Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nelly's Brass Knuckles - Another Bullshit Album

Fuck it, let's get this one overwith quickly. Nelly has a new cd called brass knuckles. That's a great title for his album considering the fact that he has never, ever made even one hard song. This nigga is a singer, not an MC. I thought this garbage ass nigga would have disappeared by now, but I guess the dumb ass kids are keeping him alive. This guy is definitely one of my all time worst. And he had the nerve to say he's number one! Number one at what? Making shitty ass watered down music and calling it hip hop? He also loves to take his shirt off, i guess thats a tactic to sell albums to dumb bitches who dont realize the fact that he has absolutely no fucking talent. He even has a gay ass stage name - Nelly, sounds like a bitch's name to me. Who fucking buy's this nigga's albums? I'll tell you. White kids and young bitches. I dont understand what makes a nigga make the type of music he makes. Does he really think that shit is hot? Or does he know it's absolute bullshit but it makes money? He's one of the niggas who started all this shit ass music that floods the airwaves today. Great job, Nelly, you started one of the most fucked up trends in history. On top of that, why is Ashanti in every one of his videos? We know you're fucking her, but then again, we really don't give a fuck. Why do niggas like him obviously make garbage ass music and then throw it in the faces of real hip hoppers when they make money? Its like they're saying "hey look at me, I make a lot of money selling my shitty ass music!" Its not all about money, faggot ass nigga! I make hip hop music myself, but I just cannot bring myself to make some bullshit that is aimed strictly at white people and dumb ass country muthafuckas who don't know any better. I make what I feel, I make what sounds good to people that love hip hop. Your music is a representation of yourself, your talents, your mindset, etc. So, when I hear some of the shit Nelly makes, I come to the conclusion that this nigga is just garbage as a person and as an MC. If there are any Nelly fans reading this, I feel sorry for your dumb ass. You are the type of person who just doesnt know any better. A muthafucka who will go out and buy a nigga's CD just because he is making money. Uhmmmm.....dumb ass, do you know how he makes money? From stupid mindless muthafuckas like yourself buying his bullshit over and over again! I have gotten quite a few people angry with some of my articles, but hey someone has to do it. There's too much cake ass, captain save a hoe, soft ass, singing ass, i got money type of shit going on in hip hop today. I'm just one of the few real niggas left that expresses his opinion with no sugar coating. If you don't like it, leave this site. If it makes you angry, good! If you have something to say, leave it in the comments section. If you support Nelly, lil wayne, bow wow, young berg, birdman, soulja boy, or any nigga similar to them, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. You are a mindless muthafucka that needs to be educated on what hip hop really is. Unfortunately, I dont have the time to hold your fucking hand! Go fuck with your own kind! Your presence is not appreciated, and it is not needed. Go buy a wife beater and some bullshit jewelry, get a gold grill, maybe some apple bottoms or something. Just get the fuck outta here. Peace.


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