Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Lions Suck - Again

If you're from Detroit, and are a Lions fan, this time of year is always depressing. I was a fan when Barry Sanders was here, but I stopped fuckin with these bum ass niggas a long time ago so it doesn't bother me anymore. But honestly, I have been to the clubs in Detroit and seen some of the players just ballin out inside. But once again, this group of overpaid niggas cant ball anywhere but in the club. These bums couldn't even beat Atlanta with a rookie QB. This nigga's first pass of his career was a TD - on the Lions. I mean what the fuck, man, these niggas suck dick every year and come back with the same ol' "believe in us" or "we will improve" bullshit. They were dumb as hell to build Ford Field and let the Lions play there. The economy is bold, and these niggas are proven losers. Lots of empty seats this season for sure. The same old dumb ass playcalling, the same oke-doke niggas running the plays, it's disgusting to watch. Fire the GM, coach, players, close the shit up man.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I could've said it any more eloquently than this.

Matt Millen deserves a cell next to Kwame for robbing the people of Detroit blind for years.

Ignorance Inc said...

Exactly, I mean how long does this muthafucka deserve to get paid up the ass for absolutely nothing!

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