Tuesday, October 21, 2008

50 Cent "The Money and the Power"

How many more bitch ass niggas are going to get a TV show? Did you hear what this nigga said? "One hand full of shit does not equal a fist full of dollars." See, these niggas get out here and get money by a stroke of luck, and then they want to act smart. That shit he said means absolutely nothing at all. Of course shit doesnt equal money, smart ass dumb muthafucka. You know whats worse than a stupid nigga like him with a TV show? The stupid ass people who appear on the show. For $100,000 they are basically going to be his bitches. Did you see Phony Yayo tellin someone they are gonna be a loser for life? Yayo callin someone a loser? Last time I checked, suckin a nigga's dick for 6 0r 7 years doesnt exactly make you a winner. Slappin 14 year old children doesnt make you a winner either, it makes you a bitch and a coward Yayo. I wish I could run into either one of these niggas by themselves, but we know that shit aint about to happen. Did you see him try to intimidate the black chick by getting in her face? Thats what bitch ass niggas do, they fuck with people they can intimidate. I wont be watchin this shit at all, its gonna be just like watchin P diddy's gay ass act tough on "Makin the Band." The announcer called this nigga a hip hop legend! What the fuck has he done that was so legendary? Snitch on niggas and start beefs with better rappers? He's a legend alright, he's the biggest scam hip hop has ever seen. A piece of shit in a nice suit. Curtis can suck a dick. I'm eagerly waiting on the day this nigga comes up missing. Peace.


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