Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Top Ten Baddest Chicks

Yo, I know you niggas been waitin for this one. These are the women you all wish was comin to your crib tonight. You know, the ones you imagine you're fucking when your bangin your average ass broad. The ones you would leave your woman for with no hesitation at all. Fuck it, we're all guilty of it at one time or another, so here goes.
1. Alicia Keys - Man this woman makes my dick hard every time I see her on TV. She's thick, she's beautiful, the total package in my estimation. Sorry Beyonce, you are not the baddest bitch, especially fuckin with that pumpkin head nigga Jay z. The nigga is so fuckin ugly, he makes Beyonce look a little worse. Alicia is the female of choice, the smile, the personality, the ass, what more can I say. She would be pregnant every day fuckin with me, for sure.
2. Halle - Halle Berry nigga, thaz right
3. J Ho- I mean J Lo - She's had more dicks in her than a public men's restroom, but she's still a bad muthafuckin bitch. The ass is a 10, the face is a 9, not a bad combo at all.
4. Kim Kardashian - See J Lo
5. Sanaa Lathan - The chick you wana marry, sexy as hell, but innocent looking at the same time.
6. Salma Hayek - Exotic as fuck. The accent, the eyes, the booty. Killin these hoes out here.
7. Ciara - Bad ass young bitch for sure. I like bad ass young bitches. Period
8. Gabrielle Union - Classy, sexy, well mannered, solid pick for sure.
9. Beyonce - You're slippin, B but you're still a beautiful, big booty bitch.
10. (Tie) Taraji Henson, Angela Bassett, Kellita Smith - Taraji's eyes and facial expressions do the trick for me, and Angela may be damn near 50, but youre a god damn liar if you say she's not fine as hell and you wouldnt fuck. Killin you young bitches out here! Kellita (bernie macs tv wife) is just flat out sexy, makes you wana grab her thru the TV and shove the dick in, no jim hat necessary, feel me?
Thats it, my top ten females. You may disagree, but if any one of them ever gives you a chance to fuck, eat the pussy, or suck their toes, nigga get to it. Peace.


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