Monday, October 20, 2008

O.J. "Simpleton" Simpson - Guilty

Damn, O.J. Homie went from being a legend to being a nominee for the Dumb Nigga of The Year Award. The nigga beat a murder case and even though he was found not guilty in that case, they came up with a "new nigga rule", and charged him with some other shit directly related to the murder case. Did this clown ever think about the fact that they were dedicated to putting him in prison one way or another? He was fuckin free, but chose to keep fuckin up. Why would you try to rob and kidnap a nigga because he had your fucking trophies? He acquired those items legally, asshole. But big bad O.J. is a football legend, fuck that. He wasnt gonna just sit there and let a nigga sell his memorabilia, that was his shit. Now he's gonna just sit there in a fuckin cell and think about the tremendously dumb shit he did. I'm convinced that some niggas just want to go to jail, and he is one of them. Dog, if i beat a murder case Im not doing anything whatsoever to get into more bullshit. I mean, what nigga on this planet can boast of killing a white woman, and beating the case? They sent Mike Vick to jail for dogfighting, some shit that has been going on for hundreds of years. Down south, there are people that engage in chicken fighting, and they dont have to worry about jail. Some of us just don't know how to take advantage of our blessings. Simpleton should know by now that any black athlete or celebrity has to operate under a different set of rules. If you're black and famous, you are being monitored more so than a famous white person. He had to know that, and he already had a major strike against him. They were waiting on your dumb ass, O.J., and they got you. You beat a murder case, then got caught up trying to rob a nigga for some shit that wasn't yours anymore. Oh well, you can't possibly feel sorry for a nigga of that little intelligence, straight up. Peace.


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