Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fuck Women's Sports

Let me just give the ladies out there reading this post a warning, you will not like this one at all. You may want to consider passing on this one, seriously. I have never been a fan of women's sports, and the WNBA is no different. Don't get me wrong, women have the right to do what they want, but Jesus Christ. Major sports are dominated by men, and rightfully so. I like watching LeBron slam hard as hell over a whole team, I like watching Ray Lewis hit a nigga so hard he shits on himself. I love to watch Manny Ramirez smash one over a 400 ft fence. In women's sports, you dont get anywhere near this type of excitement. Take the WNBA for example. Maybe some feminists out there enjoy this shit, but I cannot sit through a whole game of broads shooting long jumpers and doing two handed lay ups. When was the last time a woman dunked in a game? On top of that, it probably was a soft ass barely getting over the rim type of dunk. I understand women do have equal rights, but the shit has gone way too far. Who really gives a fuck about the WNBA? I dont even know who won the title last year, and dont give a fuck who wins this year. I'm surprised that bullshit still comes on TV. March Madness is the shit, until the women play. They just dont have the power and skills to be entertaining on the court. I mean think about it, every sport that women play in is boring, even the bullshit sports like soccer. Even women's boxing is bullshit. Wild swinging, easy knockouts, the whole nine yards. They should have a channel that only shows women's sports so they can stop taking up airtime on major tv networks. How about women's tennis? Bullshit also. Every time i see a womens tennis match on tv, all i look at is their asses under those little skirts. I don't give a fuck who wins or loses! How about the race car driver Danica Patrick or whatever her name is. How long has she been racing? How many races has she won in the men's competition? Maybe one? How about volleyball? I watch some of the matches in the olympics, but only the mens matches. The women cant even spike the ball hard into another player's face! Sports is all about entertainment, and women's sports do not provide that in the least bit! There is no demand for women on tv playing sports, so why the fuck is it still on? Just think, the world records in track and field are held by men. There will never be a woman who can run like Usain Bolt or Michael Johnson, or Carl Lewis. How the fuck is there a women's world record for anything? A world record means the fastest time ever, etc. There is no such thing as a womens world record, the world record is the fucking world record, period. And, the world records are held by men. I mean, who the fuck wants to watch a woman run after the men run? They are always gona be slower, so where is the entertainment value in that?A womens team will never be able to beat a men's team, so that says one thing to me. Women are inferior athletically, and they always will be. i dont give a fuck if you gather the best women basketball players ever, and put Jesus Christ on their team. They will get blown out by any group of NBA players you can throw together, period. Hell, I would go as far as saying they couldnt beat 3 NBA players even if they had a full team of five! Hey ladies, do your thing, its a free world. Just dont get upset when nobody watches you. Peace.


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