Monday, September 8, 2008

Thanks Kwame Kilpatrick

I'm sitting here with my homie JTG ( Jay The Grate) and we decided to do a tribute to the Big Homie, Kwame Kilpatrick.

JTG: Thanks Kwame for makin a whole lotta niggaz rich, unfortunately most of them weren't citizens of Detroit!
Thrash: At least he was gettin some good dome from Christine Beatty's long head ass. I can appreciate a nigga like him. A nigga's nigga! a nigga that you know is a nigga from 1000 miles away. At least you can tell right off the rip, hes a straight up nigga.
JTG: That nigga thought he was Suge Knight. Parties, hoes, friends on payroll, etc.
Thrash: I would fuck Christine Beatty and make her tap out, I feel you Kwame. Busted a lotta nuts on that big ass head.
JTG: The price for every contract is $24,999 nigga, he could have been slicker than that. 5 grand here, ten there. Thats what happens when niggers get greedy my friend.
Thrash: Did you see some of them out cold 1995 Eight Ball Jackets he was wearing nigga? He shoved a white cop and thought he was gon be straight. Kwame, welcome to Niggerdom. We should do a song about that nigga.

Well, we decided that this nigga is not interesting enough to continue, so stay logged on for other ignorant shit from Ignorance Inc.


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