Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reggie Bush = Idiot

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, oh my. How many yards did he rush for last week? 20? This time, Mr Bush is the target in my scope. I'm not trippin because you have a white bitch reggie. Im not trippin because you are overrated and overpaid. I'm trippin because you are about to marry a straight up prostitute. Is he one of those niggas who thinks he's the shit just because he has a white hoe? I think so. Some Black men think its the shit when they have a white woman, even if she has been caught polishing another nigga's knob on camera. Reggie Bush is one of those men. I mean, let's be real, I know this nigga's cocky ass attitude isnt because he rushes for 30 yards every week. If you have a white woman and she's good to you, thats cool in my book, but this nigga is a prime example of slave mentality. He could have his pick of beautiful women, but he falls in love with a bitch who sucked Ray-J's dick on camera! Why in the fuck would any man, especially an athlete allow himself to be embarassed like that! This bitch is obviously a fucking golddigger, and Reggie Bush is just a dumb nigger ( yeah, i said it, nigger, not nigga). How can you show up anywhere with this bitch, knowing full well that other niggas in the area have shoved dick down her throat? They're all gonna laught at you Reggie. Some niggas just dont learn. Some niggas have to learn the hard way. Reggie is just another dumb ass athlete with money to blow, and trust me he is going to blow it - on a fucking tramp. Don't you know this bitch saw you coming from a fucking mile away? Thats what hoes do, Reggie, they prey on stupid niggas who have money! I wonder if her dad would approve of her little porn tape with Ray J. He would have disowned that hoe. Reggie, you are one of the niggas who gives hope to trickbitches all over the world. Because of niggas like you, the tricks feel like they have a chance to get rich, a chance to be in the spotlight. All they have to do is find a stupid muthafucka with money (like you), suck his dick real good, and she's rich! Good job Reggie, you made it. You got a white bitch with a big ass, every slave nigga's dream. Reggie, do you ever think about Ray J busting a hot one in your soon to be wife's mouth? Reggie, why are you trying to make her lose weight all of the sudden? I thought thats what you wanted, a white bitch with a big ass so every nigga on the planet could imagine fucking her! You're the man right? Why are you mad at Ray J? He did what a lot of men would do, fuck her and leave her. He just did it on camera for the world to see. She likes black dick, Reggie, and if you dont start rushing for more than 30 yards per game she's gonna hop on the next big black dick with deep pockets. Its ok to have a white woman Reggie, its just not ok to have a prostitute, Reggie. Do you eat the pussy, Reggie? Ray J ate the pussy on camera, Reggie. Ray J is a nobody, Reggie. He's better known as Brandi's brother, Reggie. She gave Ray J the pussy on camera, Reggie, and sucked the chrome off his dick too, Reggie. You will never ever get any respect with this trick on your arm, Reggie. No one is jealous of you, Reggie. We are all laughing at you, Reggie. We all fucked your wife, Reggie. We passed her around like a football, Reggie. Her pussy has more miles on it than you have rushed for in your career, Reggie. Is your mother proud of you, Reggie? How about your dad, Reggie? How much money do you think you'll have when she's done with you, Reggie? Good game last week, Reggie. peace


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