Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Soulja Boy - A Problem in Hip Hop

What's up people, first I wana say happy B Day to my homie Jay The Grate ( i know how to spell muthafucka). Let's get to the business at hand. There is a problem with hip hop today. Actually there are a lot of fuckin problems in hip hop but I want to pinpoint just one. That garbage ass nigga soulja boy. The reason niggas like this even make it out of the basement with that shit is because high school kids now are so limited in their thinking. These dumb ass kids are requesting simple minded music like soulja boy makes because they are too fucking stupid to understand any rapper with a decent vocabulary. So they get up in the morning chanting "superman that hoe" or "yaaaah trick." Most of this shit jumps off in the South. No disrespect but y'all need to start listening to the real artists from the South like outkast, scarface, T.I., or some niggas on that level. I guess Curtis Jackson is trying to weasel his way in to capitalize off this wack ass nigga soulja boy now. Ice T was right, niggas like soulja boy are fucking up hip hop, along with these bitch ass niggas at the radio stations who play this type of shit back to back to fucking back. I haven't heard Nas, Scarface, Common, or any other good hip hop artist on the radio in a while now. But I have heard soulja boy, dollar, yung berg, lil wayne and a slew of other shit ass rappers over and over again. Ice, you were right and you shouldn't have apologized to this nigga with no talent. Niggas like him are fucking up hip hop. I mean, it seems like in order to make money in the rap game now, you have to appeal to the simple minded muthafuckas. Maybe Nas is right about hip hop being dead. The shit doesn't involve talent and hard beats anymore, it involves a simple ass rap, a hook, and a beat that sounds like a nigga made it with a casio keyboard (swizz beats). It's going to be a long winter, so all you real hip hoppers out there better keep your cd players working, if not you will be bombarded with a bunch of hoe shit from a bunch of hoe niggas who call themselves rappers. Peace.


DOC said... might be able to solve the problems of hip hop lol

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