Sunday, September 28, 2008

Arabs - You are not Black

Sorry about that little vacation we took, but we are back for more. The subject today is Arabs. Personally, i dont shit on people just because of their nationality, religion or general way of life. I do shit on people who deserve to be shitted upon, regardless of nationality, race, etc. The Arabs that I'm referring to in this article are the ones who think they are tough because they are Arabs. You know, the ones who dress like Black hip hoppers, put rims on their cars, and play Tupac all day and night. What the fuck makes them think they can relate to Tupac? Pac never worked at coney island. Pac never worked at a gas station, and he never ran up on a nigga with a fucking bomb strapped to his chest and blew himself up! If they hate Blacks so much, why the fuck are they imitating us in every way shape and form? Why do they get angry when they see a brotha tryin to holla at an Arab female, but think its ok for them to holla at a Black woman? I dont have all the answers, but fuck it, let the games begin! First of all, just because you bought a Tupac CD does not mean you are tough, nigga (thats what you wana be right, nigga?). You niggas don't intimidate anyone, especially in Detroit. Riding around in your camaro playing Black music with your fucked up haircuts does not cut the mustard, habibi. Living in a two bedroom apartment with 30 other Arabs is not the shit, habibi. I dont give a fuck what gas station or coney island you own, you are not the shit, habibi. And just for the record, any Black female who fucks with a racist Arab is a dumb bitch, but hey, dumb hoes come in all shapes and sizes! You niggas are not a good imitation of Black people, so stop it, you are embarassing all of your terrorist cousins and uncles and shit. Instead of a NY baseball hat or a bandana, go put on a fucking turbin and a bathrobe, habibi. And dont try to kill your little sister because she likes Black men, because if you didnt notice, all races of women like Black men, habibi. It would be different if you niggas were trying to unite with Blacks and other minorities, then it would be ok. But dont try to imitate us then shit on us, habibi. I dont give a fuck how many bombs you make in the back of your coney island or gas station! Without us, you niggas dont exist, period. Since you hate us so much, why dont you start imitating the white folks? Go get some tight ass wranglers, a tight ass t shirt, and some open toe Jesus sandles. See how that vibe works for you, habibi. Yeah, I dont think you wana do that shit do you! You niggas need to come to the realization that Black people (not niggas) are the shit, habibi. I mean, what other explanation do you have for trying to dress like us, talk like us, call each other niggas, and fuck with Black women? Imitation is the best form of flattery, so keep up the good work, habibi. Like I said, I dont hate Arabs just for being Arabs. I just hate the dickriding Arabs! Instead of a Kobe Bryant jersey, why dont you rock a Bin Laden jersey, habibi? Because you know people would be fuckin you niggas up on sight, thats why. If you wana be tough, you gotta walk the walk, nigga. Talk is cheap. If you wana be like us, start by finding a good barber. Placing a bowl on top of your head and cutting the sides of your hair off is not a good look, habibi. And stop using the motor oil from your gas station as hair grease, the shit looks disgusting dog. When you see some real brothas in public, show some fucking respect. We aint against you habibi, we just dont give a fuck about you! If you see an Arab bitch talking to a brotha, let them be. If you choose to interrupt, you will be beat down immediately. You see, the beautiful thing about Black people is the fact that we honestly dont give a fuck about rules and regulations, we do what we want to, every time. We dont care if your family has a rule that says an Arab woman can't be involved with a Black man. If she looks good, and she wants to fuck we are going to give her every inch of this Black dick she has been craving, regardless of what your bald headed ass daddy says, habibi! If you dont want your women to experience a Black man, get the fuck out of this country, because we are here and we aint goin anywhere. Feel me, habibi? If you are Arabic, and you love hip hop, thats fine, no problem. Just realize the fact that it came from Blacks. A lot of the shit you love to do came from Black people, so dont imitate us and try to shit on us when you see us in the streets. Like I said before, Im not a racist, but when I see people imitating everything Black, but don't respect us, there is a problem. Do you know what the racist white folks call Arabic people? NIGGAS! See how much we have in common, habibi? Now be a true brotha and send your fine ass sister over my crib, so we can improve on Black and Arabic relations. This is Ignorance Inc, baby, you gotta love us. Peace


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