Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reggie Bush and Ray J - Trick Ass Niggas

Let me get right to the point, Ray J is a little bitch ass nigga who thinks he's some type of pimp all of the sudden. Nigga you don't get props for fucking crackheads (Whitney Houston) and prostitutes (Kim Kardashian). Your sis is the real star, not your soft ass nigga! This nigga is a nobody, but of course all you young hoes probably love him. Young hoes are dumb bitches anyway though. For some reason this nigga walks around with his chest out, licking his lips and giggling like a faggot. And as for Reggie Bush, nigga you are in the NFL dog! I know you ain't really amounting to shit on the field but damn, you want to fuckin marry Kim Kardashian? Nigga did you see her getting butt fucked by that soft ass nigga Ray J? You could run into this faggot ass nigga at anytime, and he would be laughing at you dog! You cannot turn a hoe into a housewife! Man, it's apparent to me that pussy still rules a lot of these niggas out here. Reggie you are supposed to be a celebrity bro, if you wanted to fuck her that's cool, but marry her? This nigga must be fucking retarded! Concentrate on rushing for your first 100 yard game, not on a trick who fucked Gay J, I mean brandi's brother, I mean Ray J. Another stupid ass nigga with money, the shit amazes me. I hope Bobby Brown runs into Ray J and whips that ass dog, I would pay 500 in a heartbeat to see that shit. By the way, Brandi's ass is gettin fat, wouldn't mind smashing that one! Where are the real niggas at? (M.O.B.) A rich ass nigga can have his pick of top notch women, but I see some niggas are still infatuated with prostitutes! Some things never change. Peace.


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