Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eminem - Relapse

Yo, I know by now you've heard the buzz about Marshall's upcoming album. Honestly Eminem has some skills and lyrics, but if this is any type of indication of his new album, I'm straight. This is bullshit, Ill have to hear some better shit from Marshall if Im gonna buy his album, even if its a bootleg. So far, he's 0 for 1. I know he's supposedly from near my hometown, but that doesnt mean shit. Wack is wack, I could give a fuck where a nigga is from or what he's done in the past, how many albums he's sold or how much money he makes. And some people say he's the best rapper alive! Of course, the people who say that stupid shit are mostly white suburbanites. He has skills, but I never thought that he was the best, and I never will. This one sucks dick Marshall, straight up. Peace.


gamalam said...

What up doe...

Now I'm with you that this song should do nothing to excite anyone about Em's return, but in terms of the debate of greatest rapper status... you cannot deny he's up there. Regardless of how you may feel about the logistics and statistics, Em is a beast when he wants to be.

I think there is something to getting crazy paper that takes the soul out of the music. Unless you are naturally gifted-like-eva (what up Eli!), I think it's hard to keep coming with the genius when you don't have much to talk about.
Em's greatest work is influenced by the great strife he's dealt with in his life. Everyone always says hip hop is like the blues in the sense that it's usually those that know the rock bottom that can provide the best verbal depictions on life.

I personally think that Eminem can ether any dude around if he were sober and motivated enough to do so, but I don't think he will ever get back to that. Outside of personal drama, the dude has no real motivation to make music. Once you lose that, the music is never the same.

I mean, look at LL... why does he even rap anymore? He doesn't need to... plus, he doesn't have it either. He should just go on the old school tours with Kane 'n' 'em.

Until rappers start really learning music (ie, expanding beyond the usual sonic innovations provided by one producer a year), they will always have a limited shelf life if they gain any sort of monetary success.

Ignorance Inc said...

That's real, I can appreciate that bro. Like I said, homie has some skills and he does his best work when his personal life is in turmoil. I just think he gets extra credit from a lot of people because he's white. He's up there as far as skills are concerned, but I do think there are few cats that can give Marshall the business. Peace.

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