Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Game - LAX

Whats good people? Ignorance Inc, no sugar coating available, feel me? The Game impressed us with LAX, so props to Game. Hard beats, lyrics, thats what hip hop is all about. Oh yeah, we love the way this nigga shits on Curtis Jackson every time he gets the chance. The joint with Luda is hot, the joint with Raekwon is hot, and California sunshine is the shit too. Game has basically proven with LAX that you can still keep it 100 and get some mainstream love. G-G-G-G-G-U-Not! We feel you Game, 50 just hates a nigga who has their own persona, their own ideas, and is also more talented than him. I know a few punk niggas like that here in Detroit. No need to mention them though, they are in the featherweight division, nah mean? Too bad I can't say the same for Down syndrome Lloyd and Phony Yayo. Keep it comin Game, ride on these niggas every time you feel like it. Fuck 'em. On another note, Game is trying to bait Jay Z into a battle. Jay is much more talented than Curtis, so this should be a better competition by far if Jay ever responds. Fuck it, shit on Jay Z too! Jay got some lyrics, but the nigga is over rated in my opinion. He needs someone to get on his open toe sandal wearin ass! Overall, I'm feelin LAX, 4 mics for sure. Keep it 100. Peace.


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