Friday, October 10, 2008

Soulja Boy Shoes

Yo, one of the pound for pound wackest niggas ever to hit the set, soulja boy has a new line of shoes called "Yums." The logo is a lil smiley face. Wow, a candy ass lookin shoe for a candy ass nigga. These shoes are basically knock off Air Force ones or Bathin Apes. Some niggas are just all around wack, and this nigga is the LeBron James of wack niggas. I mean you got cats who got swag but no rhymes, and cats with rhymes but no swag. But very often in modern hip hop a nigga appears out of nowhere and has no swag and no rhymes. Soulja Boy is that nigga. Man, it fucks me up that a nigga of this little talent can get rich, but of course I know he makes the bulk of his bread from other simple minded niggas like himself. Followers are what they are called. To be honest, soulja boy, nelly, and shawty lo are the same nigga. Colorful gay ass clothing, shiny ass patent leather shoes, a few earrings, cartoons all on the ass of their jeans up and down their pantsleg, and absolutely no fuckin skills on the mic. I mean, these niggas dress like they're going to play lasertag or something. I think they're secretly creating these niggas on an assembly line in Area 51 or something. But why not? Shit, when dumb ass muthafuckas keep buying into these 3 dollar bill ass niggas, why wouldn't these type of niggas keep appearing to destroy hip hop. They have to fuckin know they're wack, they just have to know. I mean, can you imagine going into a studio, a nigga gives you a trash ass beat like the "she got a donk" beat and expecting you to perform to it? Personally, I wouldn't know what the fuck to do or say over a shit ass beat like that, so maybe that's soulja boy's problem. No, you're right, his beats are wack and he is also wack. His new shoes are wack, those silly ass glasses he wears are wack, clothes are wack, rhymes are wack, everything about the nigga is wack, period. Every thing he does and everything he is associated with is a direct copy of the wack niggas before him. Where in the fuck is that secret lab where these colorful niggas are being created? The record companies know where it is, they just ain't tellin us. Peace.


Anonymous said...

gay ass shoes right there...I mean what's with the shiny daycolor look, what are you like 5? First gay ass adult muthafucka I see wearing those is gettin' stomped...

Steven Falls said...

don't hurt nobody big dog, let 'em be wack. But I feel you, any grown nigga wearin these shits is a clown to the fullest. peace

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