Thursday, October 16, 2008

Neyo Shits on Young Berg

Whas good, peoples? I saw a recent interview with Neyo and the host asked him if he could slap 1 person in the game right now, who would he slap. He quickly responded "Young Berg." Basically Neyo said young terd is a bitin ass nigga who's basically copying T Pain and Lil Wayne with the voice machine. Young Berg has since responded with some questionable pictures of Neyo lookin kinda queer. The video Berg has on You Tube is funny, even though he's still a punk ass bitch ass lil nigga. Funny how he didn't respond on video after Maino slapped his hoe ass. I guess he feels he has a better chance against Neyo. This is one lightweight fight I would pay a couple hundred to see. The fucked up thing is, I think Neyo would fuck Berg up! What's this nigga's record so far 0 - 3? Berg must be one of those niggas that can't fight but keeps talkin shit. You know, the nigga you have to beat down severely for him to get the fuckin point. My prediction? Neyo runs into Berg while they're both on tour, and slaps the shit out of Berg. Berg makes a You Tube video about how it didn't happen, still talkin shit. Young Berg, will you please shut the fuck up, niggas are wearing out their knuckles on your pretty ass face dog. Either that or step up your security team bro. Peace.


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