Thursday, October 2, 2008


Man, this nigga right here really irks me! I don't know who I dislike more, him, or lil wayne. Ok nigga, we know you got money, we get your point. I think this nigga actually thinks he's a sex symbol now! Sorry nigga, but wearing sports bras with a bullethole in your face is not sexy. The nigga looks like a beefed up transvestite or something. I dont wish death on anyone, but man this nigga pushes the envelope too far. The nigga constantly starts beef with niggas who aint payin his hoe ass no attention, and then when you finally see his coward ass in public, there's 1000 police officers with him! How the fuck can this nigga call himself a gangsta? You got smacked up by Ja Rule and his crew, how gangsta is that? And now, the nigga acts like he's intelligent or something. Curtis, we all know your monkey ass didnt have enough sense to orchestrate the Vitamin Water deal, we know you have investment brokers who do the thinking for niggas like yourself who have money but are too fucking dumb to know what to do with it. You owe your whole career to Em and Dre. If not for them, you would still be sellin crack in front of your granny's house in NY. Kanye's soft ass sold more than you Curtis, I thought you were gonna retire if that happened. Please make good on your promise, curtis. We are fucking sick of you and your bum ass homies Down Syndrome Lloyd and Phony Yayo. Why the fuck were you spotted kissing Paris Hilton? Dont you know she's a racist whore, you dumb muthafucka? Who takes pictures looking like a fuckin faggot? You do curtis (check out the gay ass pictures this nigga takes, see them?). Nobody gives a fuck about Gay Unit anymore, nigga. You are a snitch and a fuckin coward! You put a restraining order on a nigga who weighs 140 pounds dog! But you wana fight fat joe? I mean, he had a few good songs, but they were created by you know who, Em and Dr Dre (mostly dre). Why don't you just go on out to Connecticut with your faggot ass homies and beat each others dicks? Who the fuck are you to criticize anyone? Half of your fuckin grill is false nigga! Thats what happens when you run your fuckin mouth all day and night! What happened with the Camron beef, curtis? That nigga shitted on you hard, diarrhea style while you were filming your video at your fuckin house! Nigga you are not hard, and you are not appreciated. Get the fuck out of the rap game, it's tired of your punk ass, curtis. And stop trying to act like you're intelligent, I know a dumb ass nigga when I see one. Fuck your money nigga, you are still a bitch ass nigga, I dont care if you have 10 billion. Learn how to rap, learn how to produce, anything besides runnin your mouth about another nigga. The only niggas who fuck with you are people who live in the UK (they dont know any better) and Phony Yayo. Quit while you're ahead nigga, before you come up missing. Fuck Curtis Jackson. Peace


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