trouble when they kick his stupid ass out of the league and he has to live a more normal life, without millions to throw in the air. For some reason the only thing I think he can do is play football, and act like a fuckin dickhead. Any nigga with half a brain would realize an opportunity to play in the NFL, or any other professional sports league is a privilege, and not fuck it up. Given this fact, I have come to the conclusion that this nigga's brain is the size of a fuckin peanut. They should have named this nigga "Can't Get Right Jones" or "Jackman" or "Crackman" instead of Pacman. Enjoy the Pacman show while you can, because soon it's gonna be a wrap for this testicle head nigga. Peace.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scarface - Emeritus

Yo, Thrash here, Ignorance Inc with some more good news fa that ass. The homie Scarface is almost set to release his final solo effort entitled "Emeritus." The good news is the fact that its coming, not that it will be his last album. If you're like us here at Ignorance Inc, you know Face gets big respect. He never ever dropped a soft album, which is more than I can say for many of the homo rappers in the game today. Hopefully the album won't have too many appearances by other bullshit artists. Face has kept it real from day one when he entered the game with the Geto Boys. But it's time for him to move on to bigger and better things, such as running his own ship with no other hands in his pocket. The nigga deserves it, because every time he releases an album, hoods feel it everywhere from 5th ward Houston to Cabrini Green in Chicago. The stories he tells ring very familiar, like you know him. I would be very hard pressed to find a nigga in the rap game who kept it 100 on the level Scarface has. Straight up. He compromised nothing, never changed for the mainstream, and still gets more respect than damn near anybody out there. "Emeritus" will only hammer the point home even harder. Peace.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The D.N.O.Y. Award

Yo, Ignorance Inc is getting ready to prepare an award for some of the hip hoppers out there, so I'm gonna need your participation. The award is the D.N.O.Y. award. The first annual Dumb Nigga of the Year Award. This award goes to the nigga who has done or said the dumbest shit this year. You know, the nigga who has money but keeps fuckin gettin caught with weed and drugs in their car. The nigga who fucks with trick bitches who call themselves celebrities, and the nigga who starts hip hop beefs with niggas he cannot compete with. Like I said, I'm gonna let you decide who wins this award, but I'm leanin towards Young Jeezy for this one. The nigga keeps BMF in his mouth on his albums, which is dumb as fuck. He supports John McCain, which is dumb as fuck. He tried to discredit Nas because Nas said hip hop is dead. Young Cheezy may not win it, that's all up to the readers, but he's getting the first nomination from me for sure, followed by lil wayne, and T.I. Sorry Tip, but the machine gun shit was just flat out dumb. But these are the criteria I want you to use when you vote. All you have to do is come to this article when you visit this site, and leave your vote in the comments section or the chat box on the right side. The winner will be picked at the beginning of December. I know that leaves a whole month for niggas to do or say some more dumb shit, but it's based off of a cumulative effort, all the dumb shit they've done for the entire year added together. So, let the games begin! Get at us and let us know who gets the D.N.O.Y. award in your opinion. Oh yeah, tune in later this evening, we got some dope shit called "Bedtime Story" for you. Peace.

Cube, Face, and Nas Collabo?

It's Monday people, get the fuck up! Yeah, I know, Monday is the most fucked up day of the week, but fuck it we gotta start somewhere. This is some news that should make the day a lil' easier. Lil' wayne, soulja boy, nelly, and shawty lo have all retired. Just fuckin wit ya, even though that would be great news! On the real the homies Scarface, Nas and Ice Cube are close to working on an album together. Nigga, straight up, no bullshit. Face is the shit, and Nas is the shit. Cube kinda let me down with a couple of his latest efforts but Face and Nas should bring out the best in him. Face has been that nigga for a long time. The stories he tells make me feel like I know him, like I'm there with him. Nas is Nas, one of the illest lyricists to ever do it. Cube makes the best diss records out of any MC, when Cube shits on you other people listen. Besides Detox, this is the one I'm waiting on. The homies could do a lot of justice to the hip hop game with this album, and the hip hop world needs it. I'm sick of these group efforts where there are two good MC'S and a nigga like lil' wayne fuckin it all up. For right now, thats all the info we have, but it's very close to being official. So, all you garbage ass rappers listen up and take notes, the homies are gettin ready to show you what the fuck hip hop is all about. Peace.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

P Diddy's Arm Broken?

Yo, I just seen a picture of this nigga Diddy on the net with a sling on his arm. Wow, I wonder what the fuck happened to this cockhead nigga. Maybe he ran into a real nigga in the streets and got his shit twisted! I definitely don't feel sorry for this nigga at all. Unfortunately this injury will not shut this nigga the fuck up at all. That would require a mouth injury, which is what he desperately needs. I dont have too much more to say about this wack nigga, he's just not interesting enough and he's not worth the press at all. Good job to whoever is responsible for this nigga's fucked up arm. Peace.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Detox - Dr. Dre

Yo, I've been waitin on this one so long I almost forgot about the shit. But it's all good, I'd rather see a nigga take his time and come with some dope shit instead of pushin out 2 or 3 bullshit albums a year. Of course, even if Dre came with two albums a year they would be far from wack, I'm sure. Personally, I think Dre is the best to ever do it. But I like cats like Premier, Pete Rock, and a few others too. Not to get off the subject, but I was fuckin around on the net with another blog today and a nigga actually said he would rather listen to soulja boy's albums than Dre's albums. This nigga must be fuckin retarded or something, niggas like that are cancer to hip hop. Man, we need this one, we are being attacked on a daily basis by niggas like lil wayne, souja boy, shawty lo, and a few other boo boo ass rappers. I wonder who all is gonna be on the album, but whoever is on it I'm sure it will be the shit. I heard Curtis Jackson is supposed to be on it, even though I could do without that mumbling ass nigga. I hope the homie Game is on it, along with Nas, maybe some scarface, even though I doubt it. Scarface over a Dre beat, nigga that shit would shut down the entire fuckin rap game. But fuck it, we'll see what happens, let's handle biz Dre. The hip hop world need this one bro, real bad. The winter is upon us, so niggas will be spendin a lot of time at the crib, listenin to hip hop. Dre is the type of nigga that can make you leave his CD stuck in your CD player for like 3 months at a time. That's what the fuck I'm lookin for! A message to the wack niggas - please release your CD at the same time this one comes out, please. That way, your garbage ass productions can be drowned the fuck out until your next bullshit product hits the street. Shut it down for us one last time, Doc. Peace.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Soulja Boy Shoes

Yo, one of the pound for pound wackest niggas ever to hit the set, soulja boy has a new line of shoes called "Yums." The logo is a lil smiley face. Wow, a candy ass lookin shoe for a candy ass nigga. These shoes are basically knock off Air Force ones or Bathin Apes. Some niggas are just all around wack, and this nigga is the LeBron James of wack niggas. I mean you got cats who got swag but no rhymes, and cats with rhymes but no swag. But very often in modern hip hop a nigga appears out of nowhere and has no swag and no rhymes. Soulja Boy is that nigga. Man, it fucks me up that a nigga of this little talent can get rich, but of course I know he makes the bulk of his bread from other simple minded niggas like himself. Followers are what they are called. To be honest, soulja boy, nelly, and shawty lo are the same nigga. Colorful gay ass clothing, shiny ass patent leather shoes, a few earrings, cartoons all on the ass of their jeans up and down their pantsleg, and absolutely no fuckin skills on the mic. I mean, these niggas dress like they're going to play lasertag or something. I think they're secretly creating these niggas on an assembly line in Area 51 or something. But why not? Shit, when dumb ass muthafuckas keep buying into these 3 dollar bill ass niggas, why wouldn't these type of niggas keep appearing to destroy hip hop. They have to fuckin know they're wack, they just have to know. I mean, can you imagine going into a studio, a nigga gives you a trash ass beat like the "she got a donk" beat and expecting you to perform to it? Personally, I wouldn't know what the fuck to do or say over a shit ass beat like that, so maybe that's soulja boy's problem. No, you're right, his beats are wack and he is also wack. His new shoes are wack, those silly ass glasses he wears are wack, clothes are wack, rhymes are wack, everything about the nigga is wack, period. Every thing he does and everything he is associated with is a direct copy of the wack niggas before him. Where in the fuck is that secret lab where these colorful niggas are being created? The record companies know where it is, they just ain't tellin us. Peace.

CHANGE - Them vs Us

Yo, first I would like to show love to all the real homies from every city who show love to Ignorance Inc. Y'all give us reason to do what we do. We know you are tired of these hoe niggas runnin hip hop, and we are too. I'm gonna get back to doin what I do best, but this is a more serious subject. We are at war. I ain't talkin about the hip hop wars or even the war in Iraq. I'm talkin about the war between THEM and US. It's poppin off right here in America. THEM = the people who value money over the lives of their own people. THEM = the niggas who look down upon you because of your financial situation, and think they are better than you because they have a few more dollars than you. THEM = the bitches who act like you ain't worthy of their attention because you ain't rich. US = the brothas who work hard as fuck all day, and hustle all night to keep food in our families mouths. US = the brothas who protect our families at all costs. US = the brothas and sistas who accept our brothas and sistas no matter what their financial situation is, or how they look. The war is between Black people and Black people. Stupid as fuck ain't it? Stay with me, people. We got muthafuckas like George Bush and John McCain who don't give a fuck whether we live or die, but we shit on each other. Our government bails out the fuckin banks that fucked US over in the first place with high ass interest rates and shit, but we shit on each other. Some of US who support brother Barack Obama are getting pictures in the mail of a face - half of the face is Barack Obama, the other half of the face is that of a monkey. But we are killing each other, not the racist cowards who do this type of shit. We look down upon our sista who doesn't have the long, stringy hair and the perfect body, but we must realize the fact that she is one of US - our sista. We look down upon our brotha who doesn't make big money and drive a $100,000 car, but he is one of US - our brotha. The bottom line is that we make it easy for the fuckin racists and bigots because we de-value each other based on looks and money. We need to devalue the nigga who sells a boatload of crack every day to Black people. De-value the niggas like Young Jeezy who supports John McCain, but glorifies selling crack to Black people. Don't devalue the brotha who goes to school and is struggling financially. That brotha is trying to better himself for the future. Take a look at your own siblings, your brothas and sistas. Are they rich, are they the most attractive person you've ever seen? Of course not, but God Damnit you would go to war for them regardless of how they look, wouldn't you? You're God Damn right you would! In conclusion, just do me this favor. When you walk outside your door today, and you see US, a brotha or sista, realize they are the same as you regardless of their appearance. When you come face to face with the brotha on the corner sellin his CD, don't play him like a bum. The brotha is trying, at least he ain't out here killin his brothas for crack money. Sistas, when you go to the club tonight, don't just hoe a brotha just because he approached you ( as long as he does it respectfully), and you aint attracted to him. Tell that brotha you appreciate his interest and the fact that he approached you like a gentleman. And don't shit on the sista who is not as attractive as you are, she is still your sista. That sista is your equal, even if the drug dealers ain't gettin at her. When you step outside of your door today and you see THEM, say a prayer for THEM. Together we stand, divided we fall. Some real deal shit for you to think about. Peace.

Jim Jones Talkin Shit Again

Yo,I ain't even gonna lie and say I never liked Dipset, because I did. Dont get it twisted, I like Cam even though he ain't the best rhymer, I like Juelz, and at one point I liked Jim Jones. I liked Jim more so because he has a good swag, a style about him. Now ol' Jimmy is takin this shit too far. First, you disrespected Cam, the nigga who put you on, and fucked with Curtis punk ass, a nigga who doesn't give a fuck about you or anyone else. This nigga shits on T.I. because he was left off of "swagger like us." Basically Jim said the only nigga on the song with swag is lil' Wayne. Come on Jim, why the fuck are you ridin wayne's dick of all people? Beyond that he said niggas ain't dressin like T.I., but they're checkin for the Jim Jones look, you know, the tight ass jeans and chains hangin off your pockets and shit. The Rock Star look. First off Jimmy, you didn't create that look. Skateboarders did. Second off, Jim Jones is obviously concentrating on his so called "swag" and not his rhymes. Before you have a swag, Jimmy, try to become a better than average MC. T.I. has done that. On top of that, who in the fuck has to make it a point to include Jim Jones on their song? Tip sells a lot more albums than Jim, so he didn't need this clown ass nigga on the track anyway. If you ask me, that swag shit is becoming too fuckin important in hip hop. Who gives a fuck what you're wearing, can you fuckin rhyme, nigga? Don't get me wrong, I still kinda like Jimmy and he does have a different vibe and look. But nigga "Baaaalliiiiin" was two fuckin years ago. Nobody gives a fuck about your tight ass jeans and shirts, chains hangin off your pants, and fuckin skull and crossbone belt buckles. I would listen to a nigga in a green and yellow tuxedo if he can actually spit a good rhyme! And Jimmy, please, nigga please don't ever ever ever take your shirt off in public again. The nigga's chest looks like a fuckin wool sweater, that shit ain't sexy dog. Shave that shit if you plan on showing your muscles, because no one can see them right now bro. The bottom line is that we accept you, Jimmy, but we don't really need you, no homo. Tip doesn't have to include you on any fuckin song, period. No one else is required to call you when they make a song either, Jimmy. Who the fuck is Jim Jones to be trippin like this? Do your thing Jim, just don't take the shit too far. Peace.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Game - LAX

Whats good people? Ignorance Inc, no sugar coating available, feel me? The Game impressed us with LAX, so props to Game. Hard beats, lyrics, thats what hip hop is all about. Oh yeah, we love the way this nigga shits on Curtis Jackson every time he gets the chance. The joint with Luda is hot, the joint with Raekwon is hot, and California sunshine is the shit too. Game has basically proven with LAX that you can still keep it 100 and get some mainstream love. G-G-G-G-G-U-Not! We feel you Game, 50 just hates a nigga who has their own persona, their own ideas, and is also more talented than him. I know a few punk niggas like that here in Detroit. No need to mention them though, they are in the featherweight division, nah mean? Too bad I can't say the same for Down syndrome Lloyd and Phony Yayo. Keep it comin Game, ride on these niggas every time you feel like it. Fuck 'em. On another note, Game is trying to bait Jay Z into a battle. Jay is much more talented than Curtis, so this should be a better competition by far if Jay ever responds. Fuck it, shit on Jay Z too! Jay got some lyrics, but the nigga is over rated in my opinion. He needs someone to get on his open toe sandal wearin ass! Overall, I'm feelin LAX, 4 mics for sure. Keep it 100. Peace.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

East Coast VS. The South

This is a subject that I would like you to comment on. It seems there is a beef brewing between East coast hip hop artists and Southern hip hop artists. I think it stems from the fact that the southern cats started getting a lot of recognition and attention from the media. So of course, some of the east coast artists took offense to that. Now first of all I would like to say every demographic area has good MC's and shitty MC's. Second, I would like to say that this beef is no competition at all. The only cats in the south that can hold their own weight are Scarface, Outkast, T.I., Luda, and Young Buck. That's it. The east has too many talented niggas for the south to battle, simple and plain. You got Jay Z, Nas, Jadakiss, and a whole slew of east coast MC's that would crush any MC from the south outside of the ones I mentioned. Lil wayne, soulja boy, Young Joc, shawty lo, Jeezy vs. east coast? Just one of the top east coast homies would smash all these wack niggas at one time! Now I like some southern hip hop, but not much. I mean, half the time these niggas are talking about shit that high school niggas are into, not grown ass men. Who gives a fuck about your old ass chevy on 22's? Who gives a fuck about a fuckin grill in your mouth, that's niggerdom type shit. These niggas actually mix NyQuil and liquor and get drunk off the shit! Sippin on some sizzurp? That type of shit is completely wack, and it is only accepted by southerners. The reason these niggas are so simple minded is because for the most part country niggas are slower than northern niggas, I'm sorry. I was in Alabama last year, and I asked one of the local niggas where I could get some Moet. The nigga didnt even know what the fuck it was! When I finally came across a bottle, these niggas acted like I was rich! A year later, one of my homies who lives there said all the niggas that saw me drinkin Moet are drinkin the shit like water now. Southern folks are very easily influenced as you can see. Not all of them, but the majority of them do whatever they think is hip. How else can you explain Master P coming out with 100 bullshit albums and making 300 million? Don't get me wrong, P is a great businessman, but his products were straight garbage. He got rich because southern niggas just wanted something they could call their own, and plus most of them can't keep up with lyrics from most east coast MC's. Real lyrics are like chinese math to most of these dudes. They just are not mentally equipped to understand what is being said, so a simple, slow ass nigga like shawty lo or Jeezy appeals to them. They can follow this type of music, it goes at their speed. Well, thats my take on the east coast southern beef. Feel free to leave your comments and opinions, I would like to know what you think about this whole thing. Peace.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kimbo Slice Gets Punished

Damn, that's two fights in a row where the homeboy Kimbo Slice has looked less than invincible. For all you niggas that's slow, Kimbo got knocked the fuck out by a white dude that many of us have never heard of. Seth Petruzelli or some shit like that. The muthafucka even had pink highlights in his hair! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't choose to fight this nigga unless it involved a whole lot of bread, but these mixed martial arts cats are on another level. Homeboy who knocked him out isn't even a contender or highly ranked. But, he caught Kimbo with a short right that dazed him, and after that he got punded out. He won fair and square, even though I still think Kimbo would smash the nigga in a rematch. Kimbo can knock anyone out if he catches them, but that's easier said than done when you're fuckin with dudes who have been trained by professionals. These cats ain't the dudes Kimbo was fuckin up on the internet, not even close. As you saw, one wrong move and lights out. I don't think Kimbo is a joke, but I think we gave him a little too much respect as a pro. He's going to win some, and he's sure going to lose some, but fuck it the nigga still aint somebody you approach talkin shit. It's good the nigga makes bread for his fights now instead of a few hundo to knock out the neighborhood tough guy. Now he's gettin paid good money, but you see what can happen when the stakes are high.

It Ain't Trickin if you got it?

Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us, for we know not what we do, or what we say. Man, what feeble minded nigga came up with this hoe ass saying? Was the nigga serious when he first said it? "It aint trickin if you got it is the equivalent of saying "it ain't smokin crack if you can afford it!" The fucked up thing is the fact that a lot of rappers actually say this dumb shit. T Pain, Lil Wayne, and Ludacris are among the guilty. Man, do niggas even think about what they say anymore, or do they just say whatever the fuck another dumb nigga said? Before I go on, Im gonna keep it 100 with all of you out there, because if I don't keep it 100 with myself, I cant keep it 100 with you. I tricked one time up in Toronto. I did it because I was too fuckin drunk to drive, damn near too drunk to walk, plus a couple of kush blunts didn't help either. It was convenient, but I was pissed after the fact, no doubt. The money I spent didn't kill me, it was just the fact that I didn't keep it real with myself. Now that I got that off my chest, let me get back to the niggas who think it aint trickin as long as you have the money to trick with. Ludacris is a decent MC, nothing more, nothing less. But is Luda keepin it real when he says it aint trickin if you got it? Who raised this nigga, a fuckin prostitute? News Flash - You cannot buy pussy if you don't have the money to buy it! If you do have the money to buy it, and you buy it you are fuckin trickin! So, as long as they have the money to buy it, they feel like they're excused from being trick ass niggas. Uhmmmm... your financial situation doesn't make a difference, if you pay for pussy, you are trickin. Fuck what Ludacris, Lil wayne, and T Pain say. If it aint trickin, what the fuck is it called? The fucked up thing is, now niggas feel like it's ok to give a fuckin prostitute money for pussy. Oh, I'm sorry did, I say prostitute? Just for the record, a bitch who fucks for money is a prostitute, I don't give a fuck if she makes videos or does modeling on the side, her primary occupation is prostitution. When the fuck did it become cool to pay hoes for sex? Oh, I guess when Ludacris and some other trick ass rappers started saying it, it became acceptable to other niggas. When the fuck are niggas gonna learn, just because these dumb ass rappers say something, that doesn't mean its automatically ok. Some niggas live their lives according to what rappers say, and some of those rappers are the dumbest niggas on the planet. Its just like the grill craze. One nigga pops up with a grill in his mouth lookin like a fuckin monkey, and all the other monkeys follow. Its fucked up that some of us are that impressionable. Would you eat a plate of dogshit if Lil Wayne did it or said it was cool? Would you kiss your homeboy on the lips because wayne's fag ass does it? Would you kiss Paris Hilton after she called Black people niggers, like dumb ass Ludacris and 50 cent did? Man, we need more leaders out here, not followers. We need to realize that these rappers are nothing in the whole scheme of things, they just get paid to entertain. Their words mean absolutely nothing at all. The fans make the rappers, the rappers don't make the fans. If we stop listening, half of these so called smart ass rappers would be working at a local gas station, or selling crack to other black people. That's the problem with us, whatever these niggas say is law. Take crack selling for example. Why the fuck do niggas who sell crack act like they are accomplishing something important? Because they saw another nigga make money by selling crack, of course. So now it's cool to sell shit that kills more black people than any other race? Thats why it's easy for racist white muthafuckas to call us dumb niggers. Black people aint never had shit, but a lot of them have the nerve to be selfish and arrogant when they make money from killing black people. Is it really necessary for others to suffer just so your punk ass can get rich? If you answered yes, you are a bitch ass nigger ( not nigga, nigger). If you feel like it aint trickin if you got it, you are also a bitch ass nigger. Go find a fuckin prostitute to save, and sell her some crack while you're at it. Bitch ass nigger. Get at me. Peace.

T.I. - What's Up, What's Happenin'

Yo, Thrash here, Ignorance Inc, realest hip hop site on the internet. Southern hip hop has been getting a bad rap from the real hip hop heads for a while, and rightfully so. Even though most of the Southern MC's don't have much to say in general, T.I. is one of the few who gets a pass. The new joint is hot, I feel you Tip, fuck a hater. When you got skills and a nigga hates, then it's hatin. If you don't have skills and niggas is hatin, you deserve it. I'm not sayin all of Tip's music is the shit, but he's got a good track record so far. Most Southern MC's have no original content, no flow, and basically no skills. Yeah I said it, so all you lil wayne fans, soulja boy fans, and shawty lo fans can eat a dick. As a matter of fact eat two or three dicks, feel me? I do wonder how Tip beat the gun charges, but that's another story. The fucked up thing is, 50 cent just called Tip a snitch. 50's words don't hold any weight anymore though, so it doesnt mean shit. Plus, who the fuck is Curtis to call anyone a snitch? That nigga put out a restraining order on Ja Rule and hangs around the police, so go figure. Keep doin your thing, Tip. I aint really feelin the whatever you like joint, but we all know you gotta make somethin for the hoes so they dont feel left out. Notice I said hoes, because a hoe is always lookin for a handout. Real women handle their biz with or without a nigga. Shake the haters off, Tip, they're just doin their job. This is Ignorance Inc, no on can do it better. Peace.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Young Berg Gets Slapped Up - Again

Man, I dont really like to harp on niggas that aint relevant, but it's obvious that some niggas don't learn. I guess some nigga who calls himself maino slapped the nigga for being disrespectful. Now, I've never heard of maino before this, so this isnt an attempt to get more recognition for him. But, berg when are you gonna learn, you are not hard! This is the second time in 6 weeks that a nigga had to give you the business! You are soft, you are young, and niggas do not fear you at all. So what if a nigga said something about you, let it go because it's obvious you cannot defend yourself against grown men. I heard the interview, and dont get me wrong, berg gets what he deserves but this maino cat sound a little overly tough himself. Dont you get it, berg, niggas are making a name for themselves from beating you up. Trick Trick isnt a presence in hip hop, neither is maino. But guess what, they got some pub from putting their hands on you. Like I said before, berg's career is gonna be over soon, so slapping him won't carry any weight in the future. Man, some niggas just don't learn. As for maino, maybe a few more people will know who you are, but fall back on the tough talk dog. You beat up lil cease and young berg. You don't get many points for that. They are kids, not grown men. Peace.

NY Oil - Y'all Should all get Lynched

Yo, I hadnt heard of this cat before, but I came across his video on you tube "yall should all get lynched." Big props to homeboy, flat out. I didnt think this type of MC existed anymore, you know how the TV shows and rap shows only show the bullshit niggas like lil wayne, soulja boy, shawty lo and other hoe ass niggas. Do me a really big favor, scroll down to the bottom of this page and check out the video under "watch this." I'm just gonna leave it at that, the video speaks for itself. Every wack ass MC should be tied to a chair and forced to watch and listen to this shit for at least 48 hours. Straight up. Ny Oil handle your biz bro. Peace.

Suburban Niggas

I was fuckin around on the net today to see if there was anything interesting in the world of hip hop. Didnt really see anything that caught my attention....except for one statement I found on Hip Hop Ruckus. Hip Hop Ruckus is a good site, for the most part their writers keep it real, and keep it ineteresting. But, I came across one of their editors named D.M. that said niggas from Ann Arbor are more gangsta than niggas from Detroit. Does the picture to the left scare you? Does it look gangsta? You will see this type of scenery 99% of the time in Ann Arbor! Now, if you are from a major city, stick with me on this one because I know you'll feel me on this subject. If you are from any major city that has a good number of Blacks, have you ever noticed the fact that there's always some nigga an hour away saying niggas from his little ass city are harder than niggas from your city? For instance, niggas from Rochester NY think they are harder than niggas from Brooklyn and Queens. Niggas from the Miami suburbs think they are harder than niggas who live in Miami, and so forth. If you are not familiar with Detroit, you don't know about Ann Arbor. Just for the record, Ann Arbor is about 45 minutes away from Detroit, and it's a nice place to raise children. Ann Arbor is one of the ten safest places to live in the U.S. according to a national poll released around 2005. Over 80% of the population in Ann Arbor are not Black. You can count the number of murders in Ann Arbor over the last few years on one hand. Sounds like a great place to live to me! Nice homes, Michigan Football, things to do, etc. This factual information brings me to this point. Whoever this nigga is that writes for Hip Hop Ruckus is starving for attention or something. Dont get me wrong, there are real niggas everywhere, but there aint too many in Ann Arbor. How can there be when damn near all of the Ann Arbor population is white? Its a fucking college town! This nigga can afford to say shit like that because he lives in Ann Arbor. I can see it now, him and his homies smokin a blunt, drinkin a brew, pipe dreamin about how hard Ann Arbor niggas are. I've been to Ann Arbor quite a few times, and I've never, ever seen anything violent happen at all, so what the fuck is this nigga talking about? Homeboy must not watch the news every day or something, or if he does he's watching the local Ann Arbor news. There were more murders in the D last week than Ann Arbor had in the last few years! Now dont get it twisted, I'm not trying to glorify Detroit for its violence. But these suburban niggas need to stop, there aint too many gangsta niggas in Ann Arbor, and if there are some, they came from Detroit. Where do niggas from Ann Arbor get all their drugs from? Detroit. Where do niggas from Ann Arbor get the idea of being gangsta from? Detroit. Where do they get their swagger from? Detroit. Get the picture? The student can never be the teacher! Niggas from Flint are much harder to deal with than niggas from Ann Arbor, no question. People move from Detroit every week, and where do some of them go? Ann Arbor. Hell, I might get a crib up there soon! The bottom line is, niggas on the outside always want recognition, they always runnin their mouths about how tough they are, until they come to the inner city (if they ever come at all). Their visits are usually very short, so you have to catch them at the right time or they'll be speeding back up the freeway to safety. A message to D.M. and all other suburban niggas who want recognition - stop running your mouth and wasting your time. Its ok to live in a safe place dog, thats cool. No one wants to die a slow death or be around dope dealers and prostitutes all day and night. We understand, bro. Its much easier to act the part from an hour away, nah mean? I know the niggas from major cities reading this feel what I'm saying for sure. One more thing I noticed about D.M. was that you couldn't see his face in the picture on hip hop ruckus. Hmmmmmm....... I wonder why? Real gangstas show their faces, they don't hide from the public. Fuck it, like I said, its ok to be safe, nothing wrong with that. If you are looking for a safe place to live with no violence and gun play, check out Ann Arbor. If you want to raise your children in a safe environment, check out Ann Arbor. If you want to live in a city thats pretty much free of major drug dealers, check out Ann Arbor. Dont let niggas like D.M. fool you, it really is a great place to live, trust me. Ann Arbor gangstas......nigga please. Peace.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cant Believe It

Yo, I aint real big on voice machines and digital voice and all that shit, but I gotta give it up to T pain. Cant believe it might be his best work ever. Either this or Buy you a drank. Unfortunately, he chose to put one of the most over rated and wack niggas on the planet on the song. You guessed it, Lil Wayne. That nigga's verse was straight up garbage, I couldn't even understand the nigga. He shouldn't have used the digital voice, and he should never use it again because he fuckin sounds worse than he usually does. If I was T pain, I would have beat wayne's ass for fuckin up a good song like that. Now,even though the song sounds good, don't take the message seriously! Bitches do not deserve to be treated like royalty just because of how they look. And it is trickin if you got it. You cant trick if you aint got it, right? Thats one of the worst lines ever created. Lil wayne is complete and utter garbage, fuck what his fans say. They are all dumb ass kids who just don't know any better. Plus, how can you be a fan of a nigga who thinks it's ok to kiss another man on the mouth? Like I said, the song sounds good, it's a banger for sure. But Lil wayne damn near fucked it up! If you are a lil wayne fan, you are lost. This nigga is nothing more than a high ass teenager mumbling over hard beats, and it's a shame that some people actually think he's one of the best. Good job on that one, T Pain. Wayne, please dissappear. Anyone have a copy of the song without faggot ass wayne's verse? Get at me. Peace.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Yo, Thrash here, Ignorance Inc, you know already. Its actually gettin kinda late so I'll make this quick. The word for today is.........(drumroll please) decisions. Why is this the word for today? Because life is all about the decisions you make. A good decision can put you on top of the world. Of course, hard work is key even when you make a great decision. A bad decision can have you sitting at the bottom of the pile for a long, long time. We will never know the real reasons behind the decisions people make, but maybe it really ain't worth the time thinking about the shit, you know? We can lead someone to the water, but ultimately they have to decide to drink. Then again, it's all about the people who influence your decisions. Sometimes we know from the beginning who's out for our best interest, but yet we let someone who has another motive influence our decisions. I've learned through many experiences that females are the biggest factor in influencing the decisions men make. You can give your homie the best advice in the world, but he may not listen because there's a woman giving him advice in his other ear, and if she's fucking him you can stop wasting your breath. Same with women, most of the time they aint gonna listen to their girl, they will listen to the nigga fucking them. Funny how the shit really works, huh? Behind door number one you have unlimited opportunity, and with some hard work you can get where you want to go. Behind door number two, you have a lifetime of bullshit problems that you didn't create and cannot change. Thats an easy decision to make, right? Maybe for some, but not for all. Some of us open door number two anyway, even when we know what awaits us. Personally, I say fuck door number two and whatever is behind it. I've even tried to catch a few of my homies before they walk through door number two, but you know what happened every single time? I had to pull my hand away before it got slammed in the door. Decisions are a part of every day life, you have to make them whether right or wrong. It's ok to be wrong if you don't know, but when you make a decision that you know is wrong, whatever happens just happens. Are you going to drive across the city for that bag of weed when you know your license is not right? Are you going to finish the work you need to finish, or blow the shit off until tomorrow? Are you going to listen to the people who want to see you do good, or the one who wants you to do good so they can ride your coattails when and if you get your big break? Are you going to try working for yourself, or be satisfied making another nigga rich? Are you going to let a muthafucka drag you down, knowing they are dead weight, or are you going to cut them loose so you can progress. Are another muthafuckas problems more important than yours? If it came down to it, would you choose pussy and problems over money and prosperity? Some of us make the right decisions, some do not. The shit seems simple to you and me, but it seems that it isnt so simple for others. Sometimes, the people who influence our decisions are out for our best interest. Sometimes they are not, they may just need another person to make bad decisions with them so they are not alone. They may have other motives for giving you advice. Personally, I listen to the people who are doing better than me, because I can learn something from them. They are usually the people that will help you make a good decision. The people who have self created problems are not good to listen to. The only shit they can advise me on is what not to do. But fuck it, we live and learn. Some of us just have to make bad decisions and learn the hard way. This is Ignorance Inc, listen and learn. Peace.

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