Monday, October 6, 2008

Young Berg Gets Slapped Up - Again

Man, I dont really like to harp on niggas that aint relevant, but it's obvious that some niggas don't learn. I guess some nigga who calls himself maino slapped the nigga for being disrespectful. Now, I've never heard of maino before this, so this isnt an attempt to get more recognition for him. But, berg when are you gonna learn, you are not hard! This is the second time in 6 weeks that a nigga had to give you the business! You are soft, you are young, and niggas do not fear you at all. So what if a nigga said something about you, let it go because it's obvious you cannot defend yourself against grown men. I heard the interview, and dont get me wrong, berg gets what he deserves but this maino cat sound a little overly tough himself. Dont you get it, berg, niggas are making a name for themselves from beating you up. Trick Trick isnt a presence in hip hop, neither is maino. But guess what, they got some pub from putting their hands on you. Like I said before, berg's career is gonna be over soon, so slapping him won't carry any weight in the future. Man, some niggas just don't learn. As for maino, maybe a few more people will know who you are, but fall back on the tough talk dog. You beat up lil cease and young berg. You don't get many points for that. They are kids, not grown men. Peace.


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