Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kanye Gets Arrested

Yo, it's ya man Thrash again, Ignorance Inc. Kanye got arrested at a Los Angeles airport. This nigga has a little temper as you well know. My question is why does this gay ass nigga try to act tough? Nigga if you don't want the paprazzi to fuck with you, you shouldn't be in the entertainment biz. Kan-Gay and some other nigga apparently smashed the reporter's camera, and i guess the other nigga roughed him up also. Just like a bitch ass rapper, get your henchmen to do the dirty work. If you don't want to be bothered, kanye, stop showing up in public with gay ass outfits on. Stay at home and make that watered down music you call hip hop. Niggas like him never have altercations with real muthafuckas, its always a reporter or some other nigga who's just doing his job. Kanye, his job is to put bitch ass niggas like you in the spotlight. This nigga kanye must want someone to break the other side of his lopsided face. Stop the tough guy routine kanye, i would be hard pressed to find a nigga that's softer than you. Hip hop is infested with niggas who try to live up to the shit they say on record, but it's always a different story when they come across someone who ain't buying their hoe shit. Be careful who you fuck with kanye, niggas are not afraid of you dog. You are not that type. You are an entertainer, so take what the fuck comes along with it nigga. Control your punk ass temper nigga, before it gets you in trouble with some real niggas foreal.


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