Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adam "Namcap" Jones

Man, this nigga is definitely going to be nominated for the Ignorance Inc D.N.O.Y. (Dumb Nigga of the Year) Award. The reason I've spelled Pacman backwards at the top of this article is because this is one truly backwards, ignorant, dumb nigga. I mean, how many chances should this fuckin clown get? First it was the nightclub altercation back in 2005, and since then this muthafucka has been acting like a god damn retard. Getting caught with weed, shootings at gas stations, public intoxication, assault, spitting on people (yes, spitting on people), and a host of other shit. Now he's suspended again for some more stupid shit. This nigga needs to learn a really hard lesson - like getting his ass whipped. He's obviously one of these young dumb ass athletes who think they can do whatever the fuck they want with no consequences. This nigga is the type to go in the club, fire up some blunts, throw $80,000 in the air, and find out the next morning he is unemployed. He's the crackhead who fires up a rock in front of the police station and gets pissed when he ends up in jail. We've all played the pac man video game at one time in our lives. Well, the dots that this "pacman" nigga is eating up are his opportunities. Homeboy needs to fuckin act like he gives a fuck because he isn't the most intelligent nigga, and will surely be unable to stay out of trouble when they kick his stupid ass out of the league and he has to live a more normal life, without millions to throw in the air. For some reason the only thing I think he can do is play football, and act like a fuckin dickhead. Any nigga with half a brain would realize an opportunity to play in the NFL, or any other professional sports league is a privilege, and not fuck it up. Given this fact, I have come to the conclusion that this nigga's brain is the size of a fuckin peanut. They should have named this nigga "Can't Get Right Jones" or "Jackman" or "Crackman" instead of Pacman. Enjoy the Pacman show while you can, because soon it's gonna be a wrap for this testicle head nigga. Peace.


illingsworth said...


Ignorance Inc said...

Yo, whas up wit ya my nigga illings? For all of you who don't know, homie is the best producer in the D by far, a young J Dilla. Fucks wit him. Peace.

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