Monday, September 8, 2008

No Dickriders Allowed

It's ya man Thrash again, Ignorance Inc, you know what it is. it just me or is anyone else out there tired of grown ass men dickriding rappers who are 15 years younger than them? Don't get me wrong, I like rap (good rap) music and I have my favorites but I do not go around quoting these niggas lines, wearing their clothes, and doing other questionable shit a lot of these grown ass dickriding niggas do! You bums should be ashamed of yourselves! These are the same niggas who wait until they are 30 years old to start a rap career. News Flash - If you are 30 years old and you decide to start a rap career, you will fail, go get a fucking job! Oh nigga I'm the coldest, niggas can't fuck with me, wait til I get this money! Shut the fuck up, nigga cause you ain't gonna get shit but laughed at. How the fuck does a grown ass man go around quoting a faggot ass rapper like Lil Wayne? This nigga kisses men on the mouth and you took the time to remember his lines? Here in Detroit there are tons of niggas like this with no talent and swear up and down some shit is gonna fall out of the sky for them. Then on the other hand you have the niggas who have a lil bread and decide to promote some straight up bullshit. Another word of advice - If you have been trying to make money in the rap game for 10 years and it hasn't jumped off you need to stop! Your shit is wack, save your money and time for something else. I wont say any names right now because I refuse to bring any type of pub to any of these hoe ass niggas that I personally know. So, in conclusion if you ever find your grown ass about to quote a rapper (any rapper) you should quickly stop yourself. You look like a fucking fool, and it says a lot about your character or what little character you do have. Also, stop doing shows at the same hole in the wall clubs! You are performing in front of a bunch of niggas who also came to perform their garbage, so you will not sell any cd's, and you will not create any buzz for yourself like this. Go home to your hoodrat bitch, and eat some ramen noodles or something! This is ya man Thrash signing out. Peace.


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