Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mayweather to Fight Again?

Yo, whats good? Im a huge boxing fan so I wanted to shed some light on a subject many boxing fans want to know. Even tho Floyd Mayweather had retired recently, there are some pretty reputable sources that say he's considering coming back to fight De La Hoya again. The payday is gonna be ridiculous of course. De La Hoya is adding fuel to the fire by saying Floyd has money problems. Good move by Oscar. The way to get homie back in the ring is to insult him, about money. Floyd has bread, but all the talkin shit aside, he doesnt have Oscar De La Hoya type bread. On another note, Floyd is a great fighter at 135 to 140 pounds. Any weight class above that, he is a runner, and a very good one. Two or three jabs and runnin from a nigga for two minutes doesnt make you a great fighter, it makes you a runner. He obviously dodges the cats that are aggressive hard punchers with hand speed, like Shane Mosley. Like Miguel Cotto, and Antonio Margarito. Fuck, Zab had the nigga beat before he started bullshittin. I like Floyd, but I dont like him that much, he has way too much lip, and then when he gets in the ring instead of tryin to knock out his opponent, he jabs them to death and runs for his life. Hopefully Oscar can bait him into a rematch and bring homie down to Earth, because I for one am tired of this lil nigga runnin his mouth and duckin the niggas who can bust that mouth open.


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