Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What the Fuck is a Socialite?

There's a term that is being used very loosely to describe people who are rich because of their parents. These same people are now being referred to as celebrities and superstars. The term is socialite. You know, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, bitches like that. A socialite is a muthafucka that has money (not earned by them) and shows up at all the major functions, makes videos about themselves (like someone gives a fuck) and all of the sudden they are considered a celebrity. Lets get the record straight, a socialite is a spoiled, nothing ass muthafucka who would either be sucking dick for money or working at McDonald's if their parents didn't have money. Why do people even pay attention to a tramp ass bitch like Paris Hilton? The bitch is not attractive, and her talents are limited to sucking dick on camera. A more fitting career would be adult films. Same with Kim Kardashian, except for the fact that she's a good looking bitch with an ass out of this world. But fuck it, a hoe is a hoe. There is something very wrong in America when bitches like this can actually be considered celebs! What the fuck can either of these hoes do besides get caught polishing penises on camera? And people actually say I'm ignorant! Where I'm from, these types of bitches are called what they really are - hoes. We don't have any other terms that would fit a bitch who sleeps around, doesn't work, and doesn't have anything else better to do! Get with me America, I'm gonna keep bringing you the real with no sugar coating. Peace.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, those mothafuckas need to grow up!

hoodmistress said...

It's a sad world if young girls aspire to be skeezers like two high-end whores, and guys are looking to wife up said whores.

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