Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fuck All Y'all

I had to take a second to give a shout to the niggas that we all once thought were friends. You know, the nigga who claims he's your dog. The same nigga who borrows money from you and then forgets he owes it, and then has the nuts to ask for more money. The nigga who changes his mannerisms when bitches come around. The nigga you grew up with who was jealous of you all along. These niggas are the worst. For example, have you ever had a friend who lives off of their mama (cars and clothes) but when hoes are in the area they act like a baller? Have you ever had to whip a niggas ass for your hoeass boy who didnt have enough nuts to do it himself? You are not alone, real niggaz are hard to come by. Most niggas and bitches try to live their life according to the latest rap video, but in reality they know they ain't shit. I want to mention some names but I'm sure you don't know these bitch ass niggas. You know what's even worse? Working for a bitch ass nigga. I worked for a long time for a nigga who I thought was a friend, but as time went on I came to the conclusion that he was a bitch. You know, a nigga who wants to keep you under him. The same nigga I'm talking about now has a garbage ass rap group here in Detroit that hasn't made any money in 10 years. The reason his group doesn't make money is simple. They are trying to market shit that real niggaz don't identify with. This nigga surrounded himself with white muthafuckas that didn't know shit about hip hop. The tables are starting to turn on his bitch ass now. People are leaving his bullshit ass company, and the rap group still ain't shit. I had to go to their company picnic last year and slap the shit out of one of his followers for running his mouth. Well, enuf about that nigga. The point is if you suspect a nigga in your circle is fake, confront him and see how he reacts. Most likely he will act like everything is 100, like most coward ass niggas do anyway. If he has a problem, fuck him up. These types of niggas don't deserve to breathe the same air you do. Oh yeah, not to go backward but remember the nigga I was speaking on? One of the employees at his company was bragging about how the niggas wife used to lick his ass and shit, but the Big Dog walks around like he's somebody. Themoral of the story is what goes around comes around. Be patient real niggas, you will get your chance to bust a nigga's mouth wide the fuck open. Peace.


Boo said...

damn nigga. Sound like you need a hug.

Ignorance Inc said...

its all good bro, just lettin off some steam, there are other posts you might find more interesting

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