Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats?

Man, tell me it aint so! I don't believe 90% of the gossip I hear, but man this rumor almost made me earl when I heard it. Alicia Keys is one of the few female artists left that's beautiful, respects herself, and doesn't have to shake her ass in every video to make money (take notes, Beyonce). She's also very talented, I don't give a fuck what Curtis faggot ass Jackson says. But why in the world would she fuck with this skinny ass, no talent, shitty ass beatmaking nigga? Come on Alicia, you can do waaaaay better than this muthafucka. I mean, didnt this nigga get sued by Casio for using one of their pre made beats? Swizz Beats is pound for pound one of the worst producers, if not the worst producer in hip hop history. My fucking grandfather can make better beats than this nigga, seriously. Sorry to keep harping on the same shit over and over, but money is a muthafucka boy, let me tell you! How else can a nigga with no fucking talent land a bad ass chick like Alicia Keys? I would feel better if she was a dike, straight up. Swizz beats is the same nigga who made "Jigga, whats my muthafuckin name, Jigga." A month later he makes "Wild Out" for the ruff ryders. If you've heard both of these bullshit songs, you know its the same shit, only backwards! And someone paid this awkward lookin nigga to make shit like that? But I guess it's no surprise, there are plenty bullshit niggas like Swizz who are ready and willing to "rob" a nigga at any moment (sell you a garbage ass beat for a hundred grand or so). He's 90% of the reason niggas stopped fuckin with ruff ryders! Alicia, dont play yourself with this nigga, let Buffie the body, Trina, Lil Kim or some other trick ass bitch have this nigga. I wouldn't pay this nigga 10 cents to make anything for me, period. That nigga would have to pay me a hundred grand for fucking up my album! You see, Ignorance Inc doesnt shit on everyone, just the wack ass niggas who have polluted the airwaves for the last 10 years. Say it aint true Alicia, if you're fucking this nigga we have to take a point away from you, thats just the rules of the game. Ignorance Inc just plays it better than anyone else. Dont get me wrong, I still would fuck Alicia Keys at the drop of a hat, but the first fuck would be a really hard one. Proper punishment for fuckin with a lame ass nigga like Shits Beats, I mean Swizz Beats. Peace.


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