Monday, October 20, 2008

Chess - Kings, Queens, and Pawns

Yo, it may be over for Dipset as we know it. And it aint because of 50 cent. Its because of disloyal bitch ass niggas who don't know how to play their position. Sometimes the pawn niggas want to be the Kings and Queens, but when they get out on the battlefield they are quickly eaten up by more powerful players. There can only be one boss for Dipset, and that's Cam. Jimmy's faggot ass started the shit by appearing with 50 cent on stage, along with Juelz. Pawn move. Now if you know your nigga got beef with someone, why the fuck would you appear on stage or anywhere else with that nigga? 50 cent paid Jimmy and Juelz to appear with him, just to make it look like he could shut dipset down. Queen move. The pawns accepted. Thats how Curtis operates, like a fuckin snake. Jimmy showed his true colors, and he is now considered a bitch nigga. And on top of that, nobody is buying his new clothing line "Nostic." You see, before you try to do your own thing you have to make sure you have a following. Jimmy's following is not nearly big enough to sell his own clothing line, and the only reason he has even a small following is Camron. Now Hell Rell is leaving too. Pawn move. And what the fuck is up with Rell saying "at the end of the day" all the fuckin time? Nigga, at the end of the day Cam put Hell Rell on. At the end of the day, Hell Rell needs Cam. At the end of the day Hell Rell will be back to sellin crack on the corner if Hell Rell doesn't get his mind right. At the end of the day, Hell Rell is a pawn that will quickly be moved off of the entire chess board. I like Rell's flow, but lets face it, he's just not headliner material. He aint gonna make it without Cam, neither is Jimmy, or Juelz. Cam put these niggas on, not themselves. Jimmy was a fuckin backup dancer for McGruff for God's sake. He has one hit to his name, and it was under Dipset. Where's Curtis now, Jimmy? Nigga probably aint spoke to you since that gay ass stunt on stage. 50 played you like a pawn just to make it look like he shut down dipset, and you and Juelz pawn asses fell for it. Cam sold Juelz to Def Jam for two million. King move. Fuck it Cam, get what you can off of these foot soldier ass niggas. They will soon learn that loyalty is everything. How do you think Phony Yayo and Down Syndrome Lloyd survive in the rap game? They are loyal to their boss. Jimmy, Juelz, and Rell should realize that. Cam may not have the best rhymes, but he's the best hustler out of all the dipset niggas by far. They're pissed because he has more bread than all of them combined, he's on another level, a level that Jimmy, Rell, and Juelz will never reach. The employee does not make more than the boss, simple and plain. The pawns cannot move like the Kings and Queens move. The pawns move forward one block at a time. The Queens and Kings can attack from different directions. What happens to the pawns like Jimmy, Rell and Juelz when they are left alone on the battlefield? They quickly disappear. The Queens (50 cent) and Kings (Cam)attack them from a different angle and push them off the board. Somebody has to play the boss, and somebody has to play the employee, flat out. At the end of the day, its cool to do your own thing, but dont fuck up your resources. Dont bite the hand that fed you. Do your thing Cam, I can respect a real hustler. Let the 2nd rate niggas fall by the wayside. My gut feeling? Check Mate. The Queen (50 cent) put a lil bread in Jimmy and Juelz pockets, and cut off their long term bread at the same time. By the way, the new Cam joint up top sounds hard, lets see what the ex-dipset pawns will come up with. Anybody up for a game of chess? Peace.


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