Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lil Wayne has a Child

Ok, before I get ta shittin on this funny lookin nigga, I would like to say congrats because the kid is healthy from what I understand. Back to business. Hopefully the child will not grow up to be anything like his high ass, heroin addicted, Ny Quil drinkin ass daddy. You see, the most dangerous combination in the world is a nigga on drugs with a lot of money to blow. Some bitch is gonna get pregnant, and theres a problem. I wonder who his baby mama is? I heard a rumor that he was fuckin with superhead. Man, I could be broke as fuck and desperate, and I still couldn't bring myself to fuck with a bitch who calls herself superhead. But, hey, thats what high ass young niggas like him and Bow Wow do. Yeah bow wow was fuckin that hoe too, and the bitch was sayin he wanted to marry her. You know what runs the world for dumb niggas? Pussy. Not money. The money is just something they have to have so they can buy pussy. Man, if superhead is this niggas baby mama.....Peace.


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