Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cant Believe It

Yo, I aint real big on voice machines and digital voice and all that shit, but I gotta give it up to T pain. Cant believe it might be his best work ever. Either this or Buy you a drank. Unfortunately, he chose to put one of the most over rated and wack niggas on the planet on the song. You guessed it, Lil Wayne. That nigga's verse was straight up garbage, I couldn't even understand the nigga. He shouldn't have used the digital voice, and he should never use it again because he fuckin sounds worse than he usually does. If I was T pain, I would have beat wayne's ass for fuckin up a good song like that. Now,even though the song sounds good, don't take the message seriously! Bitches do not deserve to be treated like royalty just because of how they look. And it is trickin if you got it. You cant trick if you aint got it, right? Thats one of the worst lines ever created. Lil wayne is complete and utter garbage, fuck what his fans say. They are all dumb ass kids who just don't know any better. Plus, how can you be a fan of a nigga who thinks it's ok to kiss another man on the mouth? Like I said, the song sounds good, it's a banger for sure. But Lil wayne damn near fucked it up! If you are a lil wayne fan, you are lost. This nigga is nothing more than a high ass teenager mumbling over hard beats, and it's a shame that some people actually think he's one of the best. Good job on that one, T Pain. Wayne, please dissappear. Anyone have a copy of the song without faggot ass wayne's verse? Get at me. Peace.


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