Monday, October 6, 2008

Suburban Niggas

I was fuckin around on the net today to see if there was anything interesting in the world of hip hop. Didnt really see anything that caught my attention....except for one statement I found on Hip Hop Ruckus. Hip Hop Ruckus is a good site, for the most part their writers keep it real, and keep it ineteresting. But, I came across one of their editors named D.M. that said niggas from Ann Arbor are more gangsta than niggas from Detroit. Does the picture to the left scare you? Does it look gangsta? You will see this type of scenery 99% of the time in Ann Arbor! Now, if you are from a major city, stick with me on this one because I know you'll feel me on this subject. If you are from any major city that has a good number of Blacks, have you ever noticed the fact that there's always some nigga an hour away saying niggas from his little ass city are harder than niggas from your city? For instance, niggas from Rochester NY think they are harder than niggas from Brooklyn and Queens. Niggas from the Miami suburbs think they are harder than niggas who live in Miami, and so forth. If you are not familiar with Detroit, you don't know about Ann Arbor. Just for the record, Ann Arbor is about 45 minutes away from Detroit, and it's a nice place to raise children. Ann Arbor is one of the ten safest places to live in the U.S. according to a national poll released around 2005. Over 80% of the population in Ann Arbor are not Black. You can count the number of murders in Ann Arbor over the last few years on one hand. Sounds like a great place to live to me! Nice homes, Michigan Football, things to do, etc. This factual information brings me to this point. Whoever this nigga is that writes for Hip Hop Ruckus is starving for attention or something. Dont get me wrong, there are real niggas everywhere, but there aint too many in Ann Arbor. How can there be when damn near all of the Ann Arbor population is white? Its a fucking college town! This nigga can afford to say shit like that because he lives in Ann Arbor. I can see it now, him and his homies smokin a blunt, drinkin a brew, pipe dreamin about how hard Ann Arbor niggas are. I've been to Ann Arbor quite a few times, and I've never, ever seen anything violent happen at all, so what the fuck is this nigga talking about? Homeboy must not watch the news every day or something, or if he does he's watching the local Ann Arbor news. There were more murders in the D last week than Ann Arbor had in the last few years! Now dont get it twisted, I'm not trying to glorify Detroit for its violence. But these suburban niggas need to stop, there aint too many gangsta niggas in Ann Arbor, and if there are some, they came from Detroit. Where do niggas from Ann Arbor get all their drugs from? Detroit. Where do niggas from Ann Arbor get the idea of being gangsta from? Detroit. Where do they get their swagger from? Detroit. Get the picture? The student can never be the teacher! Niggas from Flint are much harder to deal with than niggas from Ann Arbor, no question. People move from Detroit every week, and where do some of them go? Ann Arbor. Hell, I might get a crib up there soon! The bottom line is, niggas on the outside always want recognition, they always runnin their mouths about how tough they are, until they come to the inner city (if they ever come at all). Their visits are usually very short, so you have to catch them at the right time or they'll be speeding back up the freeway to safety. A message to D.M. and all other suburban niggas who want recognition - stop running your mouth and wasting your time. Its ok to live in a safe place dog, thats cool. No one wants to die a slow death or be around dope dealers and prostitutes all day and night. We understand, bro. Its much easier to act the part from an hour away, nah mean? I know the niggas from major cities reading this feel what I'm saying for sure. One more thing I noticed about D.M. was that you couldn't see his face in the picture on hip hop ruckus. Hmmmmmm....... I wonder why? Real gangstas show their faces, they don't hide from the public. Fuck it, like I said, its ok to be safe, nothing wrong with that. If you are looking for a safe place to live with no violence and gun play, check out Ann Arbor. If you want to raise your children in a safe environment, check out Ann Arbor. If you want to live in a city thats pretty much free of major drug dealers, check out Ann Arbor. Dont let niggas like D.M. fool you, it really is a great place to live, trust me. Ann Arbor gangstas......nigga please. Peace.


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