Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Young Jeezy - Exit Stage Left

It's about that time once again, people. I almost forgot about Jeezy, the nigga who owes his entire rap career to BMF. I really would have left this nigga alone, but he shitted on Nas. Im not defending Nas, but Jeezy? "Young" Jeezy? Fuck Nas? Seriously Jeezy? If you have been following Ignorance Inc, you know how we feel about niggas with more money than talent. This nigga is no different. When Nas said hip hop is dead, he meant its overcrowded with niggas who have nothing original to say, nothing another nigga hasnt said 10 million times already. Jeezy is garbage, flat out. This niggas first album is the exact same as the second, lyrically. Jeezy is not a boss, Big Meech was the boss. Jeezy has a career because he kept Meech's dick in his mouth 24/7. USDA album was a fucking joke, I hope they didnt take longer than two days to come up with that bullshit. I would listen to this niggas next album just to see if he's added any new, original content to his flow, but I'd rather go wash my car or something. Anything besides listening to this nigga talk about how many keys he flips (none, BMF does that), how many rides he bought (BMF bought them), how he makes it rain in the club (not like BMF I'm sure), or how many hoes he has (BMF bought them for him). Hip hop aint dead, but it is constantly recieving knockout blows from simple minded wana be ballers like this nigga Jeezy. By the way, this nigga calls himself "young" Jeezy, how old is this nigga? He looks around 35 to 40 if you ask me. No grown man with half a brain would purchase this wack ass nigga's albums. Stay in your place young dumbass, dont shit on niggas who will crush you on the mic. He is no competition for anyone except for niggas like Rick Ross, soulja boy, nelly, and some of the other niggas who are killing hip hop. Say something interesting dog, we dont give a fuck about you lying about all the drugs you sell. As a matter of fact, if you sell drugs, stick with it. Dont try to be an MC because all you have to talk about is drugs, dopehead. You wana know who the real ballers are? Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and the niggas who own Ford, GM, And Daimler Chrysler. I'm talking billionaires dog, not hoe ass niggas with a couple mil actin like they can buy the world. There aint enough dumb niggas in the world who will buy your average ass music, Jeezy. The bottom line is Jeezy sucks, and he will continue to suck until he retires (hopefully today). Just another nigga feelin himself for no apparent reason other than a few dollars in his pocket. Fuck Jeezy. Peace.


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