Monday, September 8, 2008

The Best Rapper Alive?

Has anyone ever asked you this question? If they have, how old were they? The next time a grown ass nigga asks you that question, please walk away from them immediately. Having a conversation with this person will be an enormous waste of time, and will upset you, unless you are a nigga that entertains that type of shit. Who really gives a fuck about who the best rapper is. High school muthafuckas have these conversations, not grown ass men and women. Why the fuck are we idolizing these faggot ass niggas who don't give a fuck about us? Dont get me wrong, all rappers are not faggots, just your favorite ones. Lil Wayne, Gay-Z, 50 cent, you know those niggas. These niggas get rich off of you buying their CD's and then throw it in your face when they get paid while you are still broke! Let me just say this before we go any further.... Fuck Gay-Z, 50 cent, Lil Wayne, and any other perpetrating ass nigga who thinks he is hard because of his album sales. Thats why every time they go out of town they get slapped, robbed, and punked. These niggas are human beings, they respond to being punched in the face like anyone else! They are not super heroes, contrary to popular belief. And ladies, please do not let me hear another one of you talking about Gay-Z being sexy. This nigga is pound for pound one of the ugliest muthafuckas to walk the face of the earth...period. If he wasnt rich, you dumb bitches would not even look at this ugly nigga for more than a second. Same with 50 cent, half of this nigga's teeth are white, and the other half are gray, and you bitches think that's sexy huh? You dumb hoes need to make better use of your mouths. Go find an extra large penis to place in it!
Keep it real people, Thrash signing out. Peace.


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