Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kanye West - 808's and Heartbreak

You know what, I'm fuckin sick of this gay ass dressing, attitude havin, soft ass nigga. Man, what type of nigga dresses like this, seriously. Oh yeah, his new album isnt gonna have any rap on it. Thats all I need to know. Im officially not fuckin with this nigga ever again. If this nigga aint a fag, I dont know who is. As a man, I could not dress like this...period. I know you have to have style and originality, but that doesnt mean dressing like a faggot. Kanye has talent, but he hasnt been showing it lately. What he has been showing is support for gays and lesbians, and dressing the part. Dont act surprised when this nigga comes out of the closet with his gay ass. Im straight on this feminine ass nigga, fuck the music he makes.


gamalam said...

This post is harsh as hell. Thing is, I feel I am going to be as angry when I hear the Totally Auto-Tuned Out crooning of one Kanye West. I'm not feeling the idea, nor the three leaked songs at all.

Now I've purchased every Kanye album and given them away as presents, because I appreciate what he stands for but he's just not as talented as people make him out to be. That dude is far too gassed up. I don't think I'll be purchasing this one, unless my sister REALLY wants it. My brother and nephews can buy/bootleg it himself/themselves.

Steven Falls said...

Whas good, bro. I know my language is a little less than acceptable, but every post is written with feeling. I write like I talk, you know? Only way I know to get my point across. No one wants to read the same ol shit that the other blogs are writing, so I add a little tobasco sauce on it. Ok a lot of tobasco sauce. Peace.

gamalam said...

Oh, I'm not mad yo. Actually, I think your style of writing is hilarious, regardless if I agree or not.
I leave no advice, just keep it up.

Ringpeace said...

I like kanye's first two albums, he brought somethin' new to the game, but with every passing day he dissapoints me with some shit. His old songs had some soul mixed with hip-hop, some every day shit that you can relate to but now he be makin' poppy shit that I ain't feelin'...still have more respect for him than for fifty though...just my 2 cents

Steven Falls said...

No doubt, I can respect him more than Curtis as well.

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