Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bedtime Story

Yo, I promised the readers a dumb ass bedtime story last week. Right now it's about 10:30 AM, but fuck it, just to make good on my word here it is. Ready, boys and girls?

There once was a lil' nigga who's name was Ray. Thought he was a pimp but acted quite gay. Ray fucked prostitutes on tape, and bitches who smoked crack. Was all over the TV claiming to be a mack. Ranting and raving about the dick he gave a hoe, she quickly dumped him for captain save a hoe. Compared to Ray, the Captain had more bread. But he saw his bitch on tape givin Ray that head. Instead of tellin the hoe to "get ta steppin", Captain save a hoe got on one knee and asked the bitch a question. "Will you marry me", he asked with a tear runnin down his cheek. She replied " Of course dumb nigger, we can do it next week." Captain save a hoe was overjoyed with his new trick wife. Even threatened to kill Ray with a knife. The Cap'n had money, but he still was sick, about the thought of his hoe on tape suckin another nigga's dick. Now the hoe was just fine, she thought she was a star, suckin dick on camera had gotten her this far! She bragged to her friends about her cake ass man, though he was the most over rated player in the land. She had her daddy's money to pay her own bills, but she still made the cap'n run through his own scrill. Wherever they would go, all the niggas just laughed. They had all seen the tape with Ray's dick in her ass. The cap'n didnt care, he thought he had a real friend. Next week she left him, never to see him again. Goodnight.


NIC NOTION said...

lol that shit silly ass fuck, lames with money make these hoes worlds go'round.

Ignorance Inc said...

What up Nic. Gotta make the people laugh to keep from cryin, nah mean? One.

Big Fonz said...


Ignorance Inc said...

Fonz, whats poppin bro? Appreciate the support homie. Peace.

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