Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Juelz Santana - Skullgang (Bumgang)

Whats good, people? I just found this video, even tho its probably over a month old. The first thing I noticed is that the interview was posted on 50 cent's website "this is 50." Great, more support for the man that shitted on the man who made Juelz wack ass. The second thing I noticed is how frail Juelz is. Man, niggas like him are lucky guns even exist. Can you imagine this 95 pound nigga sayin some hoe shit to you on the streets without bodyguards or a gun? Yeah, I know, it wouldnt happen. As far as this Skullgang (Bumgang) "movement" goes, its totally wack. Totally. Why is this skinny nigga callin this shit a "movement?" I hate when dumb niggas learn a word and try to use the shit repeatedly. Man the only "movement" this shit is similar to is a bowel movement. As a dipset member, Juelz was ok at best. Now, this nigga is complete and utter garbage. What size shirt is that, a fuckin extra small? And he's a gangsta? I for one am not buying it. And where in the fuck did he find these ultra wack niggas? I guess if he wants to be a boss, he has to find niggas that are more wack than him, so it makes sense from that standpoint. If you are considering purchasing any Skullgang projects, take the advice of a real hip hop head. Do not buy this shit, please. You will be very very angry even if you buy it on bootleg. And this nigga wack Santana actually had the nerve to say he's the biggest artist in New York right now. Since when nigga? This nigga has never been and will never be anywhere close to being the top artist in any major city. Maybe he should move to Nebraska, maybe he'll be the biggest artist there. Actually tho, there are probably some niggas in nebraska that would give homie the business. Juelz santana has about as much mass appeal as a fuckin sardine sandwich with cheese. Homie needs to quit this dumb shit he's on, along with Jimmy Jones dirty ass. Peace.


Guy Fawkes said...

Juelz calls everything a movement, first Dipset was a movement. Then dudes started beefing and he got himself away from it.

He's using big words like "movement" or "revolution" and it just makes him look like he has a dick stuck inside his mouth.

Steven Falls said...

Yeah, the movement he needs to be concerned with is his movement away from making decent music.

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