Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fuck 50 Cent

I got a few requests from the homies to write about your boy Cuuuuurtiiiiiis! Actually this one is way overdue, so let's get to it. Why isn't this nigga dead yet? It seems like a nigga with a mouth as big as his would have been wasted by now. But, I guess when who have a whole fuckin slew of cops with you, niggas can't easily touch you. Ever since curtis came into the game, he has caused controversy, shitted on niggas for exposure, and made a few bullshit albums in the meantime. I for one am sick of this strong faced faggot ass nigga. His odd looking homies don't help either. That nigga Lloyd Banks looks like he has down syndrome or something, and Tony Yayo is one of the 3 least talented niggas on the planet. It must be fun to have a couple hoe niggas sucking his dick for a free ride. This nigga really wants to be respected as a gangsta, but he's a bitch. He's the type of nigga that thinks money makes a man. Didn't you get assaulted by Ja Rule and his click a while ago? How much does Ja weigh, about 125? And don't think niggas don't know about the restraining order you put on him and some cats from Murder inc. I thought restraining orders were for bitches that got beat up by their boyfriends dog. He has made a nice living shitting on niggas and then hiding out in Connecticut. Money doesn't make you a man or the man. Respect does. This nigga has the nerve to act tough after wearing a sports bra! Are you kidding me? Curtis, that was disgusting! Don't let your money get your ass beat nigga, cuz I'm sure plenty of cats are ready to get at you. After a while, even your house in Connecticut won't be safe. He's gonna have to move to fucking Peru or something! And stop trying to be sexy, nigga. I don't give a fuck what these air head bitches think about you, you are an odd looking nigga. And the young bullethole in your face is not cute, you fucking burly ass faggot. And next time you are at the dentist, have him shave those front two teeth down a bit, those muthafuckas are too long, nigga. And also have him whiten them for you, cuz half of your shit is discolored. How's that for sexy, Curtis? Eat a dick nigga.


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