Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hip Hop Hoes

I was flickin through the channels on cable today, and I figured I would check out Rap City. Bad mistake on my part. I mean, who the fuck makes the choices of videos to be played on BET? Rap City used to be ok, but now it's filled with what I call hip hop hoes. I'm talking about these niggas who don't give a fuck about making quality music anymore, it's strictly about mainstream exposure. Most of the time I don't mention names, but this time I will. Bow wow is the first hip hop hoe on the deck. Since when did this lil punk ass nigga become a gangster? We know you got money nigga, but you are a hoe, let's be honest dog. Kanye is next. Dog, this nigga's music is starting to sound more gay to me every time I hear it. The gay ass clothing he wears doesn't help either. T Pain, that voice machine is the only reason you are even in the hip hop game, but fuck it I would rather listen to that because you are garbage as far as rapping goes. Now Lil Wayne is biting this niggas dick off. Why the fuck is wayne using the voice machine on every song now? I expected nothing less from this nigga kissing ass nigga. Also, why are the hip hop hoes using finger clicks in every song now? That shit makes a song sound so gay, and all these hoe niggas have a finger click song. And what the fuck is up with all these colorful outfits? That shit is gay also, just for the record. Man, and niggas actually support these hoe niggas. How many times does someone have to be subjected to this bullshit ass music from these faggots? Whatever happened to the MC? These niggas are singers now! The hip hop hoes have taken over, and it fucking sucks. I can't even turn on the radio without hearing the same gay ass niggas over and over again. All these niggas talk about is their money, clothes, cars, and bitches. Since their money is so long ( so they say) why don't they just retire and stop flooding the market with the same garbage ass music? News Flash - we do not give a fuck about how much money you have or how you spend it! Making it rain is the dumbest shit I've ever heard of! That's one of the marks of a truly ignorant ass nigga! I bet some of the niggas who do dumb ass shit like that wish they had it back. These niggas give the racists a good reason to call us monkeys, and other shit. The record companies are pimpin you dumb niggas, and you turn around and shit on your own people because they don't have money to throw in the air. That's a nigga for you, no matter how much money you have, you are still a nigga. It makes me feel good when these niggas do a show and get beat up, or get bottles thrown at them. The hip hop hoes are not on our side, they are the enemy and should be treated as such. You never hear rock and roll artists or country artists talking about how much money they have, and you damn sure won't see them making it rain! You only see that shit when these bitch ass rappers are on the scene. The record company execs make 100 million, pay these niggas two million and these dumb niggas go throw the money in the air! If you want to get in the hip hop game, get your mind right and become an executive. That way you too can pimp a dumb ass nigga like bow wow, lil wayne, young berg and others. Just think about it, you go in the club, make it rain, and when you come outside your bentley has been repoed. This shit really happens, but the niggas it happens to won't let you know because they have a gay ass image to uphold. There are too many niggas who fall into this category so I can't possibly mention all of them. They know who they are, and you know who they are. I would say they can suck my dick, but these gay niggas probably would try to do just that. Fuck 'em. Peace


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