Friday, October 10, 2008

Jim Jones Talkin Shit Again

Yo,I ain't even gonna lie and say I never liked Dipset, because I did. Dont get it twisted, I like Cam even though he ain't the best rhymer, I like Juelz, and at one point I liked Jim Jones. I liked Jim more so because he has a good swag, a style about him. Now ol' Jimmy is takin this shit too far. First, you disrespected Cam, the nigga who put you on, and fucked with Curtis punk ass, a nigga who doesn't give a fuck about you or anyone else. This nigga shits on T.I. because he was left off of "swagger like us." Basically Jim said the only nigga on the song with swag is lil' Wayne. Come on Jim, why the fuck are you ridin wayne's dick of all people? Beyond that he said niggas ain't dressin like T.I., but they're checkin for the Jim Jones look, you know, the tight ass jeans and chains hangin off your pockets and shit. The Rock Star look. First off Jimmy, you didn't create that look. Skateboarders did. Second off, Jim Jones is obviously concentrating on his so called "swag" and not his rhymes. Before you have a swag, Jimmy, try to become a better than average MC. T.I. has done that. On top of that, who in the fuck has to make it a point to include Jim Jones on their song? Tip sells a lot more albums than Jim, so he didn't need this clown ass nigga on the track anyway. If you ask me, that swag shit is becoming too fuckin important in hip hop. Who gives a fuck what you're wearing, can you fuckin rhyme, nigga? Don't get me wrong, I still kinda like Jimmy and he does have a different vibe and look. But nigga "Baaaalliiiiin" was two fuckin years ago. Nobody gives a fuck about your tight ass jeans and shirts, chains hangin off your pants, and fuckin skull and crossbone belt buckles. I would listen to a nigga in a green and yellow tuxedo if he can actually spit a good rhyme! And Jimmy, please, nigga please don't ever ever ever take your shirt off in public again. The nigga's chest looks like a fuckin wool sweater, that shit ain't sexy dog. Shave that shit if you plan on showing your muscles, because no one can see them right now bro. The bottom line is that we accept you, Jimmy, but we don't really need you, no homo. Tip doesn't have to include you on any fuckin song, period. No one else is required to call you when they make a song either, Jimmy. Who the fuck is Jim Jones to be trippin like this? Do your thing Jim, just don't take the shit too far. Peace.


Ringpeace said...

I read that this muthafucka said that NaS was never at his level, I only heard 'bout his punk ass 2 years ago and he ain't shit compared to NaS...fuck it, he ain't shit compared to any decent rapper...Fuck Jim Jones

Steven Falls said...

i feel you bro, plus he aint loyal to niggas that put his punk ass on. peace.

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