Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Young Jeezy - Exit Stage Left

It's about that time once again, people. I almost forgot about Jeezy, the nigga who owes his entire rap career to BMF. I really would have left this nigga alone, but he shitted on Nas. Im not defending Nas, but Jeezy? "Young" Jeezy? Fuck Nas? Seriously Jeezy? If you have been following Ignorance Inc, you know how we feel about niggas with more money than talent. This nigga is no different. When Nas said hip hop is dead, he meant its overcrowded with niggas who have nothing original to say, nothing another nigga hasnt said 10 million times already. Jeezy is garbage, flat out. This niggas first album is the exact same as the second, lyrically. Jeezy is not a boss, Big Meech was the boss. Jeezy has a career because he kept Meech's dick in his mouth 24/7. USDA album was a fucking joke, I hope they didnt take longer than two days to come up with that bullshit. I would listen to this niggas next album just to see if he's added any new, original content to his flow, but I'd rather go wash my car or something. Anything besides listening to this nigga talk about how many keys he flips (none, BMF does that), how many rides he bought (BMF bought them), how he makes it rain in the club (not like BMF I'm sure), or how many hoes he has (BMF bought them for him). Hip hop aint dead, but it is constantly recieving knockout blows from simple minded wana be ballers like this nigga Jeezy. By the way, this nigga calls himself "young" Jeezy, how old is this nigga? He looks around 35 to 40 if you ask me. No grown man with half a brain would purchase this wack ass nigga's albums. Stay in your place young dumbass, dont shit on niggas who will crush you on the mic. He is no competition for anyone except for niggas like Rick Ross, soulja boy, nelly, and some of the other niggas who are killing hip hop. Say something interesting dog, we dont give a fuck about you lying about all the drugs you sell. As a matter of fact, if you sell drugs, stick with it. Dont try to be an MC because all you have to talk about is drugs, dopehead. You wana know who the real ballers are? Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and the niggas who own Ford, GM, And Daimler Chrysler. I'm talking billionaires dog, not hoe ass niggas with a couple mil actin like they can buy the world. There aint enough dumb niggas in the world who will buy your average ass music, Jeezy. The bottom line is Jeezy sucks, and he will continue to suck until he retires (hopefully today). Just another nigga feelin himself for no apparent reason other than a few dollars in his pocket. Fuck Jeezy. Peace.

Ignorance Inc - Our Purpose

What's good, ladies and gents? A few of our followers have asked me to explain exactly what the purpose of Ignorance Inc is. Our purpose is very simple, actually. Ignorance Inc is here to expose everything that is ignorant about hip hop, entertainment, celebrities, and so forth. What is the one thing the world will never ever run out of? Ignorance! Just take a look around you, ignorance is everywhere, from the president of the United States on down to the nigga with 5000 dollar rims on an eight hundred dollar car! How about women who sell pussy and then have the nerve to act stupid when a nigga disrespects them, that's ignorance. How about your favorite rapper who claims he's rich but owes back taxes, thats ignorance. How about the muthafuckas who voted for George Bush Jr and are going to vote for John McCain, that's ignorance. How about the guy who makes 300 bucks per week at his job, but goes to the bar every weekend buying drinks for hoes, that's ignorance. I could go on for 10 years making examples, you get the picture. Ignorance is the world's number one resource by far, but many people don't realize this fact. If you've read any of the articles on this site, you may think Ignorance Inc is ignorant. That is not the case, we actually are educated, we just choose to take advantage of all the ignorant shit we see and hear on a daily basis. Fuck it, why not? Its entertainment, and people love to be entertained, no matter what the subject is. So in other words, we will continue to shit on Lil' Wayne, 50 cent, soulja boy, R Kelly, and any other dumb muthafucka who does ignorant shit. We love ignorance, it is what fuels our desires, it gets us through the day, and lets people know how they look and how we feel about them. I mean, would you continue to read this blog if we only talked about what is right with the world? Hell no you wouldn't! On top of that, we would have run out of interesting shit to talk about after the first or second article! Hey, you either love us or hate us, there is no in between and we know that. If you love us, we appreciate that, but if you hate us thats cool, you are entitled to your opinion (fuck you, by the way). The world is run by ignorance, and ignorant people. People look up to "celebrities" who wouldn't get any attention if they didnt suck someones dick on camera! See what I mean? Thats why Ignorance Inc is truly the greatest place on the net, we find ignorance, we expose it, you read it, you love it. So, why would we change the format, that would be....ignorant! If you really appreciate what we do, make a donation. If you don't want to donate, thats cool, just keep following what we're doing. Watch how this shit skyrockets to the top of the world, just be patient. It will all be worth it in the end. Peace.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Arabs - You are not Black

Sorry about that little vacation we took, but we are back for more. The subject today is Arabs. Personally, i dont shit on people just because of their nationality, religion or general way of life. I do shit on people who deserve to be shitted upon, regardless of nationality, race, etc. The Arabs that I'm referring to in this article are the ones who think they are tough because they are Arabs. You know, the ones who dress like Black hip hoppers, put rims on their cars, and play Tupac all day and night. What the fuck makes them think they can relate to Tupac? Pac never worked at coney island. Pac never worked at a gas station, and he never ran up on a nigga with a fucking bomb strapped to his chest and blew himself up! If they hate Blacks so much, why the fuck are they imitating us in every way shape and form? Why do they get angry when they see a brotha tryin to holla at an Arab female, but think its ok for them to holla at a Black woman? I dont have all the answers, but fuck it, let the games begin! First of all, just because you bought a Tupac CD does not mean you are tough, nigga (thats what you wana be right, nigga?). You niggas don't intimidate anyone, especially in Detroit. Riding around in your camaro playing Black music with your fucked up haircuts does not cut the mustard, habibi. Living in a two bedroom apartment with 30 other Arabs is not the shit, habibi. I dont give a fuck what gas station or coney island you own, you are not the shit, habibi. And just for the record, any Black female who fucks with a racist Arab is a dumb bitch, but hey, dumb hoes come in all shapes and sizes! You niggas are not a good imitation of Black people, so stop it, you are embarassing all of your terrorist cousins and uncles and shit. Instead of a NY baseball hat or a bandana, go put on a fucking turbin and a bathrobe, habibi. And dont try to kill your little sister because she likes Black men, because if you didnt notice, all races of women like Black men, habibi. It would be different if you niggas were trying to unite with Blacks and other minorities, then it would be ok. But dont try to imitate us then shit on us, habibi. I dont give a fuck how many bombs you make in the back of your coney island or gas station! Without us, you niggas dont exist, period. Since you hate us so much, why dont you start imitating the white folks? Go get some tight ass wranglers, a tight ass t shirt, and some open toe Jesus sandles. See how that vibe works for you, habibi. Yeah, I dont think you wana do that shit do you! You niggas need to come to the realization that Black people (not niggas) are the shit, habibi. I mean, what other explanation do you have for trying to dress like us, talk like us, call each other niggas, and fuck with Black women? Imitation is the best form of flattery, so keep up the good work, habibi. Like I said, I dont hate Arabs just for being Arabs. I just hate the dickriding Arabs! Instead of a Kobe Bryant jersey, why dont you rock a Bin Laden jersey, habibi? Because you know people would be fuckin you niggas up on sight, thats why. If you wana be tough, you gotta walk the walk, nigga. Talk is cheap. If you wana be like us, start by finding a good barber. Placing a bowl on top of your head and cutting the sides of your hair off is not a good look, habibi. And stop using the motor oil from your gas station as hair grease, the shit looks disgusting dog. When you see some real brothas in public, show some fucking respect. We aint against you habibi, we just dont give a fuck about you! If you see an Arab bitch talking to a brotha, let them be. If you choose to interrupt, you will be beat down immediately. You see, the beautiful thing about Black people is the fact that we honestly dont give a fuck about rules and regulations, we do what we want to, every time. We dont care if your family has a rule that says an Arab woman can't be involved with a Black man. If she looks good, and she wants to fuck we are going to give her every inch of this Black dick she has been craving, regardless of what your bald headed ass daddy says, habibi! If you dont want your women to experience a Black man, get the fuck out of this country, because we are here and we aint goin anywhere. Feel me, habibi? If you are Arabic, and you love hip hop, thats fine, no problem. Just realize the fact that it came from Blacks. A lot of the shit you love to do came from Black people, so dont imitate us and try to shit on us when you see us in the streets. Like I said before, Im not a racist, but when I see people imitating everything Black, but don't respect us, there is a problem. Do you know what the racist white folks call Arabic people? NIGGAS! See how much we have in common, habibi? Now be a true brotha and send your fine ass sister over my crib, so we can improve on Black and Arabic relations. This is Ignorance Inc, baby, you gotta love us. Peace

Thursday, September 25, 2008

P Diddy - The P Stands for Penishead

Before I drop this powerbomb on this dickhead ass nigga (check out the picture to the left, it really is shaped like a penis), let me just say this. The bad thing about hip hop is the fact that it is crowded with niggas who have way more money than talent. One good thing about hip hop is the fact that there will always be an unlimited supply of bombs for Ignorance Inc to drop on these niggas. First of all, who in the fuck does this nigga really think he is? Man, I should make a pussy shaped hat for this hoe ass nigga! This funny looking, wana be hard ass nigga is lucky Big fucked with him, or he would be doing oil changes somewhere. Big probably would have still been alive, along with Pac, if it wasnt for this perpetrating ass wana be gangster. I mean, think about it, we fed into the east coast west coast beef and lost two of the greatest MC's ever, while P Diddy and Suge punk asses were allowed to live! We traded the homies lives in for these two fuck ass niggas with no talent, and neither one of them has made one good song since Big and Pac died! Sorry Big, sorry Pac, we miss yall and now we know we fucked up. God forgive us for being ignorant. Instead of Big and Pac making some classic shit, we gotta watch bitch ass niggas like P diddy and Suge Knight. I would gladly trade in both these niggas lives just to have one of the big homies back. As a matter of fact, I would throw in 50 cent's life, Soulja Boy, and Nelly as a bonus. This hoe ass nigga actually had the nerve to send a nigga walking for miles just to get him a piece of cheesecake, and that stupid muthafucka did it! When has P Shitty ever made a good hip hop song that didnt involve another rapper? Never! This nigga sucks mad dick, and I'm surprised he is still lurking around hip hop, peddling his bullshit ass music and overpriced clothing to the public. This nigga is not nearly entertaining enough to have a TV show, or even be on TV.On top of that the nigga is a straight up coward. When Tupac was shittin on him and the rest of Bad Boy, he was quiet as a fucking churchmouse. But he has the nuts to sucker punch a regular nigga after he tried to holla at the niggas woman! Why didnt you talk shit when Pac was on your punk ass? Why didnt you talk shit to Suge when he openly shitted on you at the BET awards? I'll tell you why....the nigga is a straight up bitch, simple and plain. The only reason this nigga has money is because of Big. And why is it that every time this nigga is in a picture, his fucking mouth is wide open? Maybe cause he's sucked so much dick in his life, his jaw is permanently open. I dont know about you, but I could never, ever work for a nigga who is basically going to talk to me like I'm his bitch just so I can perform on his label. Like I've said many times before, money does not make a man, respect does. Any nigga who attempts to talk to me in that fashion gets his dickbeaters blew out, simple and plain. Hoes and money make niggas like him think other niggas aint shit because they dont have millions of dollars. The same niggas cant even go anywhere by themselves, because they are scared. Hoes and money will not help you when a nigga is whipping your ass in a one on one fight. Dont get me wrong, I love to see Black people gettin paid, but I do not like to see how these niggas egos get so big they think they cant be touched. What good is money if niggas dont respect you? Bitches are always available when you have money, but that isnt because they respect you, its because they look at you like a meal ticket. Think about it, this nigga has enough money to buy Lambos and airplanes, but plenty of niggas would not hesitate to slap the dogshit out of him! P Diddy, what a gay ass name! What happened to J Lo, dog? I'll tell you what happened. She left that nigga for another muthafucka with money, hows that for respect. To sum it all up, this nigga gets no fuckin respect from me or anyone else at Ignorance Inc, straight up. He also doesnt get respect from any other real hip hop head anywhere on the planet, those MTV niggas don't count. I'm officially putting this bitch nigga in the same box with Nelly, 50 cent, lil wayne, soulja boy, bow wow, and every nigga with "lil" in front of their name. Odds are, me and the rest of Ignorance Inc will run into some of these faggots one day, and maybe they will have something to say, but I guarantee you they'll be saying that shit from a distance, or behind 300 bodyguards. Tough ass niggas, huh. I don think so. To all my real niggas, stop supporting this faggot. Don't buy his clothes, cologne, or anything with his name on it. Why not? Because this nigga looks down upon you, even though you helped make him rich. We lost Pac and Big fuckin with this bitch ass nigga, along with Suge Knight. This is Ignorance Inc. Are you starting to get the picture? Fuck P diddy. Peace

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pussy and Dick are Equal - The Sequel

Uhmmmmm........., my brother has taken the privilege of letting some mudskippers at his job read my article entitled "pussy and dick are equal." I was very confused why they didn't like my work, I mean who wouldn't appreciate the beautiful words I've written about hoes who think a nigga is supposed to pay them for pussy? You know, the useless broad who thinks niggas are there to carry her sorry ass through life in exchange for pussy a few times here and there. And then it dawned on me, they didn't like my article because they are they type of women who feel their pussy is worth more than it is! Maybe they have been miseducated by another useless bitch who thinks the same way, or maybe they know they are only worth dealing with when a nigga's dick is hard. Well, I would like to let all of the trickbitches in the whole wide world know that niggas don't owe you shit unless they have a child by your dusty ass (God forbid). A woman's pussy is meant to take a piss, have sex, and have children, that is all. It was not created for the purpose of paying your overdue light bill, rent, car note or any other bill that you couldnt pay if you didnt have a pussy. It shouldn't be used for monetary gain, but if it is used in that fashion even once, the broad attached to that pussy is what we commonly refer to as a prostitute. P-R-O-S-T-I-T-U-T-E. The definition of a prostitute is a person who sells their sexual services for monetary gain (money). P-U-S-S-Y for M-O-N-E-Y = P-R-O-S-T-I-T-U-T-E. Now these women will swear up and down they are not hoes, how dare you disrespect them, nigga! Don't be mad at me, I'm just stating the facts. Another message to all of the trickbitches in the whole wide world - be real with yourself. What do I mean? I mean don't pretend to be a woman who is worthy of respect, when you sell pussy for money. Be real with yourself, say to yourself "I'm a hoe, you know i'm a hoe, how do ya know because i told you so!" Then after you have acknowledged yourself as a true prostitute, get in your busted ass vehicle and travel over to the neighborhoods where other hoes are standing on the corner selling their contaminated pussy. Now along the way you may struggle with accepting yourself as a prostitute. But don't worry, after the first few dicks in your mouth, you will realize that this comes natural for you, and you will eventually be more comfortable with your new, full time occupation. Next, flag down a nigga and tell him that you will suck the muthafuckin skin off his dick for 20 dollars. Repeat this process over and over again. This is how a real hoe does it, she's not sitting behind a desk at a job, acting like she isn't a hoe. Men respect hoes on the corner more than a hoe who has a side job making a few bucks an hour. You know why? Because we know what were getting. There is no dinner, no date, no nothing. Just a nigga bustin a hot boy on her forehead and going on about his day. A nigga can appreciate that, no arguments and phone conversations and shit like that. The moral of the story is, if you are a hoe, come to grips with it, get out on the ave and get that money! You may only have to suck about 5 or 6 dicks to make what you do at your other job, give or take a few dicks. Hoe. Peace.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reggie Bush = Idiot

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, oh my. How many yards did he rush for last week? 20? This time, Mr Bush is the target in my scope. I'm not trippin because you have a white bitch reggie. Im not trippin because you are overrated and overpaid. I'm trippin because you are about to marry a straight up prostitute. Is he one of those niggas who thinks he's the shit just because he has a white hoe? I think so. Some Black men think its the shit when they have a white woman, even if she has been caught polishing another nigga's knob on camera. Reggie Bush is one of those men. I mean, let's be real, I know this nigga's cocky ass attitude isnt because he rushes for 30 yards every week. If you have a white woman and she's good to you, thats cool in my book, but this nigga is a prime example of slave mentality. He could have his pick of beautiful women, but he falls in love with a bitch who sucked Ray-J's dick on camera! Why in the fuck would any man, especially an athlete allow himself to be embarassed like that! This bitch is obviously a fucking golddigger, and Reggie Bush is just a dumb nigger ( yeah, i said it, nigger, not nigga). How can you show up anywhere with this bitch, knowing full well that other niggas in the area have shoved dick down her throat? They're all gonna laught at you Reggie. Some niggas just dont learn. Some niggas have to learn the hard way. Reggie is just another dumb ass athlete with money to blow, and trust me he is going to blow it - on a fucking tramp. Don't you know this bitch saw you coming from a fucking mile away? Thats what hoes do, Reggie, they prey on stupid niggas who have money! I wonder if her dad would approve of her little porn tape with Ray J. He would have disowned that hoe. Reggie, you are one of the niggas who gives hope to trickbitches all over the world. Because of niggas like you, the tricks feel like they have a chance to get rich, a chance to be in the spotlight. All they have to do is find a stupid muthafucka with money (like you), suck his dick real good, and she's rich! Good job Reggie, you made it. You got a white bitch with a big ass, every slave nigga's dream. Reggie, do you ever think about Ray J busting a hot one in your soon to be wife's mouth? Reggie, why are you trying to make her lose weight all of the sudden? I thought thats what you wanted, a white bitch with a big ass so every nigga on the planet could imagine fucking her! You're the man right? Why are you mad at Ray J? He did what a lot of men would do, fuck her and leave her. He just did it on camera for the world to see. She likes black dick, Reggie, and if you dont start rushing for more than 30 yards per game she's gonna hop on the next big black dick with deep pockets. Its ok to have a white woman Reggie, its just not ok to have a prostitute, Reggie. Do you eat the pussy, Reggie? Ray J ate the pussy on camera, Reggie. Ray J is a nobody, Reggie. He's better known as Brandi's brother, Reggie. She gave Ray J the pussy on camera, Reggie, and sucked the chrome off his dick too, Reggie. You will never ever get any respect with this trick on your arm, Reggie. No one is jealous of you, Reggie. We are all laughing at you, Reggie. We all fucked your wife, Reggie. We passed her around like a football, Reggie. Her pussy has more miles on it than you have rushed for in your career, Reggie. Is your mother proud of you, Reggie? How about your dad, Reggie? How much money do you think you'll have when she's done with you, Reggie? Good game last week, Reggie. peace

Nelly's Brass Knuckles - Another Bullshit Album

Fuck it, let's get this one overwith quickly. Nelly has a new cd called brass knuckles. That's a great title for his album considering the fact that he has never, ever made even one hard song. This nigga is a singer, not an MC. I thought this garbage ass nigga would have disappeared by now, but I guess the dumb ass kids are keeping him alive. This guy is definitely one of my all time worst. And he had the nerve to say he's number one! Number one at what? Making shitty ass watered down music and calling it hip hop? He also loves to take his shirt off, i guess thats a tactic to sell albums to dumb bitches who dont realize the fact that he has absolutely no fucking talent. He even has a gay ass stage name - Nelly, sounds like a bitch's name to me. Who fucking buy's this nigga's albums? I'll tell you. White kids and young bitches. I dont understand what makes a nigga make the type of music he makes. Does he really think that shit is hot? Or does he know it's absolute bullshit but it makes money? He's one of the niggas who started all this shit ass music that floods the airwaves today. Great job, Nelly, you started one of the most fucked up trends in history. On top of that, why is Ashanti in every one of his videos? We know you're fucking her, but then again, we really don't give a fuck. Why do niggas like him obviously make garbage ass music and then throw it in the faces of real hip hoppers when they make money? Its like they're saying "hey look at me, I make a lot of money selling my shitty ass music!" Its not all about money, faggot ass nigga! I make hip hop music myself, but I just cannot bring myself to make some bullshit that is aimed strictly at white people and dumb ass country muthafuckas who don't know any better. I make what I feel, I make what sounds good to people that love hip hop. Your music is a representation of yourself, your talents, your mindset, etc. So, when I hear some of the shit Nelly makes, I come to the conclusion that this nigga is just garbage as a person and as an MC. If there are any Nelly fans reading this, I feel sorry for your dumb ass. You are the type of person who just doesnt know any better. A muthafucka who will go out and buy a nigga's CD just because he is making money. Uhmmmm.....dumb ass, do you know how he makes money? From stupid mindless muthafuckas like yourself buying his bullshit over and over again! I have gotten quite a few people angry with some of my articles, but hey someone has to do it. There's too much cake ass, captain save a hoe, soft ass, singing ass, i got money type of shit going on in hip hop today. I'm just one of the few real niggas left that expresses his opinion with no sugar coating. If you don't like it, leave this site. If it makes you angry, good! If you have something to say, leave it in the comments section. If you support Nelly, lil wayne, bow wow, young berg, birdman, soulja boy, or any nigga similar to them, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. You are a mindless muthafucka that needs to be educated on what hip hop really is. Unfortunately, I dont have the time to hold your fucking hand! Go fuck with your own kind! Your presence is not appreciated, and it is not needed. Go buy a wife beater and some bullshit jewelry, get a gold grill, maybe some apple bottoms or something. Just get the fuck outta here. Peace.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Problematic Woman

Every one of us has a homie who's progress is being slowed by a female who has nothing better to do than to bother a nigga. You know the broad who starts bugging the fuck out of a nigga as soon as you come to holla at him. The one who expects a nigga to lay around up under her all fucking day and night and cater to her every need. The one who expects a nigga to make money appear out of nowhere, and then gets angry because when he comes home from a long hard day of work he just wants to relax ,unwind, and not hear a bunch of her fucking problems and whining. The one with several kids that do not belong to the nigga she's with, but she forces them on him anyway. The one who calls a niggas name way too many times in a day, and doesnt want shit but some attention. The one who will do just about anything to get a reaction from a nigga even when its obvious he's busy. What makes a nigga deal with it? I'm dumbfounded because I really don't understand why some men continue to put up with a bunch of unnecessary bullshit and problems from a broad. If your woman is a good woman, good for you, but if she has more negatives than positives, consider kicking her to the curb. Some women will not change, no matter what, so dont stay in the slow lane with her, let another nigga deal with it. If a woman has problems, those problems will eventually become your problems....guaranteed. Is pussy really worth that much? Personally I don't think so. Life is all about getting ahead, and if a woman is presenting a problem, cut your losses ASAP. There are too many good women out here to be held back by a problematic broad, seriously. On the other hand, if you dont think you can do any better, oh well. Life is too short and there are too many other women available. If you know one of your homies is in this situation, let him know. Be a friend and save him from a lifetime of frustration and possibly child support. Sometimes you can see things when you're looking in from the outside, while your homie may be blinded by the problematic woman. Problematic women are the number one downfall of men today, and they will continue to be just that. Some men don't understand that these women have a goal, either to get paid off of you, or have a nigga to be miserable with them. The men dont understand that they dont owe these broads anything...period. You dont have to deal with their fucking problems, their children, or their attitudes because you didnt help create any of the above. Get it together fellas, there is a whole world out there you are missing out on trying to work it out with a broad who's not helping your situation at all. You cant save her, she is who she is, but you can save yourself. The worst part is, you aint gettin any younger. Every day counts, every hour, every minute. Is it really worth all the stress? You already know the answer. Just some shit that was on my mind, peace.

10 Best Rappers of All Time

We usually dont' do this at Ignorance Inc, but we got a few requests for our opinions on the best rappers of all time. This is our list and you may agree with our choices, but you probably won't! If you have your own personal opinion, we would love to see it in the comments section of our blog.
1. Rakim - The total package
2. Big - Skills
3. Scarface - Vivid
4. Kool G Rap - Skills
5. KRS -Knowledge
6. Nas - Awareness
7. Tupac - Feeling
8. Jay-Z - Saavy
9. Andre 3000 - Original
10. Common - Awareness

Now like I said, you probably won't agree, depending on who you are. This is our opinion about who is the best mc, not who sells the most records. Sorry, all the lil wayne supporters need to look for another blog or website. But if you have a legitimate list that you feel is better (even if it includes lil wayne) please leave it in the comments section at the end of this post.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

R Kelly - Rapist of the Year

I want to take a minute of time to congratulate the "pied piper" of R&B, Mr. R Kelly. You know, the guy who plays his flute, all the 13 and 14 year olds come running, then he fucks them and pisses on them. You did it dog! You showed the whole world that even if you get caught red handed on camera doing some shit that is clearly sick, money will get you out of trouble. And on top of that, instead of just disappearing, you continue to make sexually oriented songs! Don't get me wrong, R Kelly is very talented music wise, but that is outweighed by the fact that he is a pedophile and a rapist. Good job, Mr Kelly. This sick ass nigga could have any woman on the planet, but he chooses to fuck girls in the 8th grade! The American justice system is all fucked up, and this case is a prime example. I saw the video a few years ago, and it was his face on the screen. I dont give a fuck what his lawyers said, they should go to jail too! Everyone on the jury should go to jail, and so should the judge who let this bitch ass nigga go free. And he actually gets angry when certain entertainers dont want to do songs with him. What entertainer wants to do a song with a nigga who fucks middle school girls? And pisses on them? That nigga is lucky to be alive, because if it was a member of my family he took advantage of, there would be no amount of money that would keep me off of his bitch ass. I would torture that nigga every day until he begged me to kill him. Fuck R Kelly, and any nigga who supports him. Fuck his homies, fuck his parents and everyone else thats associated with him. Its fucked up when money can get a rapist out of trouble. There shouldn't have been a trial, nigga go straight to prison for life. Let a few big niggas fuck him and piss on him, that's proper punishment. This shit is pissing me off the more I sit here and write about this bitch. And some of the people reading this will still go buy his albums, especially women. America is quickly turning into a bullshit country that supports whoever has money, regardless of what they do. I'm sorry, any man who has to take advantage of children should die a slow death. If you still support R Kelly or buy his music, fuck you too! The nigga is a piece of shit who doesnt deserve to breathe the same air I breathe, seriously. I can't even write about this shit anymore, it makes me want to hunt this nigga down, and cut his nuts off! Peace.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fuck Women's Sports

Let me just give the ladies out there reading this post a warning, you will not like this one at all. You may want to consider passing on this one, seriously. I have never been a fan of women's sports, and the WNBA is no different. Don't get me wrong, women have the right to do what they want, but Jesus Christ. Major sports are dominated by men, and rightfully so. I like watching LeBron slam hard as hell over a whole team, I like watching Ray Lewis hit a nigga so hard he shits on himself. I love to watch Manny Ramirez smash one over a 400 ft fence. In women's sports, you dont get anywhere near this type of excitement. Take the WNBA for example. Maybe some feminists out there enjoy this shit, but I cannot sit through a whole game of broads shooting long jumpers and doing two handed lay ups. When was the last time a woman dunked in a game? On top of that, it probably was a soft ass barely getting over the rim type of dunk. I understand women do have equal rights, but the shit has gone way too far. Who really gives a fuck about the WNBA? I dont even know who won the title last year, and dont give a fuck who wins this year. I'm surprised that bullshit still comes on TV. March Madness is the shit, until the women play. They just dont have the power and skills to be entertaining on the court. I mean think about it, every sport that women play in is boring, even the bullshit sports like soccer. Even women's boxing is bullshit. Wild swinging, easy knockouts, the whole nine yards. They should have a channel that only shows women's sports so they can stop taking up airtime on major tv networks. How about women's tennis? Bullshit also. Every time i see a womens tennis match on tv, all i look at is their asses under those little skirts. I don't give a fuck who wins or loses! How about the race car driver Danica Patrick or whatever her name is. How long has she been racing? How many races has she won in the men's competition? Maybe one? How about volleyball? I watch some of the matches in the olympics, but only the mens matches. The women cant even spike the ball hard into another player's face! Sports is all about entertainment, and women's sports do not provide that in the least bit! There is no demand for women on tv playing sports, so why the fuck is it still on? Just think, the world records in track and field are held by men. There will never be a woman who can run like Usain Bolt or Michael Johnson, or Carl Lewis. How the fuck is there a women's world record for anything? A world record means the fastest time ever, etc. There is no such thing as a womens world record, the world record is the fucking world record, period. And, the world records are held by men. I mean, who the fuck wants to watch a woman run after the men run? They are always gona be slower, so where is the entertainment value in that?A womens team will never be able to beat a men's team, so that says one thing to me. Women are inferior athletically, and they always will be. i dont give a fuck if you gather the best women basketball players ever, and put Jesus Christ on their team. They will get blown out by any group of NBA players you can throw together, period. Hell, I would go as far as saying they couldnt beat 3 NBA players even if they had a full team of five! Hey ladies, do your thing, its a free world. Just dont get upset when nobody watches you. Peace.

Lil' Niggas

I was wondering what the fuck the big deal is with all these lil' niggas? Lil' bow wow, lil' wayne, lil' romeo, lil' scrappy, lil' john, lil' flip, what the fuck? Why does everyone want to be a lil' muthafucka? This is dickbiting at it's finest! Some dumb ass nigga sees a few punk muthafuckas with lil' before their name and now he wants to be a lil' nigga too! And these so called lil' niggas are grown ass men. When I was young I always wanted to be a big nigga, not a lil' nigga. That's one of the problems with hip hop today, too many lil' niggas. A better term would be lil' bitch ass niggas. I haven't come across one rapper that I liked who had lil' in front of their name. Its because all these niggas are simple minded follower ass niggas! And they actually are lil' ass niggas, all weighing in under 150. Lil' bitches! When are the fucking followers going to get the picture? Where is the originality? Teenagers are fucking up the game severely! These young niggas need to keep their fucking heads in their school books, and hopefully they do attend school! Uneducated niggas in the rap game leads to garbage ass music, limited vocabularies, and an overall garbage ass product. It also leads to more money for the record companies, because 90% of these stupid ass kids are getting ripped off if they do get a chance to be in the spotlight. I mean, who the fuck in their right mind wants to be like lil' wayne? The teenagers actually follow this animated, high, ugly ass nigga! Dont get me wrong, when you're young there's a lot of shit you don't know, but the new generation has to be the dumbest group of muthafuckas ever! You know, niggas who spend 300 dollars on some Bathin ape shoes because lil' wayne wears them. Nigga, you are not lil' wayne! You work at fucking burger king, dog! Your paycheck is like 300 every two weeks Lil nigga! So now, you're in the club with your overpriced ugly ass kicks on, and you can't even buy a fucking drink, lil' nigga! I miss the days when real talent ruled, when there weren't a million dirthustlin' wack ass niggas on TV spitting their nursery rhyme raps. Fuck a lil' nigga, I'm a big nigga! The radio stations can suck my dick, because they are part of the reason this hoe shit is being played all god damn day! Do they really think grown people want to hear these bitch made niggas all fuckin' day? The purpose of the radio is to listen to the music of your choice, not to be force fed some shit that you hate! They should just come with a new radio station strictly for garbage ass niggas like wayne, bow wow, soulja boy, and the rest of these no talent havin niggas. That way, all the dumb ass teenagers can listen to that station all day. Oh, I just had to mention this one, has anyone seen the new wack ass bow wow and soulja boy video? That's a prime example of what I mean. Now watch these dumb teenagers go buy the cd, and ride around chanting marco polo, marco polo. Dumb muthafuckas, man. Peace.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rick Ross gets the Brown Shower

I'm sorry Mr. Ross. Ignorance Inc almost forgot about your fat ass. Please accept this heart felt apology, fat boy. I have been too busy to give you the brown shower you desperately need. What is a brown shower? Well, I'm sure you know what a golden shower (getting pissed on) is, right? A brown shower is getting shitted on! It's about that time to get off in a nigga's ass again for being stuck on himself! First, let me say this. Rick Ross does not run Miami or any other city. He may run the Burger King register, or the all you can eat buffet at the Miami Crab House, but that's about it. This slob ass nigga gets a little too much press if you ask me. The nigga has maybe one or two good songs, and he thinks he's a bowse (boss). This nigga's lyrics are watered down, and he sounds like he's having a heart attack when he does live shows. Those gaudy ass Run Dmc chains are not the shit, and you are not the shit, you fat nigga! Why is he trying to ride scarface's dick (Al Pacino) to stardom? This nigga is too fucking fat to talk shit, seriously. Who the fuck are you gonna beat up nigga? I'm not buying Rick's image. It is not fashionable to be a disgustingly fat nigga, contrary to popular belief. You can't hit pussy the correct way with a belly like that dog. Oh yeah, we know about you being a correctional officer too, bro. How the fuck do you go from being a fucking pig to a gangster? Well, the nigga is still a pig actually. All the money talk doesn't impress me fat boy. You havent been in the game long enough to have 100 million, so stop fucking lying about your bread. On top of that, the songs that you do have that get airplay always feature another rapper who is better than your overweight ass. I'm a bowse! Nigga please. What female would want this 400 pound nigga sweating on them? Slow down Rick before you have a fucking heart attack. This nigga is obviously well connected with someone at the radio station, because there are millions of average ass niggas like this in the rap game. That's that payola shit for you. Punk niggas at the radio station playing shit that we do not request or want to hear. Will someone go get this fat ass nigga a double burger with cheese or something? You are not the least bit entertaining, big guy. Ive heard baseheads with better lyrics than this nigga. Breathing hard as hell on the mic, food stains on his shirt, shoes leaning over the side and shit like that. Get your big ass on a treadmill and maybe you can spit 16 without an oxygen tank at your side, bowse man. Big was the only big nigga that ever was fashionable, and could rhyme like a muthafucka at the same time. Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and you other hungry hippo ass niggas need to quit. If I ever see this nigga with his shirt off, I'm calling the fucking police on his ass for indecent exposure! Fall back, fat ass nigga, you ain't the shit by any means. You just eat a lot of shit, that's all. Didn't you learn from Big Pun? That nigga ate himself to death! You are on the same path dude. I dont give a fuck how much money you can spend at burger king, being a fat ass nigga and talking shit is bad for your health. What is this nigga's blood pressure, 200/200? Niggas like Rick Ross are lucky guns exist, because this fat nigga would get beat down in a heartbeat. I mean, let's face it, one or two hard swings and it's a wrap for his big ass! If you are a Rick Ross fan, so what. There are a lot of simple minded wana be drug dealin niggas who listen to simple minded rappers who claim to have sold drugs. Rick Ross is too fucking fat to sell anything, including drugs. If a nigga calls him for a key, he could very well take an hour just to get his fat ass dressed and in the car! Then he has to stop at Wendy's for a quadruple cheeseburger. By that time, the nigga who wanted the dope is pissed, and goes on to purchase from another nigga. I don't want to waste any more time on this fucking whale, so I'm out. Peace.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pussy and Dick are Equal

There are some women in the world today that think their pussy is worth more than what it is. I mean, don't get me wrong, some of the cake ass niggas out here make it easy for a dumb bitch to think that. Let's be honest, many of the women in the world today (especially black women) think a nigga is supposed to give them the fucking world for a piece of ass every so often. A piece of pussy is worth..... a piece of pussy. There is no dollar amount attached to the pussy of any woman walking the earth today. These hoes would like you to think that but in all reality, a piece of pussy is worth no more than a piece of dick. Its an equal trade, or at least it is supposed to be. Bitch ass niggas with low self esteem started this fucked up trend of paying for pussy. I guess if they don't have the skills to get ass out here today ( it doesn't take much) they empty their wallets for it. You know their favorite saying, "it ain't trickin if you got it." Any nigga who pays a dusty ass bitch, or any bitch for some pussy is basically a weak nigga. If you fuck her right, she gets a nut, you get a nut, and that should be the end of it. Why would you pay a bitch who's having a good time just like you? That's why AIDS is in the black community so tough, trick ass bitches and weak ass niggas with money to spend. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely on alert for the tricks who want a nigga to get them pregnant so they can get a fucking check for the next 18 years. There ain't a piece of ass on this earth that's worth that much. These dirtball, disease infested hoes should be quarantined somewhere. Some of these bitches are actually famous from selling pussy! You know, Buffie the Body type hoes. This bitch isn't even pretty! A bitch who got famous for making her oversized ass clap against the back of her thighs, wow. That shit isnt attractive to me to watch a hoodrat do shit like that. I immediately start estimating the number of dicks that have been in her ass! I would bet the house on the fact that that number is very high for hoes who do shit like that. And, I'm supposed to pay for that? Bitch please. I'm not interested in becoming customer number 1,000,000! People, stop listening to these hoe niggas on TV, because without money, half of these rappers and entertainers would'nt get ass period. Peace.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fuck 50 Cent

I got a few requests from the homies to write about your boy Cuuuuurtiiiiiis! Actually this one is way overdue, so let's get to it. Why isn't this nigga dead yet? It seems like a nigga with a mouth as big as his would have been wasted by now. But, I guess when who have a whole fuckin slew of cops with you, niggas can't easily touch you. Ever since curtis came into the game, he has caused controversy, shitted on niggas for exposure, and made a few bullshit albums in the meantime. I for one am sick of this strong faced faggot ass nigga. His odd looking homies don't help either. That nigga Lloyd Banks looks like he has down syndrome or something, and Tony Yayo is one of the 3 least talented niggas on the planet. It must be fun to have a couple hoe niggas sucking his dick for a free ride. This nigga really wants to be respected as a gangsta, but he's a bitch. He's the type of nigga that thinks money makes a man. Didn't you get assaulted by Ja Rule and his click a while ago? How much does Ja weigh, about 125? And don't think niggas don't know about the restraining order you put on him and some cats from Murder inc. I thought restraining orders were for bitches that got beat up by their boyfriends dog. He has made a nice living shitting on niggas and then hiding out in Connecticut. Money doesn't make you a man or the man. Respect does. This nigga has the nerve to act tough after wearing a sports bra! Are you kidding me? Curtis, that was disgusting! Don't let your money get your ass beat nigga, cuz I'm sure plenty of cats are ready to get at you. After a while, even your house in Connecticut won't be safe. He's gonna have to move to fucking Peru or something! And stop trying to be sexy, nigga. I don't give a fuck what these air head bitches think about you, you are an odd looking nigga. And the young bullethole in your face is not cute, you fucking burly ass faggot. And next time you are at the dentist, have him shave those front two teeth down a bit, those muthafuckas are too long, nigga. And also have him whiten them for you, cuz half of your shit is discolored. How's that for sexy, Curtis? Eat a dick nigga.

Kanye Gets Arrested

Yo, it's ya man Thrash again, Ignorance Inc. Kanye got arrested at a Los Angeles airport. This nigga has a little temper as you well know. My question is why does this gay ass nigga try to act tough? Nigga if you don't want the paprazzi to fuck with you, you shouldn't be in the entertainment biz. Kan-Gay and some other nigga apparently smashed the reporter's camera, and i guess the other nigga roughed him up also. Just like a bitch ass rapper, get your henchmen to do the dirty work. If you don't want to be bothered, kanye, stop showing up in public with gay ass outfits on. Stay at home and make that watered down music you call hip hop. Niggas like him never have altercations with real muthafuckas, its always a reporter or some other nigga who's just doing his job. Kanye, his job is to put bitch ass niggas like you in the spotlight. This nigga kanye must want someone to break the other side of his lopsided face. Stop the tough guy routine kanye, i would be hard pressed to find a nigga that's softer than you. Hip hop is infested with niggas who try to live up to the shit they say on record, but it's always a different story when they come across someone who ain't buying their hoe shit. Be careful who you fuck with kanye, niggas are not afraid of you dog. You are not that type. You are an entertainer, so take what the fuck comes along with it nigga. Control your punk ass temper nigga, before it gets you in trouble with some real niggas foreal.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hip Hop Hoes

I was flickin through the channels on cable today, and I figured I would check out Rap City. Bad mistake on my part. I mean, who the fuck makes the choices of videos to be played on BET? Rap City used to be ok, but now it's filled with what I call hip hop hoes. I'm talking about these niggas who don't give a fuck about making quality music anymore, it's strictly about mainstream exposure. Most of the time I don't mention names, but this time I will. Bow wow is the first hip hop hoe on the deck. Since when did this lil punk ass nigga become a gangster? We know you got money nigga, but you are a hoe, let's be honest dog. Kanye is next. Dog, this nigga's music is starting to sound more gay to me every time I hear it. The gay ass clothing he wears doesn't help either. T Pain, that voice machine is the only reason you are even in the hip hop game, but fuck it I would rather listen to that because you are garbage as far as rapping goes. Now Lil Wayne is biting this niggas dick off. Why the fuck is wayne using the voice machine on every song now? I expected nothing less from this nigga kissing ass nigga. Also, why are the hip hop hoes using finger clicks in every song now? That shit makes a song sound so gay, and all these hoe niggas have a finger click song. And what the fuck is up with all these colorful outfits? That shit is gay also, just for the record. Man, and niggas actually support these hoe niggas. How many times does someone have to be subjected to this bullshit ass music from these faggots? Whatever happened to the MC? These niggas are singers now! The hip hop hoes have taken over, and it fucking sucks. I can't even turn on the radio without hearing the same gay ass niggas over and over again. All these niggas talk about is their money, clothes, cars, and bitches. Since their money is so long ( so they say) why don't they just retire and stop flooding the market with the same garbage ass music? News Flash - we do not give a fuck about how much money you have or how you spend it! Making it rain is the dumbest shit I've ever heard of! That's one of the marks of a truly ignorant ass nigga! I bet some of the niggas who do dumb ass shit like that wish they had it back. These niggas give the racists a good reason to call us monkeys, and other shit. The record companies are pimpin you dumb niggas, and you turn around and shit on your own people because they don't have money to throw in the air. That's a nigga for you, no matter how much money you have, you are still a nigga. It makes me feel good when these niggas do a show and get beat up, or get bottles thrown at them. The hip hop hoes are not on our side, they are the enemy and should be treated as such. You never hear rock and roll artists or country artists talking about how much money they have, and you damn sure won't see them making it rain! You only see that shit when these bitch ass rappers are on the scene. The record company execs make 100 million, pay these niggas two million and these dumb niggas go throw the money in the air! If you want to get in the hip hop game, get your mind right and become an executive. That way you too can pimp a dumb ass nigga like bow wow, lil wayne, young berg and others. Just think about it, you go in the club, make it rain, and when you come outside your bentley has been repoed. This shit really happens, but the niggas it happens to won't let you know because they have a gay ass image to uphold. There are too many niggas who fall into this category so I can't possibly mention all of them. They know who they are, and you know who they are. I would say they can suck my dick, but these gay niggas probably would try to do just that. Fuck 'em. Peace

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Lions Suck - Again

If you're from Detroit, and are a Lions fan, this time of year is always depressing. I was a fan when Barry Sanders was here, but I stopped fuckin with these bum ass niggas a long time ago so it doesn't bother me anymore. But honestly, I have been to the clubs in Detroit and seen some of the players just ballin out inside. But once again, this group of overpaid niggas cant ball anywhere but in the club. These bums couldn't even beat Atlanta with a rookie QB. This nigga's first pass of his career was a TD - on the Lions. I mean what the fuck, man, these niggas suck dick every year and come back with the same ol' "believe in us" or "we will improve" bullshit. They were dumb as hell to build Ford Field and let the Lions play there. The economy is bold, and these niggas are proven losers. Lots of empty seats this season for sure. The same old dumb ass playcalling, the same oke-doke niggas running the plays, it's disgusting to watch. Fire the GM, coach, players, close the shit up man.

Gay Rappers - Nigga Please

The faggots used to keep to themselves. They used to stay indoors and do whatever the fuck faggots do. Now the fags are becoming braver. You know why? Its because of questionable ass niggas like Kanye West wearing tight ass pants and ruffled shirts, and Lil Wayne kissing other niggas on the lips! You see niggas holding hands and kissing other niggas! I went to ATL on some business and was overwhelmed by the number of faggots down there. Now there are actually faggot rappers! What the fuck is a faggot going to rap about? And what faggot is going to listen to them? Are they gonna rap about having penises in their ass, or how about in their mouth? You faggot ass niggas are asking for trouble, because I for one do advocate gay bashing. If you are in public kissing another nigga, you should get beat down. You are providing the wrong example for children. God did not creat nigga's asses with the idea of other nigga's dicks inside of them. That's why he created pussy, faggot ass niggas! A gay rapper? Get the fuck outta here, seriously. What the fuck makes a nigga look at his homeboy's hairy ass and be aroused? Has anyone seen the dating show on TV where someone's parents try to choose a date for their son? Some of the sons are gay, and their dad is actually sitting there trying to choose which guy gets to butt fuck his son! What in the fuck is the world coming to? They put anything on TV if someone will watch it. Fuck gay rights and gay marriages. You fags don't deserve any fucking rights. Fags are the reason that children turn into fags, children are impressionable and they think it may be ok to play with their buddies penises. Lesbians are ok in my book, because they are not looking at me, and gay women are less offensive. Except for some of those gay bitches who want to be niggas, look like niggas and act like niggas. On the other hand, two penises together is very offensive. You are stepping to the wrong mic. You faggots are taking your fagdom too far, there is no place in hip hop for a gay rapper. There are already enough bullshit niggas in hip hop, now here you fags come with penises in your mouth, ass and everywhere else! Go be a singer or something, there's a lotta fag ass singers you can vibe with, but leave hip hop alone. Just because you saw lil wayne kissing baby, that does not mean it's acceptable in hip hop or anywhere else. And Kanye, that gay ass purple suit you got caught in was not a good look bro. Makes me think you are playing with penises in your spare time. Fuck faggotry. Peace.

Monique - A Big Bitch With a Big Mouth

I was listening to a local radio station today and heard the Monique show. This big burly ass bitch has been irking me for quite a while. She seems to have a problem with women who are in shape and take care of their bodies. Uhmmm.....what the fuck is wrong with being in shape? Nobody told this fat hoe to eat three double whoppers every day for the last 20 years! Nobody jumped inside her body and made her metabolism come to a grinding halt. This bitch is lucky there was a nigga desperate enough to marry her big ass! If you're fat, then you're just fat, but don't bash everyone else because they are not. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself, but this hoe has gone way too far. She's not happy with herself, and it's because of her being a fucking whale. Fat hoes cannot compete with women that are in shape, simple and plain. She's part of the reason big bitches are walking around with attitudes now, thinking they look good. Let's get something straight - being fat and being thick are two totally different things. I like a woman with some meat on her, but in the right places. Mary J Blige is thick, Kim Kardashian is thick, Beyonce is thick. Monique is fat. See the difference? These women have nice asses and legs, their stomachs and titties are not one big lump of bullshit. They have a curve in their back that leads to a nice juicy ass, their backs and asses are not fused together like Monique and some of the big hoes walking around today. Moniques booty probably looks like a bag of blockbuster videotapes. It probably has all types of dents, angles, discolorations, etc. Don't get me wrong, if you are big and you are happy, it's all good. But if you are big, have a nasty ass attitude and are jealous of people who are physically fit, fuck you. Don't jump on the pretty girl in the club because niggas ain't payin your big ass no attention. Fuck Monique, skinny bitches are not evil, she is. That bitch needs to go eat a house or something, maybe it will take her more than one hour. If I have offended anyone who is reading this, good. You are probably a big muthafucka! Get off of your big ass and go for a long walk, do some sit ups and crunches. Do anything besides eating all god damn day! Hey folks, this is the only way I know to get my point across. You may not like it, you may not approve of it, but you cannot deny the fact that it is real. If you are looking for some sugar coated shit, you are in the wrong place. That's not how we do it here at Ignorance Inc. Peace.

I'm Not Laughing

I know some of you reading this one will feel me. I want to briefly discuss another problem in the entertainment industry...comedians and actors who are not funny. Let's start with Chris Rock. I guess he has a new stand up coming to cable TV. I don't know about you, but this nigga hasn't made me laugh since New Jack City. He talks really loud to make up for the fact that he is just not genuinely funny. You ever notice even when a nigga is funny, when the big money gets thrown at them all of the sudden they become less funny? I'm not saying this happened with Chris Rock, he's never been funny from day one. Another nigga that's not funny is Eddie Griffin. Spinning around and doing those old ass dances and shit does not cut the mustard bro. I don't see how this nigga got a chance to be on anyone's stage. Another nigga that is becoming less entertaining is Katt Williams. I mean he was ok in Friday but he didnt make me laugh hard at all, and the more stand ups and movies he makes, his material is becoming stale. He's another nigga who tries to "yell" a laugh out of you. Get some new shit to talk about dude. It's not only black comedians though, because the one person on this earth who I just cannot believe is making money from comedy is Seinfeld. I mean, this muthafucka is so not funny its aggravating. This guy is obviously benefitting from his skin color because he is straight up garbage. I can't even sit through one show without being disgusted. That shit is more like a drama instead of a comedy, but amazingly it's still on TV. That's white America for you, pull the Black shows, keep the bullshit white shows. R.I.P. to Bernie Mac, a truly funny nigga. Peace.

Soulja Boy - A Problem in Hip Hop

What's up people, first I wana say happy B Day to my homie Jay The Grate ( i know how to spell muthafucka). Let's get to the business at hand. There is a problem with hip hop today. Actually there are a lot of fuckin problems in hip hop but I want to pinpoint just one. That garbage ass nigga soulja boy. The reason niggas like this even make it out of the basement with that shit is because high school kids now are so limited in their thinking. These dumb ass kids are requesting simple minded music like soulja boy makes because they are too fucking stupid to understand any rapper with a decent vocabulary. So they get up in the morning chanting "superman that hoe" or "yaaaah trick." Most of this shit jumps off in the South. No disrespect but y'all need to start listening to the real artists from the South like outkast, scarface, T.I., or some niggas on that level. I guess Curtis Jackson is trying to weasel his way in to capitalize off this wack ass nigga soulja boy now. Ice T was right, niggas like soulja boy are fucking up hip hop, along with these bitch ass niggas at the radio stations who play this type of shit back to back to fucking back. I haven't heard Nas, Scarface, Common, or any other good hip hop artist on the radio in a while now. But I have heard soulja boy, dollar, yung berg, lil wayne and a slew of other shit ass rappers over and over again. Ice, you were right and you shouldn't have apologized to this nigga with no talent. Niggas like him are fucking up hip hop. I mean, it seems like in order to make money in the rap game now, you have to appeal to the simple minded muthafuckas. Maybe Nas is right about hip hop being dead. The shit doesn't involve talent and hard beats anymore, it involves a simple ass rap, a hook, and a beat that sounds like a nigga made it with a casio keyboard (swizz beats). It's going to be a long winter, so all you real hip hoppers out there better keep your cd players working, if not you will be bombarded with a bunch of hoe shit from a bunch of hoe niggas who call themselves rappers. Peace.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fuck All Y'all

I had to take a second to give a shout to the niggas that we all once thought were friends. You know, the nigga who claims he's your dog. The same nigga who borrows money from you and then forgets he owes it, and then has the nuts to ask for more money. The nigga who changes his mannerisms when bitches come around. The nigga you grew up with who was jealous of you all along. These niggas are the worst. For example, have you ever had a friend who lives off of their mama (cars and clothes) but when hoes are in the area they act like a baller? Have you ever had to whip a niggas ass for your hoeass boy who didnt have enough nuts to do it himself? You are not alone, real niggaz are hard to come by. Most niggas and bitches try to live their life according to the latest rap video, but in reality they know they ain't shit. I want to mention some names but I'm sure you don't know these bitch ass niggas. You know what's even worse? Working for a bitch ass nigga. I worked for a long time for a nigga who I thought was a friend, but as time went on I came to the conclusion that he was a bitch. You know, a nigga who wants to keep you under him. The same nigga I'm talking about now has a garbage ass rap group here in Detroit that hasn't made any money in 10 years. The reason his group doesn't make money is simple. They are trying to market shit that real niggaz don't identify with. This nigga surrounded himself with white muthafuckas that didn't know shit about hip hop. The tables are starting to turn on his bitch ass now. People are leaving his bullshit ass company, and the rap group still ain't shit. I had to go to their company picnic last year and slap the shit out of one of his followers for running his mouth. Well, enuf about that nigga. The point is if you suspect a nigga in your circle is fake, confront him and see how he reacts. Most likely he will act like everything is 100, like most coward ass niggas do anyway. If he has a problem, fuck him up. These types of niggas don't deserve to breathe the same air you do. Oh yeah, not to go backward but remember the nigga I was speaking on? One of the employees at his company was bragging about how the niggas wife used to lick his ass and shit, but the Big Dog walks around like he's somebody. Themoral of the story is what goes around comes around. Be patient real niggas, you will get your chance to bust a nigga's mouth wide the fuck open. Peace.

Fuck John McCain and George Bush

What the fuck is wrong with you, America? Didn't you learn your lesson from George Bush's dumb ass? Do you want gas prices to hit $7 per gallon? I'm sorry to say this (actually I'm not) but a lot of you people (mostly white people) are so fucking ignorant that you will support a muthafucka that is obviously on the same team as George Bush just to avoid voting for a Black man. Do you dumb bitches know that gas prices are the same for black and white people? White men and women are dying in Iraq just like black people are. But just for the sake of being a racist faggot, you will vote for this old ass nigga who probably won't live long enough to serve his term. This nigga is too old to run anything, including his own household, but he's your man huh? This nigga probably shits on himself on a regular basis, but you think he can do better than Obama. Very soon America will be a third world country, and it's going to be a direct result of dumb ass racist voters. Any sensible human being would run far away from anyone supported by George Bush. He doesn't give a fuck about you, me or anyone else for that matter. This is the first time in my life I will actually vote, even though it probably won't mean shit with these election stealing muthafuckas. This is part of the reason Ignorance Inc exists. The greatest resource in America is ignorance, there is more than enough of it to go around. Let me put it straight to you, if you vote for John McCain you are dumb, and if you voted for Bush before McCain you are dumb. You would rather suffer than vote for the right man, but that sounds about right if you are a racist. Ever notice how the racists never come to the inner cities and demonstrate? It's because they are cowards and faggots, all of their meeting are held in the fuckin forest somewhere so they can hate on everyone and suck each other's little ass penises afterward. Does this sound familiar George Bitch ass Bush? Peace.

Reggie Bush and Ray J - Trick Ass Niggas

Let me get right to the point, Ray J is a little bitch ass nigga who thinks he's some type of pimp all of the sudden. Nigga you don't get props for fucking crackheads (Whitney Houston) and prostitutes (Kim Kardashian). Your sis is the real star, not your soft ass nigga! This nigga is a nobody, but of course all you young hoes probably love him. Young hoes are dumb bitches anyway though. For some reason this nigga walks around with his chest out, licking his lips and giggling like a faggot. And as for Reggie Bush, nigga you are in the NFL dog! I know you ain't really amounting to shit on the field but damn, you want to fuckin marry Kim Kardashian? Nigga did you see her getting butt fucked by that soft ass nigga Ray J? You could run into this faggot ass nigga at anytime, and he would be laughing at you dog! You cannot turn a hoe into a housewife! Man, it's apparent to me that pussy still rules a lot of these niggas out here. Reggie you are supposed to be a celebrity bro, if you wanted to fuck her that's cool, but marry her? This nigga must be fucking retarded! Concentrate on rushing for your first 100 yard game, not on a trick who fucked Gay J, I mean brandi's brother, I mean Ray J. Another stupid ass nigga with money, the shit amazes me. I hope Bobby Brown runs into Ray J and whips that ass dog, I would pay 500 in a heartbeat to see that shit. By the way, Brandi's ass is gettin fat, wouldn't mind smashing that one! Where are the real niggas at? (M.O.B.) A rich ass nigga can have his pick of top notch women, but I see some niggas are still infatuated with prostitutes! Some things never change. Peace.

What the Fuck is a Socialite?

There's a term that is being used very loosely to describe people who are rich because of their parents. These same people are now being referred to as celebrities and superstars. The term is socialite. You know, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, bitches like that. A socialite is a muthafucka that has money (not earned by them) and shows up at all the major functions, makes videos about themselves (like someone gives a fuck) and all of the sudden they are considered a celebrity. Lets get the record straight, a socialite is a spoiled, nothing ass muthafucka who would either be sucking dick for money or working at McDonald's if their parents didn't have money. Why do people even pay attention to a tramp ass bitch like Paris Hilton? The bitch is not attractive, and her talents are limited to sucking dick on camera. A more fitting career would be adult films. Same with Kim Kardashian, except for the fact that she's a good looking bitch with an ass out of this world. But fuck it, a hoe is a hoe. There is something very wrong in America when bitches like this can actually be considered celebs! What the fuck can either of these hoes do besides get caught polishing penises on camera? And people actually say I'm ignorant! Where I'm from, these types of bitches are called what they really are - hoes. We don't have any other terms that would fit a bitch who sleeps around, doesn't work, and doesn't have anything else better to do! Get with me America, I'm gonna keep bringing you the real with no sugar coating. Peace.

Beyonce Album Coming Soon?

Uhhh, I was having trouble coming up with some interesting info today, so fuck it, let's talk about everyone's favorite odd couple, Gay-Z and his trophy hoe Beyonce. I guess she has another wack ass album coming out in the fall, and I'm sure Mr Potato Head himself will grace the album with some more "I got the baddest bitch" lines. Yeah, I know all of the dickriders out there will be sayin I'm hating, but fuck them. Beyonce is a nice looking bitch but her talents are pretty much limited to shaking that large ass of hers. I wonder what nigga hatin song that bitch will be comin with next. How does a bitch that looks as good as her settle with a nigga that looks like a fuckin pufferfish? Money rules, I'm sad to say. To say the least though, I will not be in line at the record store waiting on this one, I wish she would just start doing porno, I'd wait in line for that. It's good to see black people gettin their money, but enough with these two fuckers. By the way I think Cam and some of the Dipset Boys was bangin her ass when she was makin music with them. I bet that was fun! I'm sure hoodrats all over the world will be quoting some hoe ass lines from B's album, so look for random slapping of hoodrats to rise in the fall when this bullshit album comes out. You may be askin yourself, why is Ignorance Inc so negative? It's very simple, it's fun to talk about muthafuckas who deserve to be talked about in a negative fashion, we don't discriminate. On top of that, I'm tired of all the grown ass dickriders riding dicks. Do you think the superstars ever have conversations about who the best average nigga is? Who the best bum ass nigga is? No, they don't! Dickriders are responsible for Gay-Z making millions, but best believe that big lipped nigga doesn't give a fuck about none of you! Ignorance Inc is just a viewpoint from the other side, feel me? Peace.

Monday, September 8, 2008

This is what happens when you talk shit in the D

Check it out, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is ignorance Inc at it's finest. Young Berg, Trick Daddy, Styles P? That shit looks like another head.

Thanks Kwame Kilpatrick

I'm sitting here with my homie JTG ( Jay The Grate) and we decided to do a tribute to the Big Homie, Kwame Kilpatrick.

JTG: Thanks Kwame for makin a whole lotta niggaz rich, unfortunately most of them weren't citizens of Detroit!
Thrash: At least he was gettin some good dome from Christine Beatty's long head ass. I can appreciate a nigga like him. A nigga's nigga! a nigga that you know is a nigga from 1000 miles away. At least you can tell right off the rip, hes a straight up nigga.
JTG: That nigga thought he was Suge Knight. Parties, hoes, friends on payroll, etc.
Thrash: I would fuck Christine Beatty and make her tap out, I feel you Kwame. Busted a lotta nuts on that big ass head.
JTG: The price for every contract is $24,999 nigga, he could have been slicker than that. 5 grand here, ten there. Thats what happens when niggers get greedy my friend.
Thrash: Did you see some of them out cold 1995 Eight Ball Jackets he was wearing nigga? He shoved a white cop and thought he was gon be straight. Kwame, welcome to Niggerdom. We should do a song about that nigga.

Well, we decided that this nigga is not interesting enough to continue, so stay logged on for other ignorant shit from Ignorance Inc.

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