Thursday, September 25, 2008

P Diddy - The P Stands for Penishead

Before I drop this powerbomb on this dickhead ass nigga (check out the picture to the left, it really is shaped like a penis), let me just say this. The bad thing about hip hop is the fact that it is crowded with niggas who have way more money than talent. One good thing about hip hop is the fact that there will always be an unlimited supply of bombs for Ignorance Inc to drop on these niggas. First of all, who in the fuck does this nigga really think he is? Man, I should make a pussy shaped hat for this hoe ass nigga! This funny looking, wana be hard ass nigga is lucky Big fucked with him, or he would be doing oil changes somewhere. Big probably would have still been alive, along with Pac, if it wasnt for this perpetrating ass wana be gangster. I mean, think about it, we fed into the east coast west coast beef and lost two of the greatest MC's ever, while P Diddy and Suge punk asses were allowed to live! We traded the homies lives in for these two fuck ass niggas with no talent, and neither one of them has made one good song since Big and Pac died! Sorry Big, sorry Pac, we miss yall and now we know we fucked up. God forgive us for being ignorant. Instead of Big and Pac making some classic shit, we gotta watch bitch ass niggas like P diddy and Suge Knight. I would gladly trade in both these niggas lives just to have one of the big homies back. As a matter of fact, I would throw in 50 cent's life, Soulja Boy, and Nelly as a bonus. This hoe ass nigga actually had the nerve to send a nigga walking for miles just to get him a piece of cheesecake, and that stupid muthafucka did it! When has P Shitty ever made a good hip hop song that didnt involve another rapper? Never! This nigga sucks mad dick, and I'm surprised he is still lurking around hip hop, peddling his bullshit ass music and overpriced clothing to the public. This nigga is not nearly entertaining enough to have a TV show, or even be on TV.On top of that the nigga is a straight up coward. When Tupac was shittin on him and the rest of Bad Boy, he was quiet as a fucking churchmouse. But he has the nuts to sucker punch a regular nigga after he tried to holla at the niggas woman! Why didnt you talk shit when Pac was on your punk ass? Why didnt you talk shit to Suge when he openly shitted on you at the BET awards? I'll tell you why....the nigga is a straight up bitch, simple and plain. The only reason this nigga has money is because of Big. And why is it that every time this nigga is in a picture, his fucking mouth is wide open? Maybe cause he's sucked so much dick in his life, his jaw is permanently open. I dont know about you, but I could never, ever work for a nigga who is basically going to talk to me like I'm his bitch just so I can perform on his label. Like I've said many times before, money does not make a man, respect does. Any nigga who attempts to talk to me in that fashion gets his dickbeaters blew out, simple and plain. Hoes and money make niggas like him think other niggas aint shit because they dont have millions of dollars. The same niggas cant even go anywhere by themselves, because they are scared. Hoes and money will not help you when a nigga is whipping your ass in a one on one fight. Dont get me wrong, I love to see Black people gettin paid, but I do not like to see how these niggas egos get so big they think they cant be touched. What good is money if niggas dont respect you? Bitches are always available when you have money, but that isnt because they respect you, its because they look at you like a meal ticket. Think about it, this nigga has enough money to buy Lambos and airplanes, but plenty of niggas would not hesitate to slap the dogshit out of him! P Diddy, what a gay ass name! What happened to J Lo, dog? I'll tell you what happened. She left that nigga for another muthafucka with money, hows that for respect. To sum it all up, this nigga gets no fuckin respect from me or anyone else at Ignorance Inc, straight up. He also doesnt get respect from any other real hip hop head anywhere on the planet, those MTV niggas don't count. I'm officially putting this bitch nigga in the same box with Nelly, 50 cent, lil wayne, soulja boy, bow wow, and every nigga with "lil" in front of their name. Odds are, me and the rest of Ignorance Inc will run into some of these faggots one day, and maybe they will have something to say, but I guarantee you they'll be saying that shit from a distance, or behind 300 bodyguards. Tough ass niggas, huh. I don think so. To all my real niggas, stop supporting this faggot. Don't buy his clothes, cologne, or anything with his name on it. Why not? Because this nigga looks down upon you, even though you helped make him rich. We lost Pac and Big fuckin with this bitch ass nigga, along with Suge Knight. This is Ignorance Inc. Are you starting to get the picture? Fuck P diddy. Peace


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