Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LL Cool J - It's a Wrap

LL used to be the man, I was a fan a long time ago. He pretty much lost me when he started making 85% of his music for women. L has still got skills, but it's a wrap. Man this nigga is doing Old Spice commercials now? Some niggas egos are so fuckin big they just dont know when to quit. Its sort of like the crackhead bitch who still thinks she looks good. LL isnt a baser, but he's hanging around too long, like george foreman and Evander Holyfield. Nigga, you had your time in the spotlight, let it go. Nobody wants to see your 40 year old ass with your shirt off, licking your lips til they're dry. That shit is played, L. Whats next, will the great LL be on the next hanes ad with some tight ass underwear on? That sex symbol shit only carries you so far, dog. In the entertainment world, you actually have to entertain. You have to do something besides showing up at awards shows, handing out the awards while licking your lips, and not getting any awards. Go start a physical fitness center or something, or go do an ad for lip balm or something. I still got love for LL, but from a long time ago, not now. The nigga just started making too many soft ass songs. I know he gotta get his bread, but damn! Every song in the last ten years has been about catering to a bitch, or lickin a bitches toes, or some shit like that. He lost a lot of his hardcore fans when he made this switch. Ok, so you're still in shape and women still love you, but the hip hop world is past LL Cool J. Since you love the ladies so much and they love you, get into a business where you can cater strictly to women's needs. Nothing wrong with that, but don't try to promote another hip hop album by showing your old ass chest and licking your lips. We straight on that routine, L. There's enough hoe ass niggas in the rap game that love to show their bodies like tittie dancers or something. Or maybe L is trying to compete with these niggas by showing he has a bigger chest than them. Its funny, but it seems that all the niggas who love being half naked in their videos make the softest music! Just fade away, L. Your time has come and gone. Take your old, bald headed ass home and read the newspaper or something. Cut the grass. Take out the garbage. Wash your car. Play spades with your old ass homies. You can all sit there with your shirts off and flex your titties at each other. Let the young niggas take over. I know most of them are trash on the mic, but at least they still have time to learn. Peace.


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