Friday, October 10, 2008

CHANGE - Them vs Us

Yo, first I would like to show love to all the real homies from every city who show love to Ignorance Inc. Y'all give us reason to do what we do. We know you are tired of these hoe niggas runnin hip hop, and we are too. I'm gonna get back to doin what I do best, but this is a more serious subject. We are at war. I ain't talkin about the hip hop wars or even the war in Iraq. I'm talkin about the war between THEM and US. It's poppin off right here in America. THEM = the people who value money over the lives of their own people. THEM = the niggas who look down upon you because of your financial situation, and think they are better than you because they have a few more dollars than you. THEM = the bitches who act like you ain't worthy of their attention because you ain't rich. US = the brothas who work hard as fuck all day, and hustle all night to keep food in our families mouths. US = the brothas who protect our families at all costs. US = the brothas and sistas who accept our brothas and sistas no matter what their financial situation is, or how they look. The war is between Black people and Black people. Stupid as fuck ain't it? Stay with me, people. We got muthafuckas like George Bush and John McCain who don't give a fuck whether we live or die, but we shit on each other. Our government bails out the fuckin banks that fucked US over in the first place with high ass interest rates and shit, but we shit on each other. Some of US who support brother Barack Obama are getting pictures in the mail of a face - half of the face is Barack Obama, the other half of the face is that of a monkey. But we are killing each other, not the racist cowards who do this type of shit. We look down upon our sista who doesn't have the long, stringy hair and the perfect body, but we must realize the fact that she is one of US - our sista. We look down upon our brotha who doesn't make big money and drive a $100,000 car, but he is one of US - our brotha. The bottom line is that we make it easy for the fuckin racists and bigots because we de-value each other based on looks and money. We need to devalue the nigga who sells a boatload of crack every day to Black people. De-value the niggas like Young Jeezy who supports John McCain, but glorifies selling crack to Black people. Don't devalue the brotha who goes to school and is struggling financially. That brotha is trying to better himself for the future. Take a look at your own siblings, your brothas and sistas. Are they rich, are they the most attractive person you've ever seen? Of course not, but God Damnit you would go to war for them regardless of how they look, wouldn't you? You're God Damn right you would! In conclusion, just do me this favor. When you walk outside your door today, and you see US, a brotha or sista, realize they are the same as you regardless of their appearance. When you come face to face with the brotha on the corner sellin his CD, don't play him like a bum. The brotha is trying, at least he ain't out here killin his brothas for crack money. Sistas, when you go to the club tonight, don't just hoe a brotha just because he approached you ( as long as he does it respectfully), and you aint attracted to him. Tell that brotha you appreciate his interest and the fact that he approached you like a gentleman. And don't shit on the sista who is not as attractive as you are, she is still your sista. That sista is your equal, even if the drug dealers ain't gettin at her. When you step outside of your door today and you see THEM, say a prayer for THEM. Together we stand, divided we fall. Some real deal shit for you to think about. Peace.




Steven Falls said...

Young Nic whas up homie, thanks for showin love. 100. People are waitin on your video, get at us. Peace

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