Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beyonce Album Coming Soon?

Uhhh, I was having trouble coming up with some interesting info today, so fuck it, let's talk about everyone's favorite odd couple, Gay-Z and his trophy hoe Beyonce. I guess she has another wack ass album coming out in the fall, and I'm sure Mr Potato Head himself will grace the album with some more "I got the baddest bitch" lines. Yeah, I know all of the dickriders out there will be sayin I'm hating, but fuck them. Beyonce is a nice looking bitch but her talents are pretty much limited to shaking that large ass of hers. I wonder what nigga hatin song that bitch will be comin with next. How does a bitch that looks as good as her settle with a nigga that looks like a fuckin pufferfish? Money rules, I'm sad to say. To say the least though, I will not be in line at the record store waiting on this one, I wish she would just start doing porno, I'd wait in line for that. It's good to see black people gettin their money, but enough with these two fuckers. By the way I think Cam and some of the Dipset Boys was bangin her ass when she was makin music with them. I bet that was fun! I'm sure hoodrats all over the world will be quoting some hoe ass lines from B's album, so look for random slapping of hoodrats to rise in the fall when this bullshit album comes out. You may be askin yourself, why is Ignorance Inc so negative? It's very simple, it's fun to talk about muthafuckas who deserve to be talked about in a negative fashion, we don't discriminate. On top of that, I'm tired of all the grown ass dickriders riding dicks. Do you think the superstars ever have conversations about who the best average nigga is? Who the best bum ass nigga is? No, they don't! Dickriders are responsible for Gay-Z making millions, but best believe that big lipped nigga doesn't give a fuck about none of you! Ignorance Inc is just a viewpoint from the other side, feel me? Peace.


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