Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It Ain't Trickin if you got it?

Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us, for we know not what we do, or what we say. Man, what feeble minded nigga came up with this hoe ass saying? Was the nigga serious when he first said it? "It aint trickin if you got it is the equivalent of saying "it ain't smokin crack if you can afford it!" The fucked up thing is the fact that a lot of rappers actually say this dumb shit. T Pain, Lil Wayne, and Ludacris are among the guilty. Man, do niggas even think about what they say anymore, or do they just say whatever the fuck another dumb nigga said? Before I go on, Im gonna keep it 100 with all of you out there, because if I don't keep it 100 with myself, I cant keep it 100 with you. I tricked one time up in Toronto. I did it because I was too fuckin drunk to drive, damn near too drunk to walk, plus a couple of kush blunts didn't help either. It was convenient, but I was pissed after the fact, no doubt. The money I spent didn't kill me, it was just the fact that I didn't keep it real with myself. Now that I got that off my chest, let me get back to the niggas who think it aint trickin as long as you have the money to trick with. Ludacris is a decent MC, nothing more, nothing less. But is Luda keepin it real when he says it aint trickin if you got it? Who raised this nigga, a fuckin prostitute? News Flash - You cannot buy pussy if you don't have the money to buy it! If you do have the money to buy it, and you buy it you are fuckin trickin! So, as long as they have the money to buy it, they feel like they're excused from being trick ass niggas. Uhmmmm... your financial situation doesn't make a difference, if you pay for pussy, you are trickin. Fuck what Ludacris, Lil wayne, and T Pain say. If it aint trickin, what the fuck is it called? The fucked up thing is, now niggas feel like it's ok to give a fuckin prostitute money for pussy. Oh, I'm sorry did, I say prostitute? Just for the record, a bitch who fucks for money is a prostitute, I don't give a fuck if she makes videos or does modeling on the side, her primary occupation is prostitution. When the fuck did it become cool to pay hoes for sex? Oh, I guess when Ludacris and some other trick ass rappers started saying it, it became acceptable to other niggas. When the fuck are niggas gonna learn, just because these dumb ass rappers say something, that doesn't mean its automatically ok. Some niggas live their lives according to what rappers say, and some of those rappers are the dumbest niggas on the planet. Its just like the grill craze. One nigga pops up with a grill in his mouth lookin like a fuckin monkey, and all the other monkeys follow. Its fucked up that some of us are that impressionable. Would you eat a plate of dogshit if Lil Wayne did it or said it was cool? Would you kiss your homeboy on the lips because wayne's fag ass does it? Would you kiss Paris Hilton after she called Black people niggers, like dumb ass Ludacris and 50 cent did? Man, we need more leaders out here, not followers. We need to realize that these rappers are nothing in the whole scheme of things, they just get paid to entertain. Their words mean absolutely nothing at all. The fans make the rappers, the rappers don't make the fans. If we stop listening, half of these so called smart ass rappers would be working at a local gas station, or selling crack to other black people. That's the problem with us, whatever these niggas say is law. Take crack selling for example. Why the fuck do niggas who sell crack act like they are accomplishing something important? Because they saw another nigga make money by selling crack, of course. So now it's cool to sell shit that kills more black people than any other race? Thats why it's easy for racist white muthafuckas to call us dumb niggers. Black people aint never had shit, but a lot of them have the nerve to be selfish and arrogant when they make money from killing black people. Is it really necessary for others to suffer just so your punk ass can get rich? If you answered yes, you are a bitch ass nigger ( not nigga, nigger). If you feel like it aint trickin if you got it, you are also a bitch ass nigger. Go find a fuckin prostitute to save, and sell her some crack while you're at it. Bitch ass nigger. Get at me. Peace.


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