Sunday, September 21, 2008

R Kelly - Rapist of the Year

I want to take a minute of time to congratulate the "pied piper" of R&B, Mr. R Kelly. You know, the guy who plays his flute, all the 13 and 14 year olds come running, then he fucks them and pisses on them. You did it dog! You showed the whole world that even if you get caught red handed on camera doing some shit that is clearly sick, money will get you out of trouble. And on top of that, instead of just disappearing, you continue to make sexually oriented songs! Don't get me wrong, R Kelly is very talented music wise, but that is outweighed by the fact that he is a pedophile and a rapist. Good job, Mr Kelly. This sick ass nigga could have any woman on the planet, but he chooses to fuck girls in the 8th grade! The American justice system is all fucked up, and this case is a prime example. I saw the video a few years ago, and it was his face on the screen. I dont give a fuck what his lawyers said, they should go to jail too! Everyone on the jury should go to jail, and so should the judge who let this bitch ass nigga go free. And he actually gets angry when certain entertainers dont want to do songs with him. What entertainer wants to do a song with a nigga who fucks middle school girls? And pisses on them? That nigga is lucky to be alive, because if it was a member of my family he took advantage of, there would be no amount of money that would keep me off of his bitch ass. I would torture that nigga every day until he begged me to kill him. Fuck R Kelly, and any nigga who supports him. Fuck his homies, fuck his parents and everyone else thats associated with him. Its fucked up when money can get a rapist out of trouble. There shouldn't have been a trial, nigga go straight to prison for life. Let a few big niggas fuck him and piss on him, that's proper punishment. This shit is pissing me off the more I sit here and write about this bitch. And some of the people reading this will still go buy his albums, especially women. America is quickly turning into a bullshit country that supports whoever has money, regardless of what they do. I'm sorry, any man who has to take advantage of children should die a slow death. If you still support R Kelly or buy his music, fuck you too! The nigga is a piece of shit who doesnt deserve to breathe the same air I breathe, seriously. I can't even write about this shit anymore, it makes me want to hunt this nigga down, and cut his nuts off! Peace.

2 comments: said...

Let a few big niggas fuck him and piss on him !

thats the mostest correct and funniest shit about this kiddy-fiddler, good work ignant-inc

Ignorance Inc said...

good lookin, thanks for visiting, keep comin back, we'll keep bringin it, peace

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