Monday, September 15, 2008

Rick Ross gets the Brown Shower

I'm sorry Mr. Ross. Ignorance Inc almost forgot about your fat ass. Please accept this heart felt apology, fat boy. I have been too busy to give you the brown shower you desperately need. What is a brown shower? Well, I'm sure you know what a golden shower (getting pissed on) is, right? A brown shower is getting shitted on! It's about that time to get off in a nigga's ass again for being stuck on himself! First, let me say this. Rick Ross does not run Miami or any other city. He may run the Burger King register, or the all you can eat buffet at the Miami Crab House, but that's about it. This slob ass nigga gets a little too much press if you ask me. The nigga has maybe one or two good songs, and he thinks he's a bowse (boss). This nigga's lyrics are watered down, and he sounds like he's having a heart attack when he does live shows. Those gaudy ass Run Dmc chains are not the shit, and you are not the shit, you fat nigga! Why is he trying to ride scarface's dick (Al Pacino) to stardom? This nigga is too fucking fat to talk shit, seriously. Who the fuck are you gonna beat up nigga? I'm not buying Rick's image. It is not fashionable to be a disgustingly fat nigga, contrary to popular belief. You can't hit pussy the correct way with a belly like that dog. Oh yeah, we know about you being a correctional officer too, bro. How the fuck do you go from being a fucking pig to a gangster? Well, the nigga is still a pig actually. All the money talk doesn't impress me fat boy. You havent been in the game long enough to have 100 million, so stop fucking lying about your bread. On top of that, the songs that you do have that get airplay always feature another rapper who is better than your overweight ass. I'm a bowse! Nigga please. What female would want this 400 pound nigga sweating on them? Slow down Rick before you have a fucking heart attack. This nigga is obviously well connected with someone at the radio station, because there are millions of average ass niggas like this in the rap game. That's that payola shit for you. Punk niggas at the radio station playing shit that we do not request or want to hear. Will someone go get this fat ass nigga a double burger with cheese or something? You are not the least bit entertaining, big guy. Ive heard baseheads with better lyrics than this nigga. Breathing hard as hell on the mic, food stains on his shirt, shoes leaning over the side and shit like that. Get your big ass on a treadmill and maybe you can spit 16 without an oxygen tank at your side, bowse man. Big was the only big nigga that ever was fashionable, and could rhyme like a muthafucka at the same time. Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and you other hungry hippo ass niggas need to quit. If I ever see this nigga with his shirt off, I'm calling the fucking police on his ass for indecent exposure! Fall back, fat ass nigga, you ain't the shit by any means. You just eat a lot of shit, that's all. Didn't you learn from Big Pun? That nigga ate himself to death! You are on the same path dude. I dont give a fuck how much money you can spend at burger king, being a fat ass nigga and talking shit is bad for your health. What is this nigga's blood pressure, 200/200? Niggas like Rick Ross are lucky guns exist, because this fat nigga would get beat down in a heartbeat. I mean, let's face it, one or two hard swings and it's a wrap for his big ass! If you are a Rick Ross fan, so what. There are a lot of simple minded wana be drug dealin niggas who listen to simple minded rappers who claim to have sold drugs. Rick Ross is too fucking fat to sell anything, including drugs. If a nigga calls him for a key, he could very well take an hour just to get his fat ass dressed and in the car! Then he has to stop at Wendy's for a quadruple cheeseburger. By that time, the nigga who wanted the dope is pissed, and goes on to purchase from another nigga. I don't want to waste any more time on this fucking whale, so I'm out. Peace.


NFBlaze said...

Ahh that was funny...and I didnt even finish reading have to learn where you get your comedic jabs and ur disses man hit me up..I could use this stuff in real life...

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