Monday, September 8, 2008

Young Berg Gets Beat Up in the D

What's up people, this is your man Thrash with Ignorance Inc. givin you the real like no one else can! It seems that we've added a new rapper to the list of rappers who have gotten their asses handed to them in Detroit. Yeah! Young Berg, the soft, pretty boy MC from Chicago is the latest to get that ass beat for running his big mouth. On top of that he got relieved of his ugly ass transformers chain! When are these fake gangstas going to realize you cannot go to another city and talk shit to niggaz who are from that city? Now his so called twin brother, another skinny ass nigga from chicago, has issued some big threats to Trick Trick and his crew. Wow, another internet gangster! It's easy to pop shit from across the world, but Jay Stones claims he's gonna bring it to the D! Jay, please save what little money you have to pay your rent and eat, bro. Don't end up using your money for hospital visits, because that is what you will get if you go to any other city with that type of talk. Lil bro got the business because he doesnt know how to show respect. Did you hear his comments about dark skinned women, or dark butts? This dumb nigga's career will be over before you know! Honestly, Young Berg is lucky to be alive! Let this be a lesson to you Young softie, keep your mouth shut next time you are out of town, because niggas are hungry and a soft ass punk like yourself can get done in easily. Just ask Lil Wayne what happened to him and his chain in L.A. These cats get a lil money and fame and all of the sudden they want to act hard, but that's exactly what it is, acting hard. Stick to entertainment fellas, don't play games with niggas who do not wish to play, nah mean? This is ya man Thrash with Ignorance Inc. givin it to ya like ya want it. Peace.


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