Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Not Laughing

I know some of you reading this one will feel me. I want to briefly discuss another problem in the entertainment industry...comedians and actors who are not funny. Let's start with Chris Rock. I guess he has a new stand up coming to cable TV. I don't know about you, but this nigga hasn't made me laugh since New Jack City. He talks really loud to make up for the fact that he is just not genuinely funny. You ever notice even when a nigga is funny, when the big money gets thrown at them all of the sudden they become less funny? I'm not saying this happened with Chris Rock, he's never been funny from day one. Another nigga that's not funny is Eddie Griffin. Spinning around and doing those old ass dances and shit does not cut the mustard bro. I don't see how this nigga got a chance to be on anyone's stage. Another nigga that is becoming less entertaining is Katt Williams. I mean he was ok in Friday but he didnt make me laugh hard at all, and the more stand ups and movies he makes, his material is becoming stale. He's another nigga who tries to "yell" a laugh out of you. Get some new shit to talk about dude. It's not only black comedians though, because the one person on this earth who I just cannot believe is making money from comedy is Seinfeld. I mean, this muthafucka is so not funny its aggravating. This guy is obviously benefitting from his skin color because he is straight up garbage. I can't even sit through one show without being disgusted. That shit is more like a drama instead of a comedy, but amazingly it's still on TV. That's white America for you, pull the Black shows, keep the bullshit white shows. R.I.P. to Bernie Mac, a truly funny nigga. Peace.


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